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                                   Book Recommendations  Leveled Titles
The following list was compiled to assist classroom teachers in finding high interest books to support the
Super Summer Success Reading Program. The books are organized by reading levels based on the
Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) measure. This list was developed by Carey Crocker, Literacy
Instructional Support Specialist in Clarkston School District. Please contact Carey if you have specific
questions. If you have a list that you would like to include, please email:

Resources used:
Beaver, J. (2000). Developmental Reading Assessment. Parsippany, NJ:
     Celebration Press/Pearson Learning 1-800-321-3106

Fountas, C. & Pinnell, G. (1999). Matching Books to Readers: Using leveled
      books in guided reading, K-3. Portsmouth, NJ: Heinemann.

Fountas, C. & Pinnell, G. (2002). Leveled Books for Readers Grades 3-6
      Portsmouth, NJ: Heinemann.

Kindergarten (DRA Levels A-2/B)
Title                     Author/Series                                             Publishers
All Through the Week
With Cat and Dog                                      Learn to Read                 Creative Teaching Press
The Alphabet Race                                     Visions                       Wright Group
The Astronaut                                         Sunshine                      Wright Group
The Birthday Cake                                     Sunshine                      Wright Group
The Busy Mosquito                                     Foundations                   Wright Group
Colors                                                Anderson                      Dutton
The Dinosaur                                          Sunshine                      Wright Group
Express Yourself                                      D. McPhail                    Scholastic
How to make a Mudpie                                  Learn to Read                 Creative Teaching Press
I Like Shapes                                         Armstrong, Shane              Scholastic
I See                                                 Book Shop                     Mondo Publishing
I Love Bugs                                           Book Shop                     Mondo Publishing
In the City                                           Pasternac, S.                 Scholastic
Is This a Monster?                                    Book Shop                     Mondo Publishing
Little Brother                                        Sunshine                      Wright Group
Lunch At the Zoo                                      Blaxland, W. & Brimage, C.    Scholastic
Major Jump                                            Sunshine                      Wright Group
Making Mountains                                      Ballinger, M. & Gossett, R.   Scholastic
Monkeys                                               Canizares, S. & Chanko, P.    Scholastic
The Monsters Party                                    Story Box                     Wright Group
My Cat Muffin                                         Gardner, M.                   Scholastic
My Book                                               Maris                         Viking
One For You and One For Me                            Blaxland, W.                  Scholastic

Source: Carey Crocker, Literacy Coach in Clarkston School District                               1
Resource Item #8A. Book Recommendations by Levels                                                     2 of 11

Kindergarten (DRA Levels A-2/B) cont'd
Title                                                 Author/Series                Publishers
Rain Drops                                            Book Shop                    Mondo Publishing
Raindrops                                             Gay, S.                      Scholastic
The Space Ark                                         Sunshine                     Wright Group
A Snowman                                             Foundations                  Wright Group
The Swimming Pool                                     Visions                      Wright Group
So Can I                                              Facklam                      Harcourt Brace
Super Hero                                            Sunshine                     Wright Group
Weather                                               Chanko, P & Morton, D.       Scholastic
What is This Skeleton?                                Science                      Wright Group
What Do Insects do?                                   Canizares, S. & Chanko       Scholastic

First Grade (Preprimer DRA 3/C- 4/D- 6-8/E)
Title                                                 Author/Series                Publishers
Amy Loves the Snow                                    Hoban, Julia                 Scholastic
Are you my Mommy?                                     Dijs, Carla                  Simon & Schuster
A Bug, a Bear, and a Boy                              McPhail, David               Random House
Baby Says                                             Steptoe                      Morrow
Bears in the Night                                    Berenstain, S. & J.          Random House
Bears on Wheels                                       Berenstain S. & J.           Random House
Between the Tides                                     Wonder World                 Wright Group
Blue Bug Goes to School                               Poulet, V.                   Children's Press
Brown Bear, Brown Bear                                Martin                       Holt
The Chick and the Duckling                            Ginsburg, M.                 MacMillan
City Mouse Country Mouse                              Learn to read                Creative Press
Creepy Caterpillar                                    Little Readers               Houghton Mifflin
Earthquake                                            Wonder World                 Wright Group
Ebeneezer and the Sneeze                              Story box                    Wright Group
Freddie's Spaghetti                                   Doyle, R. H.                 Random House
Friendly Snowman                                      William, Joyce               Scholastic
Five Little Monkeys
Jumping On the Bed                                    Christelow, Eileen           Houghton Mifflin
Go, Dog, Go!                                          Eastman                      Random House
Happy Egg                                             Kraus, Robert                Scholastic
How Many Bugs in a Box?                               Carter                       Simon & Schuster
The Haircut                                           Hartley, S. & Armstrong S.   Scholastic
Hide and Seek                                         Brown, R. & Carey, S.        Scholastic
Hooray for Snail                                      Stadler, John                Harper Collins
Huzzard Buzzard                                       Reese, Bob                   Children's Press
Inside, Outside,
Upside Down                                           Berenstain, S. & J.          Random House
It Looked Like Spilt Milk                             Shaw, Charles                Harper & Row
Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox                              Maccarone, Grace             Scholastic
Just Like Daddy                                       Asch, Frank                  Simon & Schuster
The King's Surprise                                   Stewart, J. & Salem, L.      Scholastic

