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DATE :       15th July, 2005
TIME    :    10:00AM to 5:00PM
VENUE :       Office of the National Biodiversity Authority
              475-9th South Cross Street
              Neelankarai, Chennai-600 014.

       The proceedings of the third meeting of the National Biodiversity Authority
commenced at 10 am on 15.07.2005. The Chairman, NBA Prof. S. Kannaiyan extended
a warm welcome to the members of the Authority to the 3rd meeting and briefed them the
major achievements made by NBA during the period between 2nd and 3rd meeting.
1. Achievements:
      1. Orientation programme for officials from Forest, Agriculture, Fisheries and
         Animal Husbandry from Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry for the establishment of
         State Biodiversity Boards (SBB).
      2. Three day awareness programme for Schools of Chennai on the subject
         Biodiversity of India was organised. In this awareness programme many local
         schools participated in Art, Speech and Essay writing competition and several
         prizes were distributed for winners. Posters depicting the importance of
         Biodiversity of India were also displayed. Altogether more than 3000 students
         and local public benefited out of this programme
      3. Website for National Biodiversity Authority www.nbaindia.org developed
         and established.
      4. Hon'ble Union Minister for Environment and Forests Thiru A. Raja
         visited the National Biodiversity Authority on 1st July, 2005 to review the
      5. Biological Diversity Act, 2002 and Biological Diversity Rules, 2004 have been
         published in a booklet form in English & Hindi and distributed to all relevant
         agencies. This was released by the Hon'ble Minister for Environment and
         Forests Thiru A. Raja on 1st July 2005. Action being taken to bring out the
         above publication in Tamil and Malayalam by August , 2005.
      6. Infrastructure facilities to establish NBA such as purchase of computer,
         furniture and other necessary items for the office were made.
      7. Recruitment rules sent to the Law Ministry for vetting and notification and
         Draft Advertisement for recruitment of staff prepared and sent to the Ministry
         of Environment and Forest for approval.
      8. Appointment of Shri Vishvanath Ananth, Vice Chairperson, Environment
         Appellate Authority as Chairperson of NBA from the month of 15th July 2004 
         31st January 2005.
      9. Agreements on Access, Material Transfer, IPR and Patent were prepared using
MINUTES OF THE THIRTD MEETING OF NBA.                                                   2

          the expertise of different lawyers from various departments. A meeting is
          proposed to be organized to discuss the appropriateness of the same.
      10. National Biodiversity Authority is encouraging various States to form State
          Biodiversity Boards and also providing initial financial support to them. So far
          Rs 1.10 crores has been provided by MoEF to the NBA out of which Rs 35 lakhs
          has been distributed to such States which have set up State Biodiversity Boards
          in their jurisdiction. These States are Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh,
          Arunachal Predesh, Nagaland, Himachal Predesh, Punjab and West Bengal.
      11. Shri Namo Narain Meena, Hon'ble Minster of State for Environment
          and Forests, Government of India visited National Biodiversity Authority
          Office on 26.10.2004 to review the activities.
      12. Prof. Dr S. Kannaiyan assumed office as Chairman of National Biodiversity
          Authority from May 2005.
      13. An Interactive Workshop on "Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of
          Marine Bioresources" on 14th June 2005 conducted jointly with Centre of
          Advanced Study in Marine Biology, Annamalai University, Parangipettai.
          During the workshop 20 theme papers on different issues of Marine
          biodiversity and Marine bioresources and Conservation were presented and
          discussed. The workshop was inaugurated by Prof. S. Kannaiyan, Chairman,
          National Biodiversity Authority.
      14. Project review committee meeting was held on 21st June 2005 for approval of the
          project proposals received by the NBA for creating awareness on the
          Biodiversity Act, 2002 and orientation programme on the formation of SBB.
          Decision has been taken by National Biodiversity Authority in the above
          meeting to bring out publications on i) Macro Fauna of Pulicat Lake ii)
          Conservation and Utilization of Microbial Diversity iii) Biodiversity and
          Conservation of Mushrooms.
      15. A one day interactive workshop on the Implementation of Peoples
          Biodiversity Registers (PBR) at the Village level was organized by National
          Biodiversity Authority on 30th June, 2005. Twenty scientists from various
          parts of India participated and discussed in detail. The recommendation was
          drafted for effective implementation. The recommendations are placed before the
          Authority for discussion.
      16. Terms of reference for the Expert committee proposed during the second
          Authority meeting prepared.

      This was followed by the Chairperson requesting the members to introduce
themselves. All the members congratulated the Chairman Prof. S. Kannaiyan for taking
over as Chairman of NBA and guaranteed their esteemed cooperation to the fullest
extend for the smooth function of the Authority. Following the introductions, Dr K
Venkataraman, Member Secretary  NBA initiated the proceedings of the meeting with
the permission of the Chair.
MINUTES OF THE THIRTD MEETING OF NBA.                                               3

Record of the discussions agenda wise is as follows:-

2. Confirmation of Minutes of 2nd Meeting of NBA

       As there was no comments and communication from the Members of the
Authority, the minutes of the second meeting was approved and confirmed.

3. Action taken on the Minutes of the 2nd Meeting

               Following the confirmation of the minutes of the second meeting the
Member Secretary Presented the Action Taken Report on the Minutes of the 2nd Meeting
of the Authority.

