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                                                                    RELIGIONS OF THE W

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Hinduism is the world's most ancient living religion. It has 700
million followers, nearly one in every eight people on Earth is
a Hindu.

Hinduism has made a profound contribution to the religious and
philosophical history of the world. It has spawned other reli-
gions, Buddhism and Seikism in particular, and has contributed
the concept of non-violent resistance as a means of political

This program traces the development of Hinduism from its
inception to the present day. Shot at numerous locations in
India, it demystifies many of the concepts of the faith, includ-
ing: the many gods of Hinduism, the transmigration of the soul,
the Guru, the sacred cow, the caste system, the music and ritu-
als. It also covers the conflict between Hindus and Muslims
and the other religions that have sprung from Hinduism.

Since religion has always been such a vital part of life in India,
this program is more than simply an introduction to Hinduism.
It provides an intimate look at Indian history, culture, and daily
life, leaving the viewer with a sense of an expanded under-
standing of the mysterious part of the world.


1. Preview the program and read this guide to determine how
best to present this program to your class.

2. A map of the world and a large regional map of India will be
useful both before and after viewing the program.

3. This program contains a large amount of information; there-                          STUDENT OB
fore, it is important to have already presented at least an outline
of the events contained in the program in advance of the actual       After viewing Hinduism and part
viewing.                                                              ties, students should be able to di

4. Preview the blackline masters and duplicate the ones you            The early development of Hindu
intend to use.                                                         The Hindu concept of many dei
                                                                       Transmigration of the soul.
        TOPICS PRESENTED IN THE PROGRAM                                The concept of the Guru.
                                                                       The caste system.
1. The history of Hinduism as the world's oldest living reli-          The possible effects of Hinduism
                                                                                     INTRODUCING T
2. The beliefs of the Hindu faith - how they changed over
time.                                                                 1. Ask a few leading questions. F
                                                                      a. What ideas do you have about
3. The British colonial era and the Indian independence               b. What information have you see
movement.                                                             about people who are Hindus?
                                                                      c. Why do you think it is import
4. Features of the religion: rituals, the concept of the Guru,        Hinduism?
sacred cows, holidays, places of importance.                          d. How might the religion of Hin
                                                                      ple who are not Hindus?
5. Muslim invasion                                                    e. What similarities or differenc
                                                                      duism and Christianity? Judaism
6. Siefism - an outgrowth of Hinduism and Islam.                      f. Can you think of any way that H
                                                                      g. What appeals to you about the
7. Buddhism
                                                                      2. Distribute Blackline Master 2,
                USES FOR THE PROGRAM                                  program to determine thelevel of
                                                                      to participating in this lesson. An A
1. Social Studies classes                                             of this guide.

2. Comparative religion classes                                       3. Distribute Blackline Master 1
                                                                      students an opportunity to read ov
3. Church groups                                                      be asked to answer after viewing
                                                                      may require additional reading.
4. Community groups
                                2                                                                     3
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