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Curtin Business School
School of Marketing

                                                             Unit Outline
                                              12034 Business Capstone 301
                                                   Semester 2, 2013

 Unit study package number:                   12034
 Mode of study:                               Internal
 Tuition pattern summary:                     Online Class: 1 x 1 Hours Weekly
                                              Workshop: 1 x 2 Hours Weekly
                                              This unit does not have a fieldwork component.
 Credit Value:                                25.0
 Pre-requisite units:                         Nil

 Co-requisite units:                          Nil

 Anti-requisite units:                        Nil

 Result type:                                 Grade/Mark
 Approved incidental fees:                    Information about approved incidental fees can be obtained from our website. Visit f
                                     for details.
 Unit coordinator:                            Name:            Peter Hosie
                                              Phone:           +618 9266 9574
                                              Building:        408
                                              Room:            2034
                                              Consultation     by appointment: Monday 10am-12pm,
                                              times:           Thursday 10am-2pm

 Teaching Staff:

 Administrative contact:                      Name:            Jolyon Forsyth
                                              Phone:           +618 9266 1476
                                              Building:        408
                                              Room:            2034
 Learning Management System:                  Blackboard (

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Bentley Campus                                                                                                  CRICOS Provider Code
22 Jul 2013                                                                                                    WA 00301J, NSW 02637B
School of Marketing, Curtin Business School
Curtin Business School
School of Marketing

 Acknowledgement of Country
 We respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous Elders, custodians, their descendants and kin of this land past and present.

 This unit consolidates and extends interdisciplinary learning within diverse and complex international business contexts.
 Discipline specific knowledge accumulated throughout undergraduate learning is integrated into a coherent form suitable
 for sharing and use. Global competitive strategies and industry dynamics are emphasised. Business acumen is refined by
 self-directed team engagement with realistic business scenarios. Learners actively interpret, critique and communicate
 information and decisions justified on established business principles. Information is evaluated within competitive
 business environments to reach negotiated decisions by collaboration in both diverse teams and through individual
 initiative. Generic critical analysis, problem solving, decision making and creative thinking capabilities are enhanced
 through a process of simulation, reflection and experiential learning. A professional approach, with appropriate ethical
 principles, attributes and values informs the transition to employment.

 Welcome to Business Capstone 301.
 Before enrolling, students should have passed 400 credit points and be enrolled in the final semester of the final year of
 the Bachelor of Commerce or the Bachelor of Business Administration.
 This Unit Outline provides important information about the Syllabus, Learning Outcomes, Learning Activities, Resources,
 and Assessment requirements, including the allocation of marks, marking criteria and submission dates. When requested,
 tutors will clarify aspects of the information provided and the expectations of students described in this Unit Outline.
 This Unit Outline is the same for all delivery locations except for variations indicated in the Program Calendar. For
 locations other than Bentley, if the teaching schedule is substantially different (e.g., Hong Kong) changes will be notified
 in class and be available in Blackboard.
 All contact details for tutors are available under the 'Contacts' tab in Blackboard. For important enquiries please email

 Business Capstone 301 Team

 Unit Learning Outcomes
                                                                                                             Graduate Attributes
                          On successful completion of this unit students can:
  1 Critically evaluate information to solve problems and make business decisions

  2 Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively to audiences in a business context

  3 Work both independently and collaboratively using team processes to achieve agreed
    business outcomes
  4 Incorporate ethical considerations into business decision making

 Curtin's Graduate Attributes
            Apply discipline knowledge               Thinking skills                             Information skills
                                                     (use analytical skills to solve problems)   (confidence to investigate new ideas)

                                                                                                 Learning how to learn
            Communication skills                     Technology skills                           (apply principles learnt to new situations)
                                                                                                 (confidence to tackle unfamiliar problems)

            International perspective                Cultural understanding                      Professional Skills
                                                                                                 (work independently and as a team)
            (value the perspectives of others)       (value the perspectives of others)
                                                                                                 (plan own work)

  Find out more about Curtin's Graduate attributes at the Office of Teaching & Learning website:

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Bentley Campus                                                                                                       CRICOS Provider Code
22 Jul 2013                                                                                                         WA 00301J, NSW 02637B
School of Marketing, Curtin Business School
Curtin Business School
School of Marketing

