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Call of Duty 4: Modern
              Sniper Guide
Hi, my name is Quadfather and I am a new member to the Gamewinners website. I
play Call of Duty 4 on the PC under the name Anarchy Club. I really like to cheat. A
few minutes before writing this I cheated my way to a 111 kill streak. My other love
in Call of Duty 4 is sniping. I see a lot of awful snipers out there that are too easy to
kill and it bothers me. So I wrote this guide to help you succeed as a sniper. I hope it
helps you succeed as a sniper and answers most of the questions you might have
about sniping in CoD4.

                              Being a CoD4 Sniper
Snipers are designed to deliver a single precise shot over longer distances than
other weapons. Developing skill at sniping is hard. It takes a lot of patience. You take
positions well away from the action and pick off unsuspecting targets. A lot of what
you do is waiting for an enemy to pop up. Being able to predict where an enemy will
go and how he acts is critical in timing and leading shots. This being said, you should
not get discouraged if you are not hitting many shots in the beginning because it
takes a lot of experience to predict where people will go. Once you get it down
though it's pretty easy because 95% of the players in the game that you will be
sniping behave the same.

                                     The Perks
Here is an analysis of the all the perks in the game and how they can be
incorporated, or if they should be incorporated, into your sniping classes. For
anyone who doesn't know how the perks work, you equip one perk per type to your
class (a total of 3 perks). Perks give you advantages, and as a sniper, we try to make
combinations of perks that help us as a long distance killer.

                                    Type 1 Perks

C4x2: Not really a perk for sniping. As a sniper you shouldn't get close enough to the
enemy to use C4 as a trap. Claymores work a lot better for defense as a sniper.
Special Grenade x3: Again, not really a sniper friendly perk. You generally don't
have any use for three stun or flash grenades as a sniper because you shouldn't have
to clear out any rooms.

RPG-7 x2: This could be used as a sniper to take out enemy helicopters from your
vantage point, but I don't recommend it because it is extremely easy to follow back
to the source (which is you) and as a sniper that is bad.

Claymore x2: A great perk for snipers because it can be used to defend yourself
against those annoying, SMG carrying, anti-snipers. It is most useful in a stealthy
sniper class.

Frag x3: This perk is a huge favorite among the run-and-gun classes; however, its
usefulness to a sniper is limited because if you are using three frags to attack the
enemy, you are too close to the enemy to be doing your job effectively.

Bandolier: One of my favorites as a sniper. I don't die a lot so running out of ammo
is really annoying. If you are an effective sniper, this should give you ammo for
almost the entire game.

Bomb Squad: Not a perk that I ever find myself using, but I can understand how
some snipers would find the ability to call out enemy explosives useful.

                                   Type 2 perks

Stopping Power: This perk should be used in almost all of your sniping classes. It
will give you one-shot-kills most of the time.

Juggernaut: A great perk for assault classes, not so much for sniping. If you are
getting shot at when you are exposed, this perk won't save you against enemy rifles
or machine guns.

Sleight of Hand: Some people will find it useful when using a bolt-action sniper, but
if you read my sniper strategy below you will see that the need to reload quickly in
not a necessity at all.

Double Tap: This perk allows you to shoot twice as fast. If you need to shoot twice
as fast with a gun that takes one shot to kill, something is wrong.

Overkill: This perk can be useful if you are in a run and gun class. Other people like
to pair in up with a shotgun or SMG for extra defense. It can also be used with
bandolier. For example: An M21 and an M14 (Overkill) and Bandolier will give you
180 shots with your M21.
UAV Jammer: This perk hides your location from enemies using UAV. This perk is
very useful for a stealthy class. It is not very effective in a non-hardcore game
because your shots will show up on the enemies' mini-map because there is no
silencer for the sniper.

Sonic Boom: This perk makes your explosions bigger. It is not a perk that should be
wasted in a sniper class because you don't need big explosions as a sniper.

                                    Type 3 Perks

Extreme Conditioning: This perk allows you to sprint for greater distances.
Something is wrong if you are trying to sprint while sniping, but it can be useful in
the begging of the game to sprint to a spot and set up camp.

Steady Aim: Not a sniper perk at all. It was made for machine guns. I really can't see
the effectiveness of shooting an M40A3 from the hip.

Last Stand: This perk could be used as a sniper, but if you are in a good spot, a pistol
won't be effective at long range, and there are other Type 3 Perks that are better for

Martyrdom: You drop a live grenade when you die. You shouldn't be close enough
to the enemy to kill them with a dropped live grenade.