Source: Carey Crocker, Literacy Coach in Clarkston School District                              2
Resource Item #8A. Book Recommendations by Levels                                                            3 of 11

First Grade (Preprimer DRA 3/C- 4/D- 6-8/E) cont'd
Title                                                 Author/Series                       Publishers
Monkey See, Monkey Do                                 Gave, Marc                          Scholastic
Morris the Moose                                      Wiseman, Bernard                    Harper Trophy
Mr. Grump                                             Sunshine                            Wright Group
Muffy and Fluffy                                      First Start                         Troll
Nickels and Pennies                                   Williams, Deborah                   Kaeden Books
Noisy Breakfast                                       Blonder, E.                         Scholastic
Old MacDonald Had a Farm                              Jones, Carol                        Houghton Mifflin
The Quarter Book                                      Williams, Deborah                   Kaeden Books
School Bus                                            Crews, Donald                       Morrow
SHHH                                                  Henkes, Kevin                       Greenwillow
Shoveling Snow                                        Cummings, Pat                       Scholastic
The Stallion's Call                                   Salem, L. & Stewart, J.             Seedling
The Teeny Tiny Woman                                  O'Connor, Jane                      Random House
A Tree Can Be                                         Nayer, J.                           Scholastic
Where's Spot                                          Hill, Eric                          Putnam
Yummy, Yummy                                          Grey, Judith                        Troll

First Grade (Primer 10/F-12/G)
Title                                                 Author/Series                       Publishers
Cookies Week                                          Ward                                Puttman
Gone Fishing                                          Long, Erlene                        Houghton Mifflin
Biscuit                                               Capucilli, Alyssa S.                Harper Trophy
The Carrot Seed                                       Krauss, Ruth                        Harper & Row
Cat and Dog                                           Minarik, Else H.                    HarperCollins
Goldilocks                                            Sunshine                            Wright Group
The Goose That Laid
the Golden Egg                                        Aesop                               Wright Group
The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat                            Karlin, Nurit                       Harper Trophy
The Great Race                                        McPhail, David                      Scholastic
Just Like Daddy                                       Asch, F.                            Simon & Schuster
Just for You                                          Mayer, Mercer                       Donovan
The Lion and the Mouse                                Traditional Tales and More          Rigby
Over in the Meadow                                    Little Readers                      Houghton Mifflin
Rabbit's Party                                        Bunting, Eve & Sloan-Childers, E.   Scholastic
Spot's First Walk                                     Hill, Eric                          Putnam
Titch                                                 Hutchins, P.                        Penguin

First Grade (DRA 14/H-16/I)
Title                                                 Author/Series                       Publishers
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz                                      Barton, Byron                       Macmillan
Clean House for
Mole and Mouse                                        Ziefert, Harriet                    Scholastic

Source: Carey Crocker, Literacy Coach in Clarkston School District                                     3
Resource Item #8A. Book Recommendations by Levels                                                         4 of 11

First Grade (DRA 14/H-16/I) cont'd
Title                                                 Author/Series                   Publishers
Fix-It                                                McPhail, David                  Penguin
Just Me and my Dad                                    Mayer, Mercer                   Donovon
The Gingerbread Man                                   Sunshine                        Wright Group
Goodnight, Moon                                       Brown, Margaret Wise            Harper Collins
The Great Big
Enormous Turnip                                       Tolstoi, A. & Nikolaevich, G.   Watts
A Kiss for Little Bear                                Hoban, Tana                     Scholastic
The New Baby Calf                                     Chase, E. & Reed, B.            Scholastic
Old Hat, New Hat                                      Berenstain, Stan and Jan        Random House
A Picture for Harold's Room                           Johnson, Crockett               Harper Collins
Seven Little Monsters                                 Sendak, Maurice                 Harper Collins
Under a Mircroscope                                   Sunshine                        Wright Group
You'll Soon Grow
Into Them Titch                                       Hutchins, Pat                   Morrow