 Learning Activities
 A process of experiential, reflection and simulated learning is used to enhance generic critical analysis, problem solving,
 decision making and creative thinking capabilities. Students are challenged to engage in learning exercises, apply
 research, analyse interview cases, and operate a business simulation using contemporary multimedia technologies.
 Team work proficiencies are refined through the development of interpersonal skills.
 Business issues are identified, critiqued and resolved using real-life video business cases, interviews, and presentations.
 Opportunities are provided to experience operating a simulated manufacturing company within a competitive team
 environment. Competing within this dynamic commercial environment requires the continuous strategizing and
 management of a virtual company. Teams are encouraged to maximise each company's business outcome by taking
 advantage of member strengths and the overall contribution to team dynamics. Consequently, individual contribution and
 team performance are both tracked.
 Tuition Pattern and Student Work Expectations
 Students have 10-12 hours per week available for a 25 credit unit, including time in class, time to study, time to discuss or
 think about learning, seek assistance or look for resources, and time for administrative tasks and assessment. Where
 students are completing group-based assessments, time for student collaboration is also be considered (Adapted from:
 Curtin Teaching and Learning, 2010. Developing Appropriate Assessment Tasks. In Teaching and Learning at Curtin
 2010. (p.23). Curtin University, Perth (
 This equates to approximately:

          1 hour: Independent Study  (Online Class)
          2 hours: Active Learning Seminars  (Workshop)
          2 hours: Team Meetings
          2-3 hours: Assessments
          3-4 hours: Essential Preparation for Active Learning Workshops: Required Reading, viewing, video, eQuizzes.
          This equates to a total 10-12 hours per week

 Learning Resources
 Other resources
 Online Resources

          Blackboard (
          CBS Digital Media Platform (
          Capsim website (
          Curtin Library (
          Curtin Library e-Reserve (

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Bentley Campus                                                                                            CRICOS Provider Code
22 Jul 2013                                                                                              WA 00301J, NSW 02637B
School of Marketing, Curtin Business School
Curtin Business School
School of Marketing

 Assessment schedule
                                                                                                             Unit Learning
                                         Task                             Value %         Date Due            Outcome(s)
       Capsim Business Simulation                                     40 percent    Week: Seminar 03;      1,3,4
                                                                                    04, 07, 10; 05-10
                                                                                    Day: Before Seminar
                                                                                    Time: Before Seminar
       Video Business Case Report                                     20 percent    Week: Seminar 9      1,2,4
                                                                                    Day: Sunday,
                                                                                    Time: 11.45pm
       eTest                                                          20 percent    Week: Seminar 12     1
                                                                                    Day: Sunday,
                                                                                    Time: 11.45pm
       Company Presentation                                           20 percent    Week: Seminar 12     2,3,4
                                                                                    Day: Monday,
                                                                                    Time: In Seminar 12
 Detailed information on assessment tasks

       1. Capsim Business Simulation (40%)
          1a) Preparation Tasks for the Capsim Business Simulation (10%)
          Closely read (and re-read several times) and note the key information contained in the 2013/14 Capstone Team
          Member Guide. Tutors will elaborate on the Simulation Preparation Tasks assignment at the beginning of the first
          Resources used for the Simulation Preparation Tasks (including the Capstone Courier and Industry Conditions
          Report) are the same as those used in the Practice and Competition Rounds. Students need to ensure their
          company has the financial resources it needs for the upcoming year to make decisions about:
                    Inventing and revising products.
                    Making marketing decisions.
                    Scheduling production and buying/selling equipment.
          The following Business Simulation Preparation Tasks need to be completed online individually in Capsim
          ( prior to the beginning of Seminar 03:
               1.   Introductory Lesson Video + Quiz.
               2.   Complete a year (a Round) Rehearsal Tutorial plus Tactics (Quiz + Decision Results).
               3.   Complete all sections of Online Situation Analysis (Read the Guide).
               4.   Human Resources (HR) Quiz and Labor Negotiation Quiz.
               5.   (Advanced) Marketing Quiz and TQM/Sustainability Initiatives Quiz.

