BBSA Babe Ruth League Rules & Regulations

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BBSA Babe Ruth League Rules & Regulations
1.0   Board of Directors
      1.1 The Burlington Baseball/Softball Association (BBSA)  "Babe Ruth Leagues" Spring
          Baseball League/Season shall be governed by a BBSA Board of Directors (Board).
          League operations will be managed by the Minor and Major League Director(s)', e.g.,
          drafts, game cancellations, etc. except for game and umpire scheduling.
      1.2 The Board shall enforce the rules and regulations of Babe Ruth (Baseball) League, Inc. as
          so stated in the Babe Ruth rulebook.
      1.3 The Board shall also write, adapt and enforce and special rules as deemed necessary by
          the Board in order to further the best interest of the players it represents.
      1.4 These rules and regulations supersede the Babe Ruth League, Inc. rules and regulations.
              1.4.1 All rules and regulations not covered in this document will be governed by
                        Babe Ruth League, Inc. rules.
      1.5 These rules and regulations are for BBSA Minor and Major League Spring League play.
      1.6 Each team is allowed no more than one (1) Manager and (3) Coaches. For player
          drafting, it is one (1) Manager and one (1) coach with the approval and draft choice
          assigned by the League Director. Reference 2.5.
      1.7 The home team is the score book of record.

2 Format of League
      2.1 Babe Ruth leagues may be separated into two leagues (Minors and Majors) or combined
          (as Majors only) depending on number of registered players.
      2.2 The league teams shall be formed of teams using a draft of Major and Minor League
          registered players comprising, teams that are an equal representation of players based
          on drafting Manager's judgment. BBSA will strive to provide a roster spot for any
          eligible individual who wishes to play baseball.
      2.3 The League Director and Executive Board have the option to alter team(s) roster for the
          purpose of team/player equity.
      2.4 The will be "NO" trading of players without League Director and Executive Board
      2.5 Each team will have one (1) Manager and one (1) coach player draft picks assigned by
          the League Director, based on parents being the Manager or Coach.
      2.6 The League Director will determine the Manager and/or Coach player(s) draft position
          with input and discussion with drafting Managers and Coaches.
      2.7 Brother/Brother option will be permitted upon parent's request.

3.0 Playing Conditions
      3.1 The League Director will determine if the field is playable based on weather conditions.
      3.2 The home team shall have choice of dugouts.
      3.3 The home plate Umpire to determine field playing conditions after the first pitch.
4.0 Umpires
     4.1 The League Director will notify assigned umpires 90 minutes before game time of
     4.2 If umpire is not notified 90 minutes prior to game time he/she shall be paid half a fee.
     4.3 Assigned Umpires must be certified, uniformed and/or approved by the Board.
     4.4 Two (2) umpires per game shall be provided, if possible.
     4.5 If an umpire does not show up for a scheduled game, that game MUST be played. The
     two managers will attempt to agree on an appropriate substitute; if they cannot agree the
     home team manager decides on the substitute.

