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             Simmons College
Undergraduate, DPD Certificate, and Graduate
           Programs in Nutrition
                Boston, MA

 Preparing the Future Leaders of Healthcare


                  Last updated: 11-9-2011
                                        TABLE OF CONTENTS
2011-2012 Academic Calendar                                                                         4

Introduction:                                                                                       4
          Our Mission                                                                               4

Nutrition Degree/Certificate Options                                                                6
          Undergraduate/Accelerated BS-MS Degree Options                                            6
          Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate                                                           6
          Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD)                                                       6

Nutrition Department Goals                                                                          7

Academic Advising                                                                                   7

Simmons College Nutrition Faculty                                                                   7
      Nutrition Faculty Information                                                                 8

Undergraduate Majors                                                                                9
       Nutrition and Dietetics Undergraduate Major                                                  9
            Science Requirements                                                                    9
           Nutrition Requirements                                                                   9
           Suggested Sequence of Courses for Nutrition and Dietetics Major                         10
       Nutrition and Food Science                                                                  10
           Science Requirements                                                                    11
           Nutrition Requirements                                                                  11
       Nutrition and Food Service Management                                                       11
           Science Requirements                                                                    11
           Nutrition Requirements                                                                  11

Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) and the DPD Certificate Program                                12
         DPD Goals and Program Outcomes                                                            12
         Required DPD Courses                                                                      13
         Suggested Sequence of Courses for DPD Program                                             15
         Obtaining a Verification Statement                                                        16

Minor in Nutrition                                                                                 16

Guidelines for Independent Study and Fieldwork Courses                                             16
        Independent Study: NUTR 350-01, 02 & 450-01, 02                                            16
         Fieldwork: NUTR 380-01, 02 & NUTR 480-01, 02                                              17
         Steps to Follow for Fieldwork                                                             18
        Suggestions and Guidelines for Fieldwork Write-Up                                          19
        Term Paper                                                                                 19

Accelerated BS-MS Degree Programs                                                                  20
        BS in Nutrition/ MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion                                      20
       BS in Exercise Science/MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion                                 21
       BS in Public Health/MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion                                    21
       BS in Biology/MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion                                          21

Graduate Programs in Nutrition                                                                     21
        MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion                                                       21
        Suggested Sequence of Courses for MS Nutrition and Health Promotion Program  Full-time    22
        Suggested Sequence of Courses for MS Nutrition and Health Promotion Program  Part-time    22
         Certificate in Sports Nutrition (CSN)                                                     23

Supervised Practice Component of Becoming a Registered Dietitian                                   23
         Being Matched to a Dietetic Internship Program                                            23
         Preparing to Succeed in Matching to a Dietetic Internship Program                       23
         Simmons College Dietetic Internship Program                                             24

Simmons College Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines                                             24
       Simmons Tuition and Fees                                                                  24
        Additional Student Expenses (Approximate)                                                24
       Insurance                                                                                 24
       Financial Aid                                                                             25
       Academic Exclusion, Suspension, and Dismissal                                             25
       Transfer Credits                                                                          25
        Grievance, Appeal, and Complaints                                                        25

Department of Nutrition Policies                                                                 26
       Academic Policies: Assessment of Prior Learning and Credit Toward Program Requirements    26
       Academic Policies: DPD                                                                    26
       Academic Policies: Certificate in Sports Nutrition (CSN)                                  27
       Academic Policies: MS in Nutrition and Health Promotion                                   28
       Academic Policies: Prerequisites                                                          28
       Academic Policies: MS and DPD Certificate                                                 28
       Academic Policies: Academic Performance                                                   29
            Student Learning Outcomes Assessment                                                 29
            Grades                                                                               29
       Academic Policies: Leave of Absence (LOA)                                                 31
       Academic Policies: Completion of a Program                                                31
       Academic Policies: Student Evaluation of Courses                                          31
       Academic Policies: Complaints                                                             31
       Academic Policies: Professional Behavior                                                  32
       Academic Policies: Make-up Examinations                                                   33
       Academic Policies: CPR Certification                                                      33
       Academic Policies: Academic References                                                    33
       Academic Policies: Guidelines for Student Performance in Courses with Fieldwork           35
            Health Status Requirements                                                           35
            Dress Code                                                                           37
            CORI/DSS Check                                                                       37
                 CORI Policy                                                                     37
            Other Fieldwork Requirements                                                         39

College Safety Procedures                                                                        39
        Personal Safety                                                                          39
         Chemical Safety                                                                         40
             Storage                                                                             40
              Transfer and Transportation                                                        40
              Disposal                                                                           41
         Safety Equipment                                                                        41
         Standards for Bloodborne Pathogens                                                      41

