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 MAILINGS: Rule books will be mailed in early fall. All other information should be found
in this section of the Handbook or online.
 DATE OF FIRST PRACTICE: No earlier than February 12.
 PRESEASON SCRIMMAGES: Schools are allowed two preseason varsity scrimmages. These
scrimmages must be conducted as events open to the public (no closed scrimmages allowed)
and one scrimmage must use NCHSAA registered umpires. Umpires are to be assigned to work
a maximum of two hours per scrimmage. Multiple team scrimmages are allowed. Junior varsity
scrimmages are allowed in conjunction with varsity scrimmages at the same date and site.
 DATE OF FIRST GAME: No earlier than February 26.
 INCLEMENT/HOT WEATHER GUIDELINES: Precautions must be taken to prevent heat-
related problems. The following should be considered when scheduling practice: time of day,
intensity level of practice, equipment worn, and environmental conditions. High temperature
and high humidity create a dangerous situation for athletes. However, a high humidity and
low temperature can cause serious heat-related problems.
 Water should be made available in unlimited amounts throughout practice. Water/fluid
replacement breaks are recommended each 20 or 30 minutes, depending on practice condi-
tions. Each LEA must have a written policy pertaining to practice on days of extreme heat or
early dismissal due to extreme weather conditions. Schools must also have a policy in place
regarding lightning. In addition to these guidelines, schools must have a plan/procedure for all
emergency situations. See chart at end of Sports Section.
 NUMBER OF REGULAR SEASON CONTESTS: No more than four per week, provided
fourth single game is on a non school day for both. Four games in three days is still permissible
without using a non school day. Total 23 games (including any games played in invitational
tournaments). Note: In baseball and softball (due to daily limitations), it is permissible for an
athlete to participate in a junior varsity and varsity game in the same day; however, any athlete
is still subject to the weekly and seasonal limitations (four games a week, not to exceed three
days, total of 23). Baseball (team and individuals) is limited to two games a day. Junior varsity
conference tournament games must count toward the 23-game limit; varsity conference tour-
nament games are considered part of the state playoffs.
 ENDOWMENT GAMES: One endowment game may be played which does not count
against the regular season game limitation. Schools must request (both opponents must be
informed the game is being requested to be classified as the endowment game) and be granted
prior permission by the NCHSAA to play the endowment game (the request form will be on
the NCHSAA website). 25% of the gross revenue will be remitted to the NCHSAA's endowment
fund; next expenses will be deducted from the remaining proceeds and then the competing
schools will divide the remainder. NOTE: The NCHSAA may approve additional endowment
game requests to assist member schools with scheduling issues; however, under no circumstances
may any additional endowment game (other than the one allowed and described above) be
played that would otherwise result in any member school exceeding the regular season game
limitation. No endowment game(s) will be used as a part of the tie-breaking system.
 STARTING TIME: During the regular season, a time no earlier than 5 p.m. is recommended
unless facilities dictate otherwise, e.g. no lights.
 TOURNAMENTS: Tournaments are governed by daily, weekly and seasonal limitations

 EQUIPMENT: Balls must have the authenticating NFHS ball mark. The minus-three bat is
the only allowable bat. The barrel of the minus-three bat is to be 2 5/8 inches. Beginning Janu-
ary 1, 2012 all bats not made of a single piece of wood shall meet the Batted Ball Coefficient of

Restitution (BBCOR) performance standard, and such bats shall be labeled with a silkscreen
or other permanent certification mark. No BBCOR label, sticker, or decal will be accepted on
any non-wood bat. The certification mark shall be rectangular, a minimum of one inch on each
side and located on the barrel of the bat in any contrasting color. To read: "BBCOR .50".
 PAYMENT OF UMPIRES: Umpires are to be paid based on local fiscal policy as soon as
 TEN-RUN RULE: The ten run rule has been adopted by the NCHSAA for baseball; if a team
is ahead by 10 runs after five complete innings, the game is terminated.
 PITCHING REGULATION: No player may pitch more than 12 innings during any con-
secutive three-day period, nor may a player make more than four appearances as a pitcher
during any consecutive three-day period. One pitch constitutes an inning pitched or an
 ELIGIBILITY SHEETS: Should be kept on file at the local school. Must be made available
to NCHSAA upon request, and are required to be shared among conference members.
 DOUBLEHEADERS: Permitted when mutually agreed upon by teams involved. Split
doubleheaders are also permissible. Doubleheaders are two back-to-back games between the
same teams with a reasonable (30 minutes) time between contests. Split doubleheaders are
also permissible--two separate games.
  SUSPENDED GAMES: North Carolina has adopted the suspended game rule, manda-
  tory in all regular season and state playoff games. "  A game called for any reason, where
  a winner cannot be determined will be treated as a suspended game. If the game is to be
  completed it will be continued from the point of suspension, with the lineup and batting
  order of each team the same as the lineup and batting order at the moment of suspension,
  subject to the rules of the game. If more than 4 1/2 innings have been played and a winner
  can be determined, the game is over (including playoff games)." After 5 innings, if the
  visiting team scores a tying or go ahead run in their top half of the inning and the home
  team does not have an opportunity to bat or complete its time at bat, the game is treated
  as a suspended game. If a game is called prior to the completion of a full inning after the
  fifth inning, the game becomes a suspended game in the following situation: the visiting
  team has scored one or more runs to tie the score or to take the lead, and the home team
  has not tied the score or retaken the lead. PLAY - The sixth inning begins with score H-6,
  V-5. Visitors score two runs in their half of the inning. Game is called because of rain
  with (a) two outs in the bottom of the sixth and the score H-6, V-7; or (b) following the
  completion of the home team's turn at bat with the score H-6, V-7. RULING: In (a) the
  game is suspended and resumed on the next possible date at the point of interruption. In
  (b) the game is official, with the final score H-6, V-7. A suspended game does not count
  against the weekly limitations in the week in which it is completed.
 RAINED-OUT GAMES: If any rained-out baseball game which would affect the win-
ning of a conference title is to be played, it shall be rescheduled on the same field (exception:
suspended games do not have to be rescheduled on the same field), unless changed by mutual
agreement of the two schools.
 Postponed games must be made up in order of postponement on the next possible date
(Excluding Sunday). In the regular season, Saturday will not be used as a make-up day unless


