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Officer RECORD
The following information is gouge on how to keep your record up-to-speed. The blue links
go to the NPC website. All these items are handled by different offices, so do not wait.
Start getting your ship in order NOW!

BUPERS ONLINE (BOL) /Official Military Personnel File (OMPF)  Formerly called WEB
To access your Officer Data Card (ODC), Officer Summary Record (OSR), Performance Summary Report (PSR) online, log in at From here you can view your ODC, OSR and PSR by clicking on the "ODC, OSR, PSR, ESR" tab. Navigation
hint: If you left click on the information block (blue "I") next to each item, a separate window will open that explains that block. If
you experience problems accessing these items online contact the BUPERS help desk at (800) 951-NAVY. Reserve officers not on
active duty must contact PERS-9 at 866-827-5672 to update their information through completion/update of the Naval Reserve
Qualifications Questionnaire (NRQQ)

Orders - The primary method of viewing/receiving/printing orders is via BOL. NPC releases most orders between 90-120 days from
the officer's transfer date.

Tour Length  Orders are written based on tour lengths defined in MILPERSMAN 1300-110. Although PERS can move officers early
based on the needs of the Navy, officers should expect to execute orders for the tour length stated in their orders.

OMPF (CDROM / WERR) Image Documents - OMPF provides a secure and efficient method for you to access and review your
image record 24/7 and is the preferred method of obtaining OMPF information and correcting your records (see Corrections below)
vice ordering on CDROM. The name WERR has been dropped and OMPF is now the primary term. Active duty USN and USNR
drilling Reservists should use OMPF to view/get copies of their OMPF record. Ordering a CD should only be done for retaining a
copy. See NAVADMIN 011/09 for details.

- To correct documents in your OMPF record (and CDROM) see NPC webpage's Corrections and Submissions, Document
Submission, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Contact Us.

Updates or corrections to your ODC are done through the appropriate PERS code at Navy Personnel Command, or by the Navy
Standard Integrated Pay/Personnel System (NSIPS), depending on the block of the ODC that requires update or change. The list of
who to contact by ODC block number is located in Appendix E of NAVPERS 15839I, Volume II (called the NOOCS manual).

Change requests to the OSR are done by requesting changes to the ODC (you cannot update the OSR, you must make change
requests to the ODC; updates/corrections to your ODC will automatically reflect on your OSR). Most changes or additions to the
ODC that need to be reflected on the OSR involve academic degrees, service schools, personal decorations (awards) and special
qualifications (AQDs). Contacts and guidance on updating the ODC can be found in here. For questions regarding other blocks of
the OSR, contact your detailer.

The current database systems do not enable reservists to see the ODC. They only have access to the OSR. The NAVPERS manual
referenced above (Vol II) can still be used to help track down POC's, but the OSR does not have numbered blocks.

Only service schools (courses) listed in the Appendix C of NAVPERS 15839I, Volume II (called the NOOCS manual) may be added to
the ODC/OSR; service schools not listed cannot be added to your ODC. The community manager will determine if the school needs
to be added and they will work with PERS-341 to make this addition. Not all courses are listed on the ODC. Course completions
are generally limited to those which are of substantial assistance in detailing and planning functions within the Bureau of Naval
Personnel. Many significant courses are purposely omitted because they are basic to officer professional development, or because
the utilization of the training is the responsibility of the graduate's subsequent commanding officer. Team, refresher,
indoctrination, orientation and most fleet training are omitted for the foregoing reasons. If you feel a service school should be
added to the Officer Manual, you will need to contact your community manager.

To add a service school into the ODC, the three digit service school code, course abbreviation, completion date and duration
(weeks, or "cc" if correspondence course) is required. The course completion certificate must be sent to NSIPS for the course to be
entered on your ODC/OSR. Submit either by fax (504-697-0342, DSN 647-0342), or scan and email (WORD or PDF format) to NSIPS can also be reached through the 24-hour toll-free Help Line at 877-589-5991. As a last resort,
you can send the documents via regular mail through the U.S. Postal Service to: NSIPS CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER, CDM


NSIPS is only for active duty. PERS-9 adds service schools for the reserves:

NRQQ Page:

Other Contact Info:

To add academic degrees to the ODC/OSR, refer to Education Codes in Appendix D of NAVPERS 15839I, Volume II. This appendix
shows a listing of Institution (College/University) abbreviations, major fields of study, etc.

To have your formal education updated, sealed transcripts directly from the university must be sent to PERS-45E: Navy Personnel
Command, PERS-45E, 5720 Integrity Dr., Millington, TN 38055-4500. If transcripts are not available, contact PERS-45E for guidance
at (901) 874-4946/4992.

Transcripts will be sent from PERS-45E to PERS-313 after the ODC/OSR updates are made to be scanned into your Official Military
Personnel File (OMPF), which you can access via BOL.