Nutrition Liaison                                                                                42

Marion Mason Nutrition Seminars                                                                  42

Appendices                                                                                       43
         Appendix 1: Grading Criteria                                                            44
         Appendix 2: Junior Audit Form                                                           47
         Appendix 3: DPD Audit Form                                                              48
         Appendix 4: Student Course Evaluation Form                                              49
          Appendix 5: Code of Ethics                                                             52
Student Signature Page                                                                          Last

The 2011-2012 Academic Calendar can be accessed at the following link:


This Student Guide is a comprehensive summary of our undergraduate and graduate
options offered by the Simmons College Nutrition Department; in addition it summarizes
Nutrition Department policies and our expectations for our students. This is not an
inclusive resource and should be used in conjunction with the following resources as well
as in conjunction with your faculty adviser:

       undergraduate catalog
       graduate catalog (
       the Simmons College student handbook
       the School of Nursing and Health Sciences student handbook
       The Dietetic Internship Program (DIP) Handbook-provided to Dietetic Interns at
       the beginning of their internship.

It is recommended that you ask for clarification whenever you have questions about your
program or progress.

In 1899, Ellen Swallow Richards, the founder of the American Home Economics
Association, participated in the establishment of the School of Housekeeping of the
Women's Educational and Industrial Union. The School was subsequently transferred, in
1902, to Simmons where it became one of the four original units of the College. The
School of Household Economics, as it was known then, was the forerunner of the current
Department of Nutrition.

Simmons College is in an enviable position because its students and faculty have a wealth
of resources available for learning experiences beyond the College. In addition, the local
institutions have a pool of potential part-time employees in the form of nutrition
undergraduates; dietetic internship and graduate faculties are able to select students from
a population group coming from a known local institution; and employers of entry-level
practitioners have opportunities to choose dietitians who are locally educated and often
experienced at local work sites. The happy circumstance of Simmons' location has
served the Nutrition Department well over its 100-year history.


The Simmons College Department of Nutrition has a two-fold reason for existing. The
first is to educate students and foster an appreciation of lifelong learning in preparation
for their success in advanced nutrition or dietetics education or employment so that they
can be effective in a profession that works to affect the eating behaviors and subsequent
health and quality of life of a multicultural and diverse population, a profession that adds
to the scientific investigation about food and health, and one that fosters an appreciation
of food's relationship to other sciences; and second, to provide the College community
with the intellectual basis and professional expertise for achieving and/or maintaining
health through food habits.

The mission of the Department of Nutrition embraces the broad mission of the College.
Simmons College, chartered in 1899, was founded upon the groundbreaking concept of
helping young women prepare for the working world by combining a liberal arts
education with career preparation. Unlike most women's colleges of the time, Simmons
was created so women could be educated in order to earn an independent livelihood.

Simmons College is a diverse community that educates students for professional success
and intellectual fulfillment. The mission of Simmons College was revised in 2010 and is
"Where academic and real world experience prepares undergraduate women and graduate
students for rewarding lives and career success"

Simmons College's Values are:

 Focus on exceptional, student-centered learning experience.
 Higher education for leadership in the professions
 Excellence in teaching, applied research and practice
 Gender equity and advancement of women in society
 Commitment to a diverse and inclusive community
 Tradition of community and civic engagement.

The educational atmosphere of Simmons' small class setting allows students to receive
the personal attention and encouragement necessary for a meaningful learning
experience, and allows for the College's objectives to be realized. Additionally, the larger
community of metropolitan Boston is as important to students as the classroom setting,
and much learning takes place off campus. Many departments include field work and
internships as part of their regular course of study. The office of a business or financial
enterprise, a publishing house, a government department, a hospital, or a welfare agency -
any one of these may play a major role in the Simmons educational experience.

The creation of the Colleges of Fenway consortium in 1996 has favorably expanded the
educational opportunities for students. This collaboration of five institutions, within
walking distance of Simmons campus, enables students to attend classes at other colleges
including Emmanuel College, Wheelock College, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
and Allied Health Studies and Wentworth Institute of Technology.

As a result, Simmons students enjoy the resources of a large university, with separate
undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a low student-faculty ratio without
leaving their own backyard. This educational alliance also supports the College's goal of
providing a flexible liberal arts and graduate education by allowing students to develop
an individualized educational program suited to the students' individual interests and
career goals.
The Department of Nutrition believes that nutrition is a science governed by the rigorous
rules of scientific investigation. It is a biological science because its elements, nutrients,
are chemicals and chemical compounds which participate in the regulation of
homeostasis and, thus, the continuity of life. Nutrition is further a social science because
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