German! Active and communicative language learning right

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German! Active and communicative language learning right

from the start via                            at TREFFPUNKT Language Institute
In our view, online-learning offers a natural way of learning to speak, listen and write German - give it a try,
you'll like it as much as we do!

Sprachinstitut            TREFFPUNKT Language Institute was founded by Alexandra von Rohr in
TREFF PUNKT               Bamberg in 1995. It quickly developed into a recognized centre of language
                          training for German as a foreign language.

Online Trainer at

Program                   If you often have to speak on the phone and also write emails frequently, an online
                          course is an ideal option for you. However, it's also an effective way of learning for
                          anybody who wants to improve their speaking and writing skills.

                          Our online offer was originally developed for students at TREFFPUNKT Language
                          Institute who wished to continue their language training at home after completing
                          their onsite course, often with the same teacher and course material.

                          The course met with such universal approval and success that in June 2008 we
                          decided to make this style of learning available to everyone. As a result we now
                          offer new clients the chance to learn German with us online. With our new
                          improved course program, an intensive onsite course is no longer a requirement.
                          Enjoy our new and attractive German program, tailored to your needs and taking
                          place at a time and place to suit you

Target group              We cater for professionals and private individuals, who would like to broaden their
                          German knowledge after completing an onsite course, or participants who are unable to
                          attend a German course in Bamberg because of time constraints and who...
                                don't have much time and would therefore like to take advantage of a tailor made
                                 individual course.
                                are motivated and work actively to achieve their learning goals.
                                want to be able to use German quickly and effectively in their working life or who
                                 are required to prepare for a German exam. .
                          The program also aims at participants who have decided upon an online course
                          for reasons of time. Online learning prospects:
                                a program independent of time or location.

                     Sprachinstitut TREFF PUNKT, Hauptwachstrae 19, D-96047 Bamberg,
     , Tel. 0951-204 404, Fax 0951-204474
                               the guarantee of continuous learning in order to build or to broaden
                                language knowledge
                               the loss of anxiety over telephone calls and learning to speak freely
                               an improvement in your oral expression and pronunciation
                               training in listening comprehension learn to write better, from emails to
                                presentations and reports
Form of the course        Individual training through SKYPE  don't limit your learning!
                              If you learn online then you learn with your own private teacher, i.e. you
                               receive individual training. Online learning can either mean that you learn
                               with your teacher on the telephone or that you phone using Skype. Skype
                               is a language program that enables you to telephone whilst sitting at your
                               computer and to write to and receive messages from your teachers at the
                               same time.
                              Through Skype you will speak to your teacher whilst sitting at your
                               computer, just as though you were on the phone. The only difference is
                               that your teacher can send you texts and exercises whilst continuing to
                               speak with you. In this way you practise speaking, listening, reading and
                               writing. If you wish, you can also record the entire lesson and listen to it as
                               often as you need to.
                              If you often have to speak on the phone and also write emails, then online
                               learning is particularly appropriate for you. However, it is also for
                               everybody who wants to gain certainty in their written and spoken
                              Online learning means learning to speak, listen and write in a natural way
                                try out this way of learning, you'll be enthusiastic too! Besides, you can
                               always stop your online lessons and meet your online teacher in a
                               classroom, should you prefer.
Course content           In individual training, the course content is determined by you.
                         You can work with a course book or use free material. If you opt for free material,
                         we can orientate the lessons entirely around your area of interest and field of work
                         and will seek out suitable texts and materials on the internet. The exercises are
                         constructed according to the subjects that interest you, the mistakes that you
                         make and any areas that you would specifically like to improve. You will learn:
                              to react spontaneously
                              to speak more fluently
                              new vocabulary
                              to use your new vocabulary correctly
                              grammar  that must also be a part of it !
                              to improve your pronunciation
                              to improve your written expression
                         You will see how useful, practical and efficient it is to learn German using Skype.

       Sprachinstitut TREFF PUNKT, Hauptwachstrae 19, D-96047 Bamberg,,, tel 49(0)951-204404, fax +49(0)951-204474
Teachers                  Native speakers with academic training and many years of experience

First steps -             Installing and using Skype is dead easy  no computer knowledge is necessary.
getting                   To learn online, all you need is a computer with a sound card, a good internet
started with              connection and a headset (headphones and a microphone). You can download
Skype                     Skype for free from . This program already has millions of users
                          worldwide taking advantage of the free telephone calls it offers. Just give it a try!

                          And now... step by step:

                                  Buy a good headset - preferably one with a USB connection, e.g.
                                   Plantronics, N10687. A good headset is important as a good quality
                                   microphone and headphones ensure that communication is clear, natural
                                   and problem-free.
                                  Download Skype from the internet at  the software is
                                  Install the program
                                  Choose your 'Skype name' - the name that you will use when using
                                   Skype. We recommend that you use both your first name and your
                                  Test that everything is working using the automatic Skype test call.
                                  If you should have a problem installing Skype please feel free to call us

                          How to book a course - tips for preparation and a trouble-free start

How to book               If everything is working okay, book your Online German course . This is easiest via our
                          online calculator. When you do this, you will see the following image:
a course -
tips for
and a
trouble-free                                     ->Link to enrolment for online course

                                                 At the end of the list, choose under "course type" whether you
                                                 would prefer Skype lessons of 45 or 60 minutes. If you're not yet
                                                 sure, book 2 test lessons for  50.