Second Grade (DRA 18/J)
Title                                                 Author/Series                   Publishers
Are You My Mother?                                    Eastman, P. D.                  Random House
Astronauts                                            Wonder World                    Wright Group
Chicken Licken                                        Sunshine                        Wright Group
Father Bear Comes Home                                Minarik, Else H.                Harper Collins
Fix It                                                McPhail, David                  The Penguin Group
The Fox and the Goat                                  Aesop                           Wright Group
Frog and Toad                                         Lobel, Arnold                   Harper & Rowe
The Gruff Brothers                                    Hooks, William H.               Bantam Doubleday Dell
Hattie and the Fox                                    Fox, Mem                        Bradbury/Trumpet
It's Not Easy Being a Bunny                           Sadler, Marilyn                 Random House
Just Grandma and Me                                   Mayer, Mercer                   Donovan
Leo the Late Bloomer                                  Kraus, Robert                   Simon & Schuster
Liar, Liar Pants on Fire                              Cohen, Miriam                   Bantam Doubleday Dell
Little Bear                                           Minarik, Else H.                Harper Collins
The Little Red Hen                                    Sunshine                        Wright Group
The Napping House                                     Wood, Audrey and Don            Harcourt
The Princess and the Pea                              Traditional Tales               Dominie
Small Pig                                             Lobel, Arnold                   Harper Trophy
This is the Place for Me                              Cole, Joanna                    Scholastic
There's a Nightmare
in my Closet                                          Mayer, Mercer                   The Penguin Group
Tidy Titch                                            Hutchins, Pat                   Morrow
The Very Busy Spider                                  Carle, Eric                     Philomel
We're Going on a Bear Hunt                            Rosen, Michael                  Macmillan
What Lays Eggs?                                       Momentum Literacy Program       Troll

Source: Carey Crocker, Literacy Coach in Clarkston School District                                 4
Resource Item #8A. Book Recommendations by Levels                                                        5 of 11

Second Grade (DRA 20/K)
Title                                                 Author/Series                   Publishers
Allie's Basketball Dream                              Barber, B. & Ligasan, D.        Scholastic
Amazing Eggs                                          Discovery World                 Rigby
Bear Shadow                                           Asch, Frank                     Simon & Schuster
Best Nest                                             Eastman, P. D.                  Random House
The Boy Who Cried Wolf                                Littledale, Freya               Scholastic
Cat in the Hat                                        Dr. Seuss                       Random House
Charlie Needs a Cloak                                 DePaola, Tomie                  Prentice-Hall
City Mouse-Country Mouse                              Wallner, John                   Scholastic
Coral                                                 Marine Life for Young Readers   Dominie
Curious George and
the Ice Cream                                         Rey, Margaret                   Scholastic
Danny and the Dinosaur                                Hoff, Syd                       Scholastic
Days with Frog and Toad                               Lobel, Arnold                   Harper Trophy
Fox All Week                                          Marshall, Edward                Dial Books
The Story of the Beach                                Wonder World                    Wright Group
Granny and the
Desperadoes                                           Parish, Peggy                   Simon & Schuster
Great Day for Up                                      Dr. Seuss                       Random House
Hand, Hand,
Fingers, Thumb                                        Perkins, Al                     Random House
Henry and Mudge                                       Rylant, Cynthia                 Aladdin
Green Eggs and Ham                                    Dr. Seuss                       Random House
He Bear, She Bear                                     Berenstain, Stan & Jan          Random House
Hop on Pop                                            Dr. Seuss                       Random House
How to Make Salsa                                     Book Shop                       Mondo
I Can Read With
my Eyes Shut                                          Dr. Seuss                       Random House
I Was So Mad                                          Mayer, Mercer                   Donovan
In a Dark, Dark Room                                  Schwartz, Alvin                 Harper Trophy
King Midas and the
Golden Touch                                          Traditional Tales               Dominie
Little Bear's Friend                                  Minarik, Else H.                Harper Trophy
Little Red Hen                                        Galdone, Paul                   Viking
The Magic Fish                                        Rylant, Cynthia                 Scholastic
The Missing Tooth                                     Cole, Joanna                    Random House
Morris and Boris at the
Circus                                                Wiseman, Bernard                Harper Trophy
Mouse Soup                                            Lobel, Arnold                   Harper Collins
Mr. Putter and Tabby
Bake the Cake                                         Rylant, Cynthia                 Harcourt Brace
No More Nonsense For Me                               Parish, Peggy                   Harper Trophy
Pack 109                                              Thaler, Mike                    Scholastic
Peter's Chair                                         Keats, Ezra Jack                Harper Trophy
Poppleton and Friends                                 Rylant, Cynthia                 Scholastic
Rumplestilskin                                        Traditional Tales               Dominie
Sam and The Firefly                                   Eastman, P. D.                  Random House

Source: Carey Crocker, Literacy Coach in Clarkston School District                                 5
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