          ALL parts of all five (5) tasks must be completed as they are designed to prepare students to participate effectively
          in the Capsim Business Simulation. The 10% allocated for this assessment will be awarded when ALL these
          tasks are successfully completed. Failure to complete ANY of these tasks will result in the marks being reduced.
          Tutors will notify students of the results for this assignment in Blackboard Grade Centre by the start of Seminar 04.

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Bentley Campus                                                                                              CRICOS Provider Code
22 Jul 2013                                                                                                WA 00301J, NSW 02637B
School of Marketing, Curtin Business School
Curtin Business School
School of Marketing

          1b) Peer Evaluation for Capsim Business Simulation (5%)
          Peer Evaluation Tools are provided in Capsim to measure individual performance in team based activities.
          Interpretations of data from Peer Evaluations by individuals and teams will contribute to students understanding of
          team functioning. Peer evaluations are meant be done online in Capsim in student's own time. Students will
          undertake three (3) Peer Evaluations of each team member worth a total of 5% of the final Grade. Peer
          Evaluations should be submitted before the start of Seminars 04, 07, 10. Peer Evaluations can be accessed via
          the Capsim `Welcome Page' > Homework > Peer Evaluations.
          Peer Evaluations (1, 2, 3):
                  Opens the week (i.e., 7 days) before each Active Learning Seminar (04, 07, 10) on Saturday 11:45pm
                  Perth time.
                  Closes on Sunday 11:45pm Perth time for each Active Learning Seminar 04, 07, 10.
                  Must be completed before Active Learning Seminars 04, 07, 10.
                  Results will be discussed in Active Learning Seminars 04, 07, 10.
                  Absolutely no further access is possible once the Peer Evaluation window has closed.
          Students are expected to be sensitive to others feelings. At all times it is not acceptable to personally criticise or
          identify fellow students. Refer to the Student Charter for information about Curtin's Values of Integrity, Respect,
          Fairness and Care.
          Students are encouraged to use Peer Evaluation results to support comments, thoughts and observations made in
          the Individual and Team Company Presentations. Students are expected to consider, compare and comment on
          how well they worked as a team by reference to the feedback from the Peer Evaluation Reports.
          Students are required to provide accurate and equitable Peer Evaluation ratings. Consistent scores (`5') or
          exceptionally low scores (`1') may indicate an unrealistic evaluation of individual performance. Scores that do not
          accurately reflect individual contributions to team performance may result in students being required to redo the
          Peer Evaluations. When no member of a team has done a Peer Evaluation all team members will get 0.
          1c) Team Results for Capsim Business Simulation (25%)
          Capsim Business Simulation results will be based on the performance in each Competition Round. Team
          decisions must be uploaded towards the end of each Seminar prior to the class debrief. Tutors will discuss the
          progress on the Competition Rounds and debrief the teams in class. Teams are encouraged to consider their
          options and work on their decisions in their own time outside of class.
          As indicated in the Program Calendar in the Unit Outline:
                  From Competition Round 2 onwards the `Human Resources (HR) Module' will be activated.
                  In Competition Rounds 3 and 5 the `Labour Negotiations Module' will be activated.
                  From Competition Round 4 onwards the `Total Quality Management (TQM) Module' will be activated.
                  From Competition Round 4 onwards the `Advanced Marketing Module' will be activated.
          Company performance is calculated using various predetermined Company Success Measures. Teams will
          choose Company Success Measures in accordance with the rules explained in Blackboard > Assessments.
          Teams must submit their final success measures in the Capsim website by the deadline for Competition Round
          Companies are meant to be left as a `going concern.' This assumes each company will remain in existence long
          enough for all the assets of the business to be fully utilized. Penalties will be applied to teams who attempt to
          unethically `End Game' the Capsim Business Simulation.
          Final simulation results will usually be awarded equally to each team member. Each weekly Competition Round
          (i.e., 16) score contributes to the calculation of the team's final mark. After Competition Round 6 the final score is
          compiled in Capsim. Each team's final score (between 1 and 6) is pro-rated to arrive at the equivalent
          assessment percentage (i.e., 0-25%).
          Tutors may adjust individual marks to reflect the relative contribution of team members.

12034 2.
       Business Capstone 301                                                                                             Page: 5 of 16
Bentley Campus                                                                                                 CRICOS Provider Code
22 Jul 2013                                                                                                   WA 00301J, NSW 02637B
School of Marketing, Curtin Business School
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