Ch. 13- The Respiratory System Lecture Outline

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The Respiratory System
           Chapter 13

           Organs of the
         Respiratory system
                                   Figure 13.1

 Function of the Respiratory System

 Oversees gas exchanges between-

 Exchange of gasses takes place within
  the lungs in the alveoli

 Passageways to the lungs-

 The only externally visible part of the
  respiratory system

 Air enters the nose through the-

 The interior of the nose consists of a
  nasal cavity divided by-

       Upper Respiratory Tract

                                         Figure 13.2

   Anatomy of the Nasal Cavity
  are located in the mucosa on the
  superior surface

 The rest of the cavity is lined with
  respiratory mucosa

   Anatomy of the Nasal Cavity
 Lateral walls have projections called-
   Increases air turbulence within the nasal

 The nasal cavity is separated from the
  oral cavity by- ____________________
   Anterior hard palate (________________)
   Posterior soft palate (________________)

 Cavities within bones surrounding the
  nasal cavity
   Sphenoid bone
   Maxillary bone

         Paranasal Sinuses

 Function of the sinuses
    Act as resonance chambers for speech
    Produce mucus-

 Muscular passage from nasal cavity to
 Three regions of the pharynx
    superior region behind nasal cavity
    middle region behind mouth
    inferior region attached to larynx

 The oropharynx and laryngopharynx are-

       Structures of the Pharynx

  Auditory tubes enter the nasopharynx

  Tonsils of the pharynx
    ________________________________ -
     in the nasopharynx
     in the oropharynx
     at the base of the tongue



  Plays a role in speech

  Made of eight rigid hyaline cartilages
   and a spoon-shaped flap of elastic
   cartilage (______________________)

          Structures of the Larynx
       Largest hyaline cartilage
       Protrudes anteriorly (Adam's apple)

       Superior opening of the larynx
       Routes food to the larynx and air toward
        the trachea

          Structures of the Larynx

       Vibrate with expelled air to create sound

    opening between vocal cords


 Lined with-
 Beat continuously in the opposite direction
  of incoming air
   Expel mucus loaded with dust and other
    debris away from lungs

 Walls are reinforced with-

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