           mutually agreed upon by both teams (during the playoffs, Saturdays must be used). If one
           team will not play, the game is forfeited to the opponent.
            PROTEST: Each conference is to establish a baseball protest committee. The committee's

           decision on any properly protested conference baseball game will be final.
            EJECTIONS: Failure to file an ejection report for a player or coach (form found online)
           is subject to a $50 fine. Reports must be filed within 48 hours or two working days, of the
           ejection. An ejection is a judgment call; therefore, there are no appeals. If the wrong player
           is identified, a correction can be made through the regional supervisors and the NCHSAA.
            SCHEDULES: Schools are required to submit varsity and junior varsity schedules to their
           appropriate regional supervisors by December 15.

            PLAYOFF DECLARATION: A school has the option to "opt out" of the playoffs, provided
           it fills out the Playoff Declaration Form on the website, submits it and it is in the NCHSAA
           offices prior to the reporting deadline for that specific sport. Proper submission means the
           school will not be considered for either an automatic berth or a wild card position. If the form
           is not submitted, then the school will be considered and may qualify for a playoff berth.
            UNPAID FINES: Schools that have unpaid fines to the NCHSAA are not eligible to compete
           in the playoffs for that sport (i.e. baseball fine would be specific to baseball playoffs) unless
           the fine is paid two (2) days prior to the reporting date for that sport.
            Any fine not paid at the end of the fiscal year (June 30) will carry over to the following school
           year making all teams at said school ineligible for playoffs until the fine is paid in full.
            REPRESENTATIVES AND TIES IN STANDINGS: If two or more of the conference's
           teams are tied for a playoff berth at the end of the regular season, (1) the team that won from
           the other(s) during the season gets the berth, or (2) if the teams split during the regular season,
           the approved tie breaking system shall be used (see Game & Sports Administration section).
            QUALIFIERS: The number-one seed from a conference will be the regular season champion
           with the number-two seed the winner of the conference tournament. If a team below number
           two in the conference wins the conference tournament, it becomes the number-two seed.
           All other berths are determined by regular-season standings.
            BRACKETS: In all classifications, brackets and sites are predetermined by the Board of
            SCHEDULE: deadline for reporting qualifiers: May 12 (6 a.m.)
                            .......................................... May 14 ..........................................May 23
                                 ..................................... May 17         ..................................May 27-31
                              ........................................ May 20                             ..................June 6-7
           All games are single elimination, with the exception of the regional and state championship
           series, which are the best two out of three games. Competing teams should contact each other
           to work out details for their contest. For the first two rounds of state playoffs, umpires are
           to be assigned by the local officials association of the higher seeded team. After the first two
           rounds, umpires must come from a neutral association or from association mutually agreed upon.
           Assignments for regional and state championship games will be made by the NCHSAA office. On
           fields with lights, game time will be 7:00 p.m, unless mutually agreed upon to play at
           6:00 p.m. Any other exceptions, such as field with no lights, must be approved by the
           NCHSAA. NOTE: Where the distance is more than 100 miles for the visiting team,
           game time will be 6:00 p.m. Game times for playoff games on Saturday can be set by
           mutual agreement. Deadlines are set for completion of each round, but competing schools
           may play on an earlier date by mutual consent.
            ADMISSION: $6.00 for all (site must be conducive to charging admission, includes one
           dollar surcharge for Endowment) in first, second , third and fourth round games; $7.00 for all

at each game of regional series (includes one dollar surcharge for Endowment). See appropri-
ate forms online for financial reporting.
 PROTEST COMMITTEE: the competing teams will determine a five-person protest com-
mittee prior to play. The committee will act on any protest at the time it may occur and its