During the presentation by Member Secretary the following points were raised by
the members:

      Appointment of Expert consultant:

           The Member Secretary informed the members that many persons are not
       willing to take up the appointment of Expert Consultant due to the less amount
       (Rs 15,000  Rs 20,000/=) proposed as Consultancy fee in the second meeting.
       Based on the discussion it was decided to pay Rs.25, 000/- pm + transport
       allowance to the Expert consultant for preparing guidelines and the period from
       60 days to 90 days.

Action: Member Secretary

      State Biodiversity Boards:

       Dr.R.K. Rai, Addl. Director MoEF informed that before asking for Utilization
       Certificate from SBB, NBA should ask for the Statement of expenditure for the
       amount Rs 10,00,000 paid as one time establishment grant.

       During the proceedings the Chairman, NBA informed the members that he is
       planning to make official visit to all the State Biodiversity Boards which are
       notified for establishment and convening a meeting of the officers in charge of
       SBB for effective implementation of the Biodiversity Act, 2002.

Action: Member Secretary

      Awareness Programme conducted by NBA during the year 2004:
MINUTES OF THE THIRTD MEETING OF NBA.                                                   4

       Members appreciated the efforts taken by NBA to organize the awareness
       programme and informed that more such programmes should be conducted by
       NBA to create awareness among public in different parts of the country.

Action: Member Secretary

      Publication of ACT and Rule Book by NBA

       Members appreciated the efforts taken by NBA to publish the Biodiversity ACT
       and Rule Book in English and Hindi and expressed that same booklet should be
       published in all other official languages of India.

Action: Member Secretary

4. Proposal received for consideration by NBA for funding.

        The Member Secretary informed the members that NBA has received six
proposals on creation of awareness on Biodiversity Act, three proposals from a Local
NGO, two from IUCN, South Asia and one from Punjab Biodiversity Board. Among the
three proposal received from NGO one is on the awareness creation for Lawyers and
Magistrates, second is on the awareness creation for Customs officials and the third is on
the general public and formation of BMC. The IUCN proposals meant to create
awareness for Chief Secretaries and Principal Chief Conservator of Forests of different
states of India and the second is on the preparation of a Manual on Biodiversity Act. The
Punjab Biodiversity Board proposed to conduct a two day workshop on orientation on
SBB to northern states of India.

       The Member Secretary also informed the members that a committee consists of
five members scrutinized the above proposal and recommended for funding with certain
modifications as given in the agenda. Also a few issue related publications were also
approved by the committee constituted by the Chairman, NBA.

        The NBA members expressed that the above proposals received by NBA should
be taken for consideration only by framing a guidelines for inviting the proposals. Also
an NBA approved National Committee should be in place to scrutinize and recommend
the proposals for funding. SBB orientation programmes proposed by respective SBB may
conduct the awareness programmes with the support of NBA. However the above
proposals have to be invited and recommended for funding by NBA only after framing a
proper guidelines and NBA approved committee. In this connection the members
commented that how widespread the proposal requests are and many regions are unaware
of this mechanism. He has also suggested that NBA can only support the State
Biodiversity Boards which have formed and let the SBBs organize workshops in their
States to create awareness among public.

       The Chairman, NBA has indicated that the awareness programmes of the
Biodiversity Act 2002 are vital for implementation at different State level. The project
MINUTES OF THE THIRTD MEETING OF NBA.                                                     5

proposals addressing the awareness issues given priority for funding by NBA and the
need and issue based project proposal will be initiated by placing it in the web sire.

Other important points discussed about the funding of proposals:

1. To prepare guidelines for inviting proposals with the following;
     Who are eligible to apply
     Fields to be funded
     Need based and issue based

2. Approved Committee to scrutinize the proposals

          No formal presentation is needed for proposals less than 5 lakhs.
          The invitation for proposals may advertised through official web site of NBA.

Action: Member Secretary.

3. Guidelines for inviting Proposals.


       India is a Party to the Biological Diversity Convention held in Rio de Janeiro in
1992. The convention recognizing the rights of States to use their own biological
resources, expects the signatories to facilitate access to genetic resources by other
countries for the welfare of the society, subject to national legislation and on mutually
agreed upon terms. The Biodiversity Act, 2002 promulgated in the parliament of India
also recognizes contributions of local and indigenous communities to the conservation
and sustainable utilisation of biological diversity through traditional knowledge, practices
and innovations and provides for equitable sharing of benefits among the local
communities arising from the utilization of their knowledge, practices and innovations.

        The Government of India established THE NATIONAL BIODIVERSITY
AUTHORITY (NBA) in 2003 in accordance with Biological Diversity Act 2002, with
the following objectives:- to regulate access to biological resources of the country to
conserve and sustainable use of biological diversity; to respect and protect the
knowledge of local communities related to biodiversity; to secure sharing of benefits with
local people as conservers of biological resources and holders of knowledge and
information relating to the use of biological resources; conservation and development of
areas of importance from the view point of biological diversity by declaring them as
biological diversity heritage sites; protection and rehabilitation of threatened species;
involvement of institutions of state government in the broad scheme of implementation
of the Biological Diversity Act through constitution of committees.

       NBA intends to invite proposals on projects for funding by as per the guidelines
given below.
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