Food ending in consonant blend ct


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Ending SoundSkill Sheet 1 ... Consonant SoundsLarge Print ... a student's ability to blend letter ...


A Study of the Irregular Words Taught With Their Spelling ...

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Final consonant blends ct, ft, pt, xt; sentences ... Final consonant blend nce, nse ... Words ending in le; silent t; sentences 120.


Resource - READING cover - 05

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Final Consonant Blends /ct/- act, fact, pact, sect, ... Choose the correct final consonant blend to complete each word. ... /oo/ as in food food, moon, room, broom ...


IEP Goals and Objectives Bank (Redmond, Oregon)

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SD23 Food Preparation ... redial and ending letter cues to predict unknown words. ... Objective #16 Identify sound/symbol relationship for _____ consonant sounds.


PhonicsTutor Screens Table of Contents

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7. ending blend nd, consonant l ... 48. ending blends ct, ft, pt, xt, sentences ... oo as in food and good ...


Consonant Letter Sounds

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Consonant letter sounds Consonant digraph letter sounds Consonant blend letter sounds ... d delay food ch (the letter ... ct collect xt next


School-Home Literacy Connections - SOM - State of Michigan

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Ending Sounds ... posters, food containers, books and magazines. Ask if s/he know what sound the letter makes. ... (repeated consonant sounds, ...

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