                                                 ->Link to enrolment for online course

                                  Once we have received your payment, we will send you by E-Mail:

        Sprachinstitut TREFF PUNKT, Hauptwachstrae 19, D-96047 Bamberg,,, tel 49(0)951-204404, fax +49(0)951-204474
                                        1. a course confirmation and receipt of payment
                                        2. a placement test
                                        3. the contact details of your online teacher, i.e. their Skype name and
                                            email address.
                                        4. Please note that all our online teachers also work as German teachers
                                            at the well-known TREFFPUNKT Language Institute in Bamberg.
                                 In order for you to register, we require the following information from you:
                                        1. the number of lessons you would like
                                        2. whether you would prefer 45 or 60 minute lessons
                                        3. your preference for day and time e.g. Tuesday from 9:15 to 10:00 (45
                                            minutes) and Thursday from 19:30 to 20.15 (45 minutes)
                                        4. your Skype name and your telephone number
                                        5. the completed placement test
                                        6. your ideas for what you want to train, improve and learn. The more
                                            information you give us, the better we can prepare for the class.
                                            Generally speaking the classes are a mix of speaking, listening, some
                                            exercise work and extension of your vocabulary. However, you can
                                            decide what the focus should be and which areas you need to train the
                                 Please take any time difference between your country and Germany into
                                  account. We offer instruction between 7:30 am and 9:30 pm.
                                 Your trainer will send you an email to arrange a time with you for your first Skype
                                 If you would like to continue with the Skype instruction after the initial 2 test
                                  sessions, book a package of 10 to 50 teaching hours using our Online-Calculator
                                      . The more hours you book in advance, the bigger the discount we offer.

                         As an alternative to our online-calculator, you can also register by downloading and
                         completing our Enrolment Form and sending it to us by E-mail, Fax (+49-951-204474)
                         or post. You can find our address in the masthead. Please note:
                         The payment can be made online via either or
                         Please make the payment to the email account
                         Alternatively the money can be transferred directly to the following bank account:

                                      o    account holder = Alexandra von Rohr, Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT
                                      o    name of bank = Deutsche Bank PGK AG
                                      o    address of bank = Lange Strasse 37, D-96047 Bamberg
                                      o    BIC = DEUT DE DB 762
                                      o    IBAN = DE65 7607 0024 0808 8833 00

                         If you should have any further questions, we would be happy to answer these by phone
                         +49 951 204404, via Skype or by E-Mail

                         We look forward to teaching you soon!

Course content for       You practise...
online learning             Listening and therefore lose your fear of telephoning
                            Speaking, to express yourself clearly and articulately
                            Writing, so that problems with emails and reports are a thing of the past
                         The goal is ...
                             to improve pronunciation

       Sprachinstitut TREFF PUNKT, Hauptwachstrae 19, D-96047 Bamberg,,, tel 49(0)951-204404, fax +49(0)951-204474
                               to be flexible with your time
                               to learn continuously
                               to use the little time that you have to best advantage
                               to acquire certainty when writing mails

Content                 General language course
                        The overriding aim of this course is to offer you certainty in your spoken German
                        pronunciation and listening comprehension will form a part of this, depending on your
                        particular linguistic goals. At the same time you will broaden and consolidate your
                        With this course it can be practical to work with a course book. You then have the option
                        of continuing to learn with this book during an intensive course at the language institute if
                        you wish to.
                        Business course  here we concentrate on...
                             acquiring certainty when speaking, regardless of the situation
                             the ability to react quickly and appropriately
                             phrases and figures of speech
                             small talk
                             linguistically holding your own in meetings
                             mastering presentations
                             successfully leading negotiations in German
                             learning to write E-Mails and reports without mistakes
                            The better you speak German, the more persuasive you will be in your business life

                        Recognized textbooks together with current teaching material from the internet and self-
Course material
                        produced material ensure varied and up to date teaching.
                              learn with well established text books
                              or with free material selected by the teacher from the internet according
                               to your needs. This way the material is guaranteed to always up to date.
                              or use a combination of the two.
                        The use of appropriate course materials is something you should discuss with your
                        teacher after ca. 2 to 3 sessions.

Advantages              Obvious advantages of online learning include:
                             intensive and focused learning by phone
                             chance to record each session, enabling unlimited repetition and review (Pamela
                                speaking and listening tested simultaneously and intensively
                                a real learning situation, on the telephone and at the computer
                                no need to travel - saves both time and money
                                more flexibility regarding course time - any time between 7:30 and 21:30

      Sprachinstitut TREFF PUNKT, Hauptwachstrae 19, D-96047 Bamberg,,, tel 49(0)951-204404, fax +49(0)951-204474
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