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                                               Information Enigma

                                      "I believe that one day the Darwinian myth
                                          will be ranked the greatest deceit
                                              in the history of science."
                                                     Sren Lvtrup1

Internet - Curt Maynard - rense.com

                                  The Glass Wing Butterfly's translucent wings
                                demonstrate unique genetic information in action,
                                  rather than centuries of mindless mutations.


             Evolution cannot explain the origin of
         the cell's DNA information that provides the
                  genetic codes for every life kind.
   Try playing a card game by shuffling a deck of blank cuts of
white cardboard, each card lacking a distinctive print of graphic
information. No winners, no losers, no game---just a
meaningless shuffle of nothingness.
   Or try building a bridge without the information essential to
engineer the design. Carving presidents' faces on mountain
granite requires information that guides intelligent design.
   George Washington's profile, chiseled on the face of Mt.
Rushmore, resulted from information put to work by human
   Is it logical to suggest the human genius that created
Rushmore's stone monument acquired their genetic
information by chance, without intelligent input?
   Every kind of organic life could not exist without its unique
blueprint of genetic information housed in every living cell.
   So where did that genetic code come from?
   Incubation by chance in the damp slime of some ancient
green pond lacks scientific rationale!
   Its not plausible to contend a cell's information code
originated spontaneously, by coincidence, from inert matter!
   Not only does the how, when, and where of the accidental
appearance of first life elude inquiring minds, but also, the

origin of the information packed into a living cell overwhelms
   Genetic information codes every cell of every living
organism with a distinctive watermark.
   A dragonfly sees through two eyes, each with 30,000 lenses.
The bee gets by with 6,300. Genes dictate the difference.
   The hexagonal honeycomb design in a bee hive utilizes a
minimal amount of wax to hold a maximum amount of honey.
Where did the honeybee obtain the built-in design information
that maximizes honey's storage capacity?
   Human genes design lachrymal glands essential to moisten
eyes. Stag deer grow racks of antlers courtesy of gene code
information. Thanks to distinctly unique genetic information,
humans don't sprout horns and deer don't evolve tear ducts
on their feet.
   Its one thing to speculate that spontaneous generation
triggered first life. Its quite another to pony up unrealistic
imaginings that offer no hard-core scientific explanation for the
source of the genetic information vested in a living cell.
   Even if spontaneous generation had defied impossible odds
by accidentally creating a "simple," living cell in ancient green
slime, it couldn't survive, much less reproduce itself, without its
own unique package of DNA calling the shots.
   Lacking viable explanation for both the origin of life from
unintelligent non-life as well as the original source of DNA
information, evolution theory hides behind unexplained
assumption to gloss over mother nature's double-whammy!
   Once the assumption virus invades reasoning, superstitious
nonsense follows. With or without popular acclamation,
assumption masquerading as science, doesn't equate fact.
   DNA contains the master genetic blueprint for every living
organism with a precision reminiscent of the Periodic Table of

the Atom. But the nagging question persists: just where did
that genetic information originate?
   And who loaded the cell's DNA with the correctly coded
information essential for life to exist?
   Living organisms consist of synergistic systems, organs,
living tissues, and thousands of cells in a single functioning
unit. A cell functions as one single miniscule part of a
composite whole.
   When the piano's eight-note ivory key octave merge with
the five black keys open, the music world opens to genius of a
Mozart to create exquisite melodies. The sequence and
arrangement of the thirteen basic notes symbolize the
seemingly limitless versatility of the living world's code of life.
   The simplest known living cell, with its nearly 500 genes, is
vastly more complex than any memorable musical composition
or the most intricate machine created by humans!
   Buyers don't rush to purchase a half-built, non-functioning
computer that lacks a hard drive. Even when fully operational,
the quirky device can frustrate the most sophisticated user.
   Is it rational science to suggest the DNA's microscopic
strings of precise information appeared accidentally after
millions of years of chaotic heating, cooling, and thawing
mingled with rain torrents, lightening flashes, and wind gusts?
   Logic disappears when the "design inference" is ignored.
   The genome's complexity defies explanation by accident. Sir
Fred Hoyle scoffed at the concept of a genetic code emerging
from some primordial organic soup by chance, branding it
"nonsense of a high order."
   Denial of DNA design. put in place at the command of an
infinite intelligence, conjures up images of superstitious
ancients, worshiping at the feet of inert matter, bowing in
supplication before homemade idols of wood and stone.

Ruth Page Johns

            Golden Gate Bridge opened to Bay area traffic in 1937.
             Human minds engineered the landmark steel span
                   relying on science-based information.

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