Live your life, enjoy your life

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Live your life,
enjoy your life
A guide to using your health plan

In a hurry?
Pages 45 shows where to find your medical plan
information online quickly at
We're glad you're here.

While no one can predict
                       t the future,
                                   , you can prepare for
                                                       r it.
                                                           . Your
UnitedHealthcare benefits provide you with access to people,
                                                           , resources
and tools to help you when you aren't
                                    t feeling
                                            g your
                                                 r best.
                                                       . We also have
created programs to help you improve your
                                        r health and wellness.
                                                             . We believe
knowledge is the heart
                     t of
                        f your
                             r health care,
                                          , so we want
                                                     t to give you resources   members
to help you:                                                                   Welcome back. Please
                                                                               take a close look at this
` Be active with your
                    r health care                                              year's benefit coverage
                                                                               documents. Changes
` Make healthy
             y choices                                                         have been made that
                                                                               may affect you. If
` Find answers
                                                                               you have questions,
` Save money                                                                   please call the toll-free,
                                                                               member phone number
` Take charge of
               f your
                    r health                                                   on the back of your
                                                                               ID card.
This guide will help you find what
                                 t you need,
                                           , when you need it.

Let's get started.
Table of Contents
Getting Started                          Managing Your Benefits
2       Your ID card                     16     Your claims
3-5     Your website                     17     Your health statements
6       Your doctor and network          18     Your expense tracker
7       Your choice                      Making Healthy Choices
8       Your benefits                    20     Your online health tools
9       Your pharmacy benefits           21     Your health coaches
                                                Your health discount program
                                                Your baby support
Using Your Benefits
                                         22     Your online family resources
10      Your annual check-ups
        Your 24-hour nurse               23     Your monthly e-newsletter

11      Your doctor visits               24     Your community
        Your laboratory tests                   Your environment
12-13 Your care options                  25     Your virtual street

14      Your programs for more care      26     Your responsibilities as a
                                                UnitedHealthcare member
15      Your emotional health                   Your UnitedHealthcare
                                                Bill of Rights
                                         29     Useful terms

Useful Symbols
information about a topic.

             Important facts          View videos with
             and information          more information.
                                      Please be aware that
                                      some videos may                 Make the most of your
             Call for service                                         doctor's visit. On the back
                                      highlight programs
                                      and services not                cover of this guide, you'll
             Visit the                available with your             find a wallet card with six
             Web address              plan. Please review             tips for making your next
                                      your benefit plan               appointment worthwhile.
                                      documents for                   Cut out the card and
             Found on                                                 refer to it before your next
                   coverage details.
                                                                      doctor's visit.
                                       Getting Started

      Get off to a great start! Learn the basics, know where to find information, choose a great
      doctor, and save money. Here's how.

      Your ID card
      Your card is key to accessing care when you need it
      Be sure to always carry your ID card
      Yourr ID card has key y information about   t you and your r coverage.
                                                                           . You'll want
                                                                                       t to put
                                                                                              t your
                                                                                                   r card in your
                                                                                                                r wallet,
                                                                                                                        , your
      pocketbook, , or
                     r your
                          r purse so you won't  t forgett it.
                                                            . When you visit
                                                                           t your
                                                                                r doctor,, rememberr to showw them the card so
         y knoww how w to bill for
                                 r the services they y are providingg you.

      When calling the member number                                                                                         Call the number
      on the back of your ID card, you'll                                                                                    located here to talk
      need these numbers.                                                                                                    with a customer
                                                                                                                             care professional.
                Sample ID card
                                                                                                                                                                            Printed 10/20/08

                               911- 87726 -04
             Health Plan (80840)

             Member ID:       999999876                    Group Number: 987654                  This card does not guarantee coverage. To verify benefits, view claims, find a provider,
             Member:                                                                             provide notification or seek preauthorization, visit the website or call
                                                       SPONSOR OR COMPANY NAME
                                                                                                  For Members:                         (XXX) XXX-XXXX
             SUBSCRIBER I BROWN                        SECOND LINE OF SPONSOR NAME
             Dependents:                              Payor ID 87726
             SPOUSE I BROWN
             CHILD A BROWN                                   Rx                                   For Providers: (XXX) XXX-XXXX
                                                             Rx Bin:   610014
             CHILD B BROWN                                   Rx Grp:   UHEALTH                   Medical Claim Address: P.O. Box ######, City, ST #####-####
             CHILD C BROWN
             Copay: Office / Spec / ER / URG
                  $### / $###/ $###/ $####
                                                                       UnitedHealthcare Choice   Pharmacy Claims: PBM Address City, ST #####-####
             DOI - 0501                   Underwritten by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company
                                                                                                           For Pharmacist: (XXX) XXX-XXXX Members: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

                                                                                                                                                          You can find claim
                           What your copay is for                                                                                                         status online.
                           a medical visit (if
                           applicable to your plan).

                           Need a temporary ID card?

                           Look for this "button" on your home page.

                          Getting Started Using Your Benefits Managing Your Benefits Making Healthy Choices

Your website
You'll find answers to your benefit
questions at
It's easy to get your own personalized page on
Your page lets you quickly check claim status, find doctors and
pharmacies, and get answers fast.

Registration is quick and simple:

1      Go to

2      Click the Register Now button

3      Enter your ID number information and Group/Account number (found on your ID Card) or, if you
       do not have your ID card, enter your Social Security number and birth date as requested

4      Enter your e-mail address or sign up for a free e-mail account

5      Choose a user name and password -- then start using

       Set yourself up for successful organization and management of your health and wellness.
6      Click "Account Settings"
                              " on the top navigation

       Set your User Preferences and Settings for direct deposit, mail (go green with online delivery),
7      Healthy Mind Health Body  member newsletter and more

    Take your health assessment and get a                                                    To learn more, view the
    personalized report                                                             online
    Once you're registered, you can take your first step toward a healthier life by          demo. The demo lets
    taking the online health assessment questionnaire. You'll need to answer about           you click around and
    50 questions, taking you about 15 minutes to complete. Once you do, you'll               learn about the site
    receive a "lifestyle score" and helpful tips to consider so you can improve your         before you register.
    health. There are two ways to get started:                                               The "Site Demo" link
                                                                                             is located in the upper
            1      Click on the "Health & Wellness" tab, then
                   on "Take Health Assessment" to get started                                right-hand corner of
                     or                                                                      the
                    Click on the "Health Assessment"                                         pre-login home page.
            2       button on's home page

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