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Angel Healthcare                                          Part I: Test Score                   %
    Medication Administration Test                            Total Points                       I29
                                                              Part 11: Pass 1 Fail



    PART I:
    Multi~leChoice / F'ill-in / True or False (1point each)

,   1. Documentation of PRN medication for pain must include:
       a. Assessment of pain
       b. The time given
       c. The amount given
       d. Assessment of effectiveness
       e. All the above

    2. Medication must be documented immediately                            administration.

    3. 'Wot available" is an acceptable reason for not giving medication.

    4. Completed count sheets for controlled substances should be sent back to the Director of
       Nwsiiig @ON)

    5. Shift-to-shiftcount for accuracy of controlled substances should include the following:
       a. Date and time
       b. Dose
       c. Quantity remaining
       d. Signature
       e. All of the above

    6. Refused Schedule 11Medications (narcbtics) should be destroyed with a witness.

    REV 11/01/01
Medication Administration Test
7. Psycho-Active medication documentation must include the following:
   a. Description of target behavior
   b. Behavior intervention and response
   c. Side effects
   d. All of the above

8. The following information should be available in each patient's record for each medication
   a. Supporting diagnosis
   b. Care plan entry
   c. Observation for side effects
   d. Physician's order
   e. All of the above

9. It is now known that tenderness, not redness, is an early sign of Peripheral I.V. site phlebitis.

10. Because of possible contamination of the solution fiom the ink leaking through the plastic,
    you should avoid using felt-tip pens to mark I.V. bags.

11. As a nursing professional, you have noticed that your colleague is incompetent in several
    different areas of their nursing skills. You would:
    a. Report this situation to the Director of Nursing
    b. Confide in other co-workers that the nurse is incompetent and does not know what to do
        in a clinical situation
    c. Report the above situation to the Board of Nursing
    d. Talk with your colleague about the situation and offer advice about C.E.U.'s and other in-
        services to enhance hisfher nursing skills
    e. A, c andd

12. When performing Venipuncture on a patient after selecting the right vein, you should:
    a. Slap the vein to encourage them to enlarge
    b. Flick the vein which is less painhl for your patient

13. You should never massage the site of a Z-track injection because:
    a. The medication can seep back into the zigzag track and cause your patient pain
    b. Massaging the site helps the medication absorb faster and helps prevent pain
Rev 11/01/01                                                                                 -2-

        Medication Administration Test
        14. When possible, it is best to use gravity flow to administer medication via tube.

        15. Medication ordered by mouth may not be given per G-tube.

        16. Air must be prevented fiom entering the stomach by appropriately clamping of the G-tube
            during medication administration.
            True                           q .        I ,

        17. Room temperature water previously left at the bedside may be used for flushing G-tubes.

        18. Tubing, plug and syringes for internal feedings me good for               hours after opening.

        19. Potassium liquids and effervescent medication must be diluted or reconstituted prior to
            administration via tube.

        20. Opthalmic and Otic solutions can be stored together.

        21. Eye drops of different medications must be given at least            minutes apart.

        22. Punctal occlusion means:
            a. Blocked nasal passages
            b. Blocked residents doorway
            c. Blocked tear ducts
            d. All of the above

        Rev 11/01/01
Medication Administration Test
23. When checking a peg tube for pl-ent,        you would use: -
    a. 10 cc's of water
    b. 10 cc's of orange juice
    c. 10 cc's of kool-aid
    d. 10 cc's of air

24. It is a residents right to refbse any medication prescribed.
               '   ,

25. It is appropriate to instill eye drops in the hallway or dining area.

26. You are administering medication and one of your residents does not have an annband or
    picture. You would:
    a. Not give the resident any medication
    b. Give the resident medication
    c. Wave a stdfmember identify the resident
    d. Ask the resident to identify themselves

                                                     ,   &

27. When medication is required at a specific time, medication may be administered:
    a. Two hours before, one hour after
    b. Two hours before, forty-five minutes after
    c. One hour before, one hour after
    d. One hour before, thirty minutes after

28. It is acceptable to touch medication that has been opened

29. When administering pills or tablets, the acceptable fluid to offer is:
    a. Orange juice
    b. Apple juice
    c. Water
    d. Prune juice

Rev 11/01/01

        Medication Administration Test

        PART I1
                  Match the following abbreviations to the terms below:

        TPR            ROM          R              SOB            I&O            L

        cc             qid          HS             s              STAT           Hx

        PROM           c            tid            9              ac             wt

        PRN            wlc          PC             NPO            PT             CVA

        D/C            C/O          Fx             Dx             Ht             PO

        Weight                                                    Height

        Nothing By Mouth                                          Right

        After Meals                                               Fracture

        Short of Breath                                           Immediately

        Three Time Daily                                          Complains of

        Range of Motion                                           Discontinue

        Cerebral Vascular AccidentJStroke                         Left

        Four Times a Day                                          Without

        Temperature, Pulse, Respiration                           EVW

        Intake and Output                                         Wheelchair

        As NeededfAs Necessary                                    History

        Hour of Sleep-Bedtime                                     With

        Passive Range of Motion                                   Before Meals

        Cubic Centimeter                                          Diagnosis

        Physical Therapy                                          By Mouth

        Rev 11/01/01
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