It will take approximately 1 week after additions/changes to view in the ODC/OSR. It will take approximately 45-60 days to see the
transcript scanned into the OMPF.

There is normally a two to three-month lag time for fitness reports to appear in your record. The reporting senior's cumulative
average takes up to three months to appear on your PSR. Fitness reports will appear on your PSR first and then on your microfiche
 now OMPF. Reports for officers in zone for a selection board get priority for processing. If you are missing a fitness report
(more than 6 months old) on your PSR or on your CDROM/OMPF, have an error on your PSR regarding a fitness report, or have any
question about fitness reports, contact PERS-32 customer service at (901) 874-4881/4882/3313 (DSN 882).

Sending duplicate reports compounds the processing problem, so it is best to call and check on the report first. If a fitness report is
missing from your record, you may have to send a copy signed by the member and the reporting senior to: Bureau of Naval
Personnel, PERS 32, 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055-3110, AFTER contacting PERS-311D to ensure that they have not
already received the report.

Of note: Requests for administrative changes to submitted fitness reports can be requested by letter to PERS-32 (address above);
members can request corrections of obvious errors to blocks 1-19 and blocks 21 to 27 by submitting a letter requesting the
corrections to PERS-32. Changes to other blocks on the fitrep must be requested by the reporting senior that signed the original
Information and regulations concerning awards is contained in SECNAVINST 1650.1H. The CNO Awards Office established and
maintains the Navy Department Awards Web Services (NDAWS) as the single authoritative data base for all Military Decorations as
specified by the Secretary of the Navy. All awards entered into the NDAWS data base are exported to the BUPERS Mainframe for
updating pertinent personnel records. To ensure accurate, complete, and synchronized awards data between NDAWS and the
personnel records, awards data should only be entered into NDAWS (this only applies to Navy Achievement Medals or higher).
NAVADMIN 177/04 refers.

A member can check what awards they have in NDAWS by going to the NDAWS public website:

To search for awards using a Social Security Number (SSN), enter data on the screen and click on [Search] in the upper right corner.
If the individual has changed their last name, a separate query by last name will be required. NDAWS does not consolidate awards
upon name change.

DO NOT e-mail or snail-mail your awards to the CNO Awards Office in Washington DC office, unless your command is a direct report
to SECNAV or CNO and does not have NDAWS access.

Verification: If the member's commanding officer is unable to verify medals and ribbons eligibility, send a written request to:

MILLINGTON, TN 38055-3120

Your NDAWS Authority

Every sailor (officer/enlisted) has an NDAWS Authority. If you do not know who your NDAWS authority is please contact the Navy
support office (i.e. PSD, CSD, NOSC) that handles your pay/personnel matters  their NDAWS Authority will also be your NDAWS

You can contact your NDAWS Authority directly using the "NDAWS Authorities" listing that is located under NDAWS HOME or via
your support office.

Your NDAWS Authority can also correct your NDAWS record of errors recorded into the NDAWS system when you were assigned to
a previous command. NPC does not correct your NDAWS record.

If you are having problems with your NDAWS Authority please contact the CNO Awards Office at

Reconciling and Updating Your Awards

        Service Awards

Copies of service record entries (NAVPERS 1070/604; NAVPERS 1070/613; or NAVPERS 1070/880) that document a member's
entitlement or eligibility to wear unit awards, campaign and service medals, non-military U.S. decorations, non-military service
awards, foreign military decorations, and marksmanship awards will be filed in your OMPF record.

Information from Service award documentation is also recorded into your data record (ESR, etc.). The award documentation
(certificates/write-up's) does not go to NPC for filing in the OMPF record.

Certificates or Letters of Appreciation/Commendation (LOA's / LOC's) are not scanned to the OMPF record, they are
recorded/updated in the same manner as service awards above.

Service awards do not go in the NDAWS system, see NDAWS FAQ section for further information.

To update your service awards records (NAVPERS form, or ESR), please contact your Personnel Office.

        Personal Awards

If your personal award records (ESR/NDAWS/OMPF/PSR) do not agree with each other, there are several steps involved with
getting them matched up and or updated.

If you are trying to correct an award that was issued incorrectly (i.e. spelling errors, wrong award number) you must contact the
command that authorized the award. Once the command sends you the corrected award, submit a quality copy to PERS-313 for
replacing the one already in your record.

         How to Reconcile Your Awards

To reconcile your awards follow the steps below in order:

Step 1: Is the award listed in NDAWS?

         Yes. Go To Step 3; Check Your Online Record (ESR, OSR, PSR)
         No. Do The Following:

 Make a good quality black and white copy of your missing award certificate (the one with the embossed, color picture of the
award). (Note: home printers/copiers do not copy well, if the result is poor, letters are light; fuzzy you will need to use a
professional copier  see your Personnel Office/PSD).  Write your full SSN at the top left-hand corner of each copy you are
sending.  If your award is a Meritorious Service Medal or higher (excluding the Purple Heart), then you must also submit the
citation that came with the certificate. The citation usually has 18-22 lines of text.  Send the copies of your certificates/citations to
your NDAWS Authority. See "Your NDAWS Authority" above.  NDAWS will update the other electronic systems (ESR, ETJ, OSR,
PSR) in approximately 1-2 weeks.