5.0 Rosters & Uniforms
     5.1 League Director must approve team rosters prior to the start of the season.
     No player will be allowed to participate who is not on the roster. Each player's name,
     address and date of birth must be listed on the roster.
     5.2 Each team's rostered players' medical history/emergency contact information must be
     carried by the Manager to all games.
     5.3 The number of players on each team shall be set annually by the board of directors. The
     number of players should not be less than 11 or greater than 15.
     5.4 Additions to rosters after the draft or start of the season will be by the League Director
     and the Director may seek Board input at his/her discretion.
     5.5 Each team will be allowed to bring up substitute player(s) from a lower level (Babe Ruth
     Minors if a separate league, or 12-year old players from Ripken Majors or Ripken AAA teams
     if necessary)), only to avoid forfeits.
              - A player may not be called up for a temporary vacancy more than once a week or
              six times in a season.
              - The team that is being drawn from must not have a scheduled game.
     5.6 Prior to the start of the game the team manager using lower league player(s) must
     notify the opposing manager that he is using lower league player(s).
     The lower league player(s) are included in the line-up and subject to the minimum playing
     5.7 A lower league player is NOT allowed to pitch in a Babe Ruth League game, may not
     start in front of or play more innings than a Babe Ruth roster player, and will bat at the end
     of the batting order.
     5.8 All teams must be properly uniformed and all uniforms must be numbered. Uniforms
     will include pants, jerseys and caps as issued.
     5.9 All players must be in full uniform in order to participate. Any player not in compliance
     with rule 5.8 will be ineligible to participate; cutting of jersey sleeves is not permitted.
     Good and reasonable judgment shall be administered to this rule.
     5.10 Only team players, manager and registered coaches are allowed on the benches.
     5.11 If a player misses four consecutive games due to circumstances other than High School
     Baseball conflicts, the manager must notify the League Director or the Baseball
     Commissioner of the situation. The League Director will decide what course of action will
     be taken.
     5.12 Games missed due to High School game conflicts will not count against eligibility for
     selection to Tournament Teams.

6.0 Rules
     6.1 The Babe Ruth League, Inc. Rule Book, as supplemented by these rules, shall be the sole
     method of play.
     6.2 There is no "slash-bunting" (i.e., a batter fakes a bunt and then swings away); any slash-
     bunt attempts will be a dead ball with the batter declared out.
     6.3 Illegal Bats  All bats must fulfill official Babe Ruth League rules. An illegal bat MUST be
     removed from the game. Any player who reaches base safely while using an illegal bat shall
     be declared out and the ball declared a dead ball. All runners shall return to the bases they
     occupied when the batter first took his/her position in the batter's box. This is an appeal
     play; the manager/coach of the opposing team must make the appeal before the first pitch
     to the next batter.

7.0 Insurance
     7.1 Teams will be insured by BBSA for league games.

8.0 Baseballs
     8.1 Official Babe Ruth baseballs or better must be used and/or issued by BBSA Equipment
     8.2 The home team is responsible for providing at least 3 new baseballs for each game.

9.0 Postponements, Rescheduling, Official Game And Called Game.
     9.1 The League Director will notify both teams 90 minutes before cancellation of games.
     9.2 Once the game has started, the umpires have control of the game and shall decide when
     a game should be called. No inning however, shall be allowed to start after 2 hours have
     elapsed from the official and/or actual start time of the game or resumed from the point
     when the field is deemed playable.
     9.3 Games shortened by rain or darkness shall have the score revert back to the last
     complete inning and declared official if at least 4 1/2 innings have been played with the
     home team ahead or 5 innings if the visiting team is ahead. The only exception to this rule
     will be in the event the home team either ties or takes the lead in the bottom half of an
     inning which is not completed, (where each team has had an equal number of times at bat)
     the score shall not revert to the last complete inning, but shall stand as played.
     9.4 If a game is called before becoming official, it shall be resumed and completed from the
     point of discontinuance.
     9.4 Make-up games will be played at predetermined times established by the League
     Director. If a team is unable to play the make-up game at the predetermined time, it will
     result in a forfeit.
     9.5 Make-up games may be required to be played on a Saturday and Sunday or as
     determined by the League Director.
     9.6 No game may be forfeited due to one team missing a significant number of players (4 or
     more) to a school or religious function.

10.0 Time Of Games
     10.1 League games will be played based on the published season schedule.

11.0 Protests
     11. 1 In accordance with Official Baseball Rule 4.19, it is emphasized that "no protest shall
     ever be permitted on judgment decisions by the umpire."
     11.2 Notice that the game is being played under protest must be filed with the home plate
     umpire by the manager immediately.
     11.3 A written report setting forth all the facts of the protest must be filed with the League
     Director within twenty-four (24) hours of the date of the protest.
     11.4 The League Director will issue an outright decision or at his/her discretion consult with
     Board member(s) he/she deems knowledgeable in rendering his/her decision.
     11.5 Final decision of protest shall be decided by the League Director.

