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GES | 2013 Essential Information

      12 October, Atlantic Hotel Kiel, Germany

Global Economic
Redefining Success

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                                                                        GES 2013: Welcome Addresses

Welcome to the Global Economic Symposium (GES), whose central theme this year is "redefining suc-
cess." In the face of proliferating global problems, a central challenge of the world community is to define
success with a view to tackling these problems. In particular, our notions of success should promote the
transnational and transcultural cooperation that is required for global problem-solving. They should help
us find ways toward a fair and sustainable prosperity for the human community and, beyond that, for all
living things.
We hope that this GES will inspire you to think out of the box, to come up with novel solution proposals
and to engage in initiatives that put your problem-solving ideas into practice. We hope that the GES will
become a catalyst for change, encouraging you to engage with us on an ongoing basis in building a better
                                                                                            Dennis J. Snower
                                                              Director, Global Economic Symposium (GES)
                                                            President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy

                                                                                           Alessio J.G. Brown
                                                   Executive Director, Global Economic Symposium (GES)
                                                                       Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Keen thinkers, major decision-makers, and distinguished researchers meet face-to-face every year at
the Global Economic Symposium. Increasingly, also an online community gets involved and participates
in different ways to conjointly develop solutions to problems with a global relevance, this year especially
focused on the overall topic of "Redefining Success."
To embrace new ways in seeking global solutions and to connect the GES with the immense poten-
tial residing in the Social Web, ZBW--the world's largest information center for economic literature--is
responsible for the GES' social media and web activities which essentially include the official GES Blog,
the GES appearances on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as the so called "Open Solution." The
Open Solution has first been introduced in 2012 as a new instrument for linking the GES with virtual
communities on the Web. The Open Solution is a nonscientific, open-access platform connecting innova-
tive individuals with international scientists, business leaders and decision-makers in an interactive way.
It opens up opportunities to suggest and discuss solutions--this year for the topic "The New Economy
of Nature." This process of creating solutions is supported by providing direct access to ZBW's virtual
library called EconBiz Open ( which includes around 1 million open access online
documents in business and economics literature. All contributions for this year's Open Solution topic were
judged by an international jury. The contributor of the best idea has been awarded with a ticket to the
Global Economic Symposium 2013 to further enhance the dialogue at the symposium.
The Global Economic Symposium managed to attract an accumulated 12,000+ fans and followers on its
social media channels. We are very happy to see the community grow constantly and contribute actively
to the GES. The topics of the GES 2012 were able to reach more than 130,000 individual Twitter accounts
gaining over 1.2 million impressions within the two days of the symposium.
As in 2012, also at this year's symposium social media will play an important role to open up the discourse
and to spread approaches and findings, where appropriate. The aim of all the social media activities is
to synergetically complement the "physical" GES community and to establish a continuum between the
annual symposia. The vision is to establish a sustainable network via the Social Web and to continue the
integration of innovative citizens for identifying solutions together.
Therefore, I wish all the participants of the GES--"offline" in Kiel as well as online via the different social
media channels--fruitful dialogues and discussions around solution-oriented ideas for the world's most
pressing challenges!
                                                                                          Klaus Tochtermann
                                                    Director, ZBW-Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

The Kiel Institute is one of the major
centers for

    Research in global economic affairs,
    economic policy Advice and
    economic Education

The Institute regards research into potentially innovative solu-
tions to urgent problems of the world economy as its main task.
On the basis of this research work, it advises decision-takers in
politics, the economy and society, and keeps the interested pub-
lic informed on important matters of economic policy.

As a portal to world economic research, it manages a broadly
cast network of national and international experts, whose re-
search work flows directly or indirectly into the Kiel Institute's
research and advisory activities.

The Kiel Institute attaches particular value to economic educa-
tion and further training and closely cooperates with the world's
largest library in the economic and social sciences.
The whole
world of
ZBW  Web 2.0 Expert and Knowledge
Partner for the GES

             Leibniz Information Centre
             for Economics
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