decision is final.
 BODY PAINT: No face/body paint is allowed for spectators during regular season or playoffs.
 qualifiers to state playoffs, conference presidents are required to submit the appropriate
 information online immediately upon conclusion of the regular season. The information
 includes overall won-loss record and winning percentage for all conference schools. This
 must be submitted prior to appropriate deadlines. The overall winning percentage and
 finish in conference standings will be considered when determining which schools qualify
 for wild-card berths in playoffs.
  Upon conclusion of the conference tournament, the conference president will immediately
 submit the adjusted overall records of all teams. These are the records that will be listed
 on the brackets themselves when playoff qualifiers are posted.
  Failure to comply with the initial reporting procedure will result in a $400 fine to the
  After schools have qualified for the playoffs, it is their responsibility to report advancement
 by the appropriate method and deadline as designated by the NCHSAA. Failure to report a
 playoff advancement will result in a $400 fine to the school. Teams must report advancement
 no later than 6 a.m. the day following each win. Postponements should also be reported.
  Check website for additional information.
 POSTPONED GAMES: Must be rescheduled on the next day (except on Sunday). Both
schools and the NCHSAA must be involved in the decision to postpone any playoff contest.
the gross gate from second, third and fourth round games, and receives 25% of the gross gate from
each game in the regional playoff series. In all rounds prior to the state championship, participating
schools will divide the remainder equally after applying the following expense formula:
 Where the distance between the competing schools is 100 miles or less, the visiting school
will pay its own transportation and meals and the host school will provide the playing facility,
ticket takers, security and balls at no charge. The umpires are to be paid from gate receipts.
Where the distance is more than 100 miles, the same plan should be followed except that the
umpires are paid by the host school, rather than from gate receipts. All concession rights belong
to the host school. Participating schools are responsible for dividing any deficit or net.
 The principal of the host school, or appointed game manager, must forward the financial
report and ticket accountability form to the NCHSAA within 10 days after the contest.
 TICKET ACCOUNTABILITY AND FINANCIAL FORMS: all forms can be found online.
 REGIONAL AWARDS: Team plaques will be presented to the regional champion and
regional runner-up.

                              STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES
 DATES: Dates for the championships are set for June 6-7.
 REQUIRED INFORMATION: Teams qualifying for the state championships must submit
their roster and team information (see website) no later than Monday at noon prior to the state
championship series.
 SERIES: The state finals shall be a best two out of three game series. Game times and sites
will be established by the NCHSAA. The Western representative is the home team in game one.
 ADMISSION: $8.00 for each session (includes one dollar surcharge for Endowment). Each

           team will receive five complimentary tickets.
            PROTEST COMMITTEE: Same as earlier playoffs (see previous section).
            OFFICIALS: Will be assigned by the Supervisor of Officials.
            RADIO AND TV FEE: The fee for live radio broadcast of any championship game is $50.

           Any live or tape-delayed television must be cleared by the NCHSAA.
            GATE RECEIPTS: The net balance will be divided as follows: 20 percent to each of the
           competing teams and 60 percent to the NCHSAA.
            TEAM EXPENSES: Travel and expenses for 18 players plus a coach and manager, shall be
           allowed at the rate designated by the NCHSAA (see basketball section).
            AWARDS: Plaques will be presented to the championship and runner-up team in all classes.
           Members of the championship and runner-up teams will receive individual awards (a total of 25).
            GAME BALL: The Wilson A1010 BPRO-NCHS with Association logo and NFHS-authen-
           ticating ball mark is the official ball for the state championship series.

            UMPIRES: Each school must use only NCHSAA-registered officials in all competition, and
           must work through an approved booking agent.
            CLINICS: Head coaches are required to attend one of the NCHSAA clinics in their sport, or
           in conjunction with the rules sessions at the North Carolina Coaches Association clinic held in
           Greensboro in July.

            Game Fees: For all classifications
            regular season         1 game (varsity)                (jr. varsity and 9th grade)
                                   $65 flat fee                    $55 flat fee
                                   $95 Varsity doubleheader        $85 JV doubleheader
                                             *30 minutes between games*
            playoffs               $70 flat fee
            When baseball and softball contests are postponed and replayed under the suspended game
           rule, officials who work the continuation of the suspended contest are entitled to a half-game
           fee when completed in conjunction with a second game. Umpiress are entitled to full game fee
           when suspended game is only one being played.
            There is a $25 fee per hour (or any fraction of an hour) for officials per field for scrimmages.
            BOOKING FEE: school booking fee to umpires' association is $125.00 per booking and
           $100.00 for each additional booking in that sport. For regular season and invitational tourna-
           ments: 5-12 games, $75; 13-25 games, $100; 26-50 games, $150; over 50 games, $200.
                2012-13 NCHSAA State Baseball Clinic Dates: See NCHSAA website.

                                         NCHSAA SPORTS BRACKETS
               For the most up-to-date information on brackets in various sports, including conference
              playoff berths, seeding priorities and qualifiers, consult the NCHSAA web site at www.
    , and use the Playoff Brackets link on the home page.
               Since brackets sometimes undergo changes during the course of an academic year, the
              decision has been made to omit them in printed form in the Handbook and make them
              available only on line. This eliminates confusion between brackets printed in some cases
              many months before the playoffs begin, and the actual updated online versions that may
              contain changes from the original version.

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