12.0 Managers and Coaches
     12.1 All managers and coaches must fill out the latest copy of the managers/coaches
     12.2 Each manager and coach on the field or in the dugout must submit to a "CORI Report".
     12.3 The Board of Directors of the BBSA will review the performance of all managers and
     coaches from the previous season. Managers/coaches will be rated on their overall
     handling of players, attendance at practices, games and meetings, overall adherence to the
     Spirit of the BBSA Rules. Upon completion of this review, the BBSA Board of Directors shall
     decide to extend an invitation to these managers, i.e., to submit their name as a Managerial
     candidate for the upcoming season. Managerial positions will be offered to the best-
     qualified candidates who have expressed an interest in writing. Managerial positions are
     not guaranteed from season to season. First preference shall be given to Burlington
     12.4 The winning team manager or their designee must update the BBSA website with the
     score of the game within 24 hours after the completion of the game.
     12.5 Managers will be provided with necessary equipment before the season, and are
     required to return the equipment to the League Director or Equipment Director shortly after
     the season is completed.
     12.6 Rating sheets are an important part of the equipment, and as such MUST be filled out
     and turned in to the League Director or the Baseball Commissioner BEFORE THE PLAYOFFS.
     If the ratings sheets aren't turned in, the manager cannot participate as manager or coach
     in the playoffs until the sheets are completed and turned in.
13.0 Playing Requirements
     13.1 Each player in attendance at the game must be included in the batting order for their
     team and bat in a rotating/perpetual batting order.
     (i.e. all players for each participating team are included in the batting order).
                If a player must leave the game for whatever reason, his/her batting position
               becomes vacant for the remainder of the game.
               NOTE: This DOES NOT assume an out for the missing player.
      If a player arrives after the lineups have been given to the opposing team, the player will
     be put into the last batting position after notifying the opposing manager of the late arrival.
     13.2 All properly rostered players must play a minimum of four (4) defensive innings (12
     defensive outs) per game. A manager can substitute players at the beginning of every
     defensive half inning.
               13.2.1 In the event of a shortened game (less than 7 innings), each player must play
     at least  the defensive innings.
               13.2.2 Players should not sit on the bench for more than 2 consecutive innings,
     including extra-innings.
     13.3 There shall be free substitution of all players in defensive positions, except for pitchers
     who are governed by rule 15.0.
     Nevertheless, this rule does not supersede any part of Rule 13.2 which must still be
     complied with.
     The penalty or infraction of rule 13.1 or 13.2 will be forfeiture of the game played in which
     the violation occurred, unless:
                The player is removed for injury or illness or of his own volition and the manager
               has properly notified the opposing manager;
                The player arrives after the lineups have been given to the opposing team and it is
               beyond the control of the manager to comply with 13.1 or 13.2.
     13.4 If a runner is injured a courtesy runner may be used. The runner is chosen by the
     opposing Manager and may not be the batter on deck or double deck batter.

14.0 Forfeits
     14.1 If a team cannot field nine (9) official roster players or eligible substitute(s) within 15
     minutes of the designated starting time for the game, a forfeit shall be declared.
     14.2 Managers are cautioned that forfeits are discouraged in the strongest terms. Proper
     communication with players (and parents) is necessary to ensure that games are played at
     the scheduled times.
     14.3 No game is to be started without a minimum of nine (9) players per team. If a team
     cannot field nine (9) players during the game due to illness, injury or ejection, a team may
     continue the game with at least eight (8) players. Team forfeits if less than eight (8) players.
     14.4 Forfeit game score should be recorded as 7-0.

15.0 Pitching
     15.1 During the regular spring season League players may pitch not more than seven (7)
     innings in a calendar week (Sunday through and including Saturday). A team violation of
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