Deep Impact: This perk allows you to shoot through more walls and stuff. Very
useful to a sniper. However you should be focusing on people in the open like in
windows or doorways. If you are guessing where they are by shooting through
walls, you are a bad sniper.

Iron Lungs: This perk was made for snipers, though I only recommend it to
beginner and intermediate snipers. This is because new snipers will take longer to
find targets by holding their breath. An advanced sniper shouldn't need this perk
because he can equip other Type 3 Perks without the use of this one.

Dead Silence: This perk allows you to not be heard by the enemy. If you are so close
to the enemy that they can hear you, you are clearly doing something wrong.

Eavesdrop: This perk allows you to hear what the enemy says. It is completely
useless on PC because everyone types chat messages. Nobody uses it on other
platforms. It has no use to a sniper. There are better perks out there.
                                    The Classes

Classes are combinations of perks and weapons in CoD4. There are 5 standard
classes which you cannot change (and which, by the way, are AWFUL). You can also
make 5 custom classes in which you can choose the weapons, the perks, and the
grenades. Here are some class ideas.
*NOTE* I recommend using the Barrett 50. Cal. sniper because it holds the most
ammo and does the most damage along with the R700 and the M40A3. I prefer to
use a bolt-action rifle because I am originally a Call of Duty 2 sniper, and they only
had blot-action snipers in that game.

Normal Sniper- Used for most situations including long and medium ranged
Barrett 50.Cal.
Stopping Power
Iron Lungs (For beginner to Intermediate Snipers)
Deep Impact (For Advanced Snipers)

Stealthy- Used for tactical games like Sabotage and especially Search and Destroy.
Most effective in Hardcore games due to lack of Stopping Power.
Barrett 50. Cal.
UAV Jammer
Iron Lungs (For beginner to Intermediate Snipers)
Deep Impact (For Advanced Snipers)

Run n' Gun- Used for close quarters combat situations like Vacant or Backlot.
Barrett 50. Cal. (Acoged)
Use Overkill perk to attach M60E4
Steady Aim

                                  ACOG Scopes
ACOG Scopes offer a slightly zoomed scope with increased range (except on snipers
where the range is decreased) and decreased accuracy (except on sniper). Many
people seem to have trouble aiming with an ACOG because they try to snipe with it.
The trick to using an ACOG is to scope in and rapidly move the aim point over the
target and shoot. The classic ACOG drift will be nullified resulting in near perfect
accuracy. Trying to hold the aim point over a fixed location is impossible. A quick
aim and shoot is what is required to succeed with and ACOG
                           The "Don'ts" of Sniping
My Pet Peeve: Don't worry about headshots. As a sniper you will get them. Worrying
about headshots will leave you with few kills and no ammo. Getting headshots
unlocks cammo for your gun. Trust me; nobody gives a crap about what cammo you
have. People judge you by how well you snipe, and if you only go for headshots,
people will think you suck. On PC at least  the people with good cammo hacked
and got it (like me).
Don't snipe from the middle of the road. It's really easy to kill you when you are
completely exposed.
If you are really good at sniping don't be a jerk about because you got xxx kills and 0
deaths. Trust me you will always be second best to someone because that's how life
works. Then you'll really look like an idiot. I will even admit I've been bested by
other snipers.

Location is the key to sniping. First off, you want to pick three or four spots on a
map to choose from in-case others are "behind enemy lines". Try to pick original
spots because everyone knows the generic, built-into-map locations. People know
where these spots are and they frequently check them. One of the most effective
ways to find these spots is to watch other snipers and where they go. You can find
really cool spots doing that. You'll eventually learn the good spots to snipe from on a
map. Tyr not to camp, especially in games that allow killcams.

                                  Taking Cover

Another key to success is taking cover. It seems obvious, but most people don't have
a clue at how to take cover. You have to remember that when lying down, your legs
protrude out behind you. Make sure you find cover that covers 100% of your body,
not just your head. Make sure that your legs stick out straight behind you and not off
to the side and out of cover.

                                Sniping Strategy

Now that you know how to tale cover and find good locations, let's walk through a
very effective strategy on how to snipe.
Once you've found cover, it is time to set up camp. This means setting up Claymores
and getting into a good position to snipe. You should have a general idea of where
enemy sniping locations are and where the high traffic areas for enemy infantry are.
This is what you look at when you pop-up.
After popping up out of cover, scope in and check all the locations known to be
enemy inhabited.
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