Step 2: Is the "NDAWS Search Results Listing" correct?

         Yes. Go To Step 3; Check Your Online Record (ESR, OSR, PSR)
         No. Do The Following:

If you have duplicate entries, entries that do not belong, or questions about the NDAWS Search Results Listing, you must contact
your NDAWS Authority, see "Your NDAWS Authority" above.

Step 3: Is the award listed in the Online Record (ESR, OSR, PSR)?

         Yes. Next, check your OMPF record (image) (CDROM; WERR) (Step 4)
         No. Do The Following: (This only applies if the award is in NDAWS but not in your PSR/OSR)

 Ensure your full SSN is at the top left-hand corner and write "In NDAWS but not in OSR/PSR" at the top. Also include a phone
number/email address where you can be reached.  Fax your missing award to PERS-312A at (901) 874-2001.  See Important
Notes below.

Step 4: Is the award listed in your OMPF record (CDROM; WERR)?

         Yes. No Further Action
         No. Do The Following:

Mail a legible, clean copy of the signed citation, with your full SSN printed in the upper left hand corner, to PERS-313, no cover
letter is required. Note, if the award was recently added into NDAWS (within the past 14 months) do not mail.

Important Notes:

NDAWS will update the other electronic systems (PSR,ESR,OSR,ETJ) in approximately 1-2 weeks.

When submitting awards to the NDAWS authority or PERS-312 for updating your online record only (the award is already in your
OMPF record) annotate in the upper left corner "For Data Entry Only (NDAWS/PSR)  Do Not Scan to Record". Without this
statement the NDAWS authority or PERS-312 will submit the document to PERS-313 for filing and you will then have a duplicate
award in your OMPF record.

Award documents for filing to the OMPF record must be mailed in, as they do not scan well.

If you are only correcting NDAWS or PSR/OSR, then you may fax the document(s) to the appropriate agency for action, just ensure
that it is annotated "For Data Entry Only (NDAWS/PSR)  Do Not Scan to Record".
Your respective detailer manages/assigns AQDs. To request an AQD referred in Appendix D of NAVPERS 15839I, Volume II (called
the NOOCS manual), contact your detailer (via e-mail/phone) for guidance on required documentation, qualifications and the
overall process. AQDs will only be assigned/awarded after a record review, or after the appropriate documentation submitted, to
determine that eligibility requirements have been met.

JPME and IA AQDs will be awarded by specific PERS codes upon completion. If you see a discrepancy on your ODC, contact your
detailer for guidance on correcting.

Joint Professional Military Education (JPME)
Joint Officer Management (PERS-45J) tracks and documents joint qualifications and progress towards Joint Qualified Officer (JQO)
designation. Obtaining JPME can enhance your opportunity for selection and promotion. The website for JPME answers joint
questions. PERS45J may be contacted at the above link  phone/email addresses provided.

Subspecs have two tracks: Education and Experience.

Education: If you recently completed a Master's degree, PhD, board certification, or other advanced training, you may need to
update the subspecialty code accordingly. This is a normal part of submitting the transcript. Your detailer is unable to award or
update your subspecialty code; it MUST be requested through PERS-45E. Contact for further info:

Experience: If you served in a billet that meets the Core/Skill/Requirements, you may earn the subspec code through submission of
a package to the fleet subject matter expert. PERS-45E collects and staffs these packages. Contact for more info:

The website with all the details on subspecs:

Each officer community has unique needs for Acquisition Corps members. Questions regarding future assignments in an acquisition
position should be directed to your community manager or detailer. PERS-447 does not assign officers to acquisition assignments.
They do assign AQDs upon completion of certification. Contact PERS-447: to update completed

The website with all the details on Acquisitions PERS-447 can help answer questions.

Photographs are required of all active duty and reserve officers, regardless of status, within three months of each promotion;
photographs are now required in COLOR and are scanned and entered into the record in color. MILPERSMAN 1070-180 outlines
the uniform requirements for the photograph, and includes a link to NAVPERS form 1070/884 (04-07); this form is the correct form
on which to submit photographs. Attach the photograph to this form, sign and date the form, and mail to: Navy Personnel
Command, PERS-312C, 5120 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055-3120.

To verify a current COLOR photograph has been entered into the permanent record, log into OMPF via BOL. Also, be sure and sign
the bottom of the form.

All requests must be submitted 9-12 months prior to your current PRD and endorsed by the current chain of command.
Community, command and placement needs will be considered along with the officer's desires when determining approval of
requests. A sample letter can be found here.

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