Houston Community College System Cosmetology Program

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Houston Community College System
Cosmetology Instructor Program
CSME 2514
               Houston Community College System
                     Cosmetology Program

CSME 2514 Cosmetology Instructor 11
(3 lecture, 5 lab) (128 contact hours)

Course Description:
A continuation of the fundamentals of instructing cosmetology
This course is a combination of lecture and lab (128 contact hours).

Course Focus:
The focus of this course is to develop in the student the methods of
teaching cosmetology operator skills in a classroom and lab

End of Course Outcomes: Demonstrate effective classroom/clinic
management and implement teaching methodologies and lesson plans.

External accreditation standard is a passing score of 70% on state
licensing examination administered by Texas Department of Licensing
and Regulation.

Academic Prerequisites
College ready reading and writing
Score a minimum of 81 on COMPASS or 41 on ASSET

Proof of high school diploma or GED
Current Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation     operator's
3 years recent experience in a licensed hair salon
CSME 1534
CSME 1535

Course Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course the student will:
     A.    Demonstrate proper classroom and clinic management

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Houston Community College System
Cosmetology Instructor Program
CSME 2514
        B.     Implement teaching methodologies.
        C.     Implement daily skill lesson plans.
        D.     Supervise students on the clinic floor in a teaching

SCANS Matrix
A. Three Part Foundation                                                        Yes   No
Basic Skills  Reads, writes, performs arithmetic and mathematical
Listens and speaks
Thinking Skills  Thinks creatively, makes decisions, solves problems,
Knows how to learn and reasons
Personal Qualities  Displays responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, self-
And integrity and honesty
B. Five Workplace Competencies
Resources  Identifies, organizes, plans and allocates resources
Interpersonal  Works with others
Information  Acquires and uses information
Systems  Understands complex inter-relationships
Technology  Works with a variety of technologies

Student Learning Outcomes:

        1. The student will use the methods learned in class to supervise
           the cosmetology classroom under the mentorship of a
           licensed instructor. Student will present a theory lesson
           assigned by the instructor of no less than 10 minutes or more
           that 20 minutes.
        2. Given the guidelines for efficient operation of a cosmetology
           clinic, the student will use the methods learned in class to
           supervise students on the clinic floor, performing services for
           clients. Performance will be satisfactory if the observable
           behavior and ethics of the student are consistent with the
           guidelines given and the clinic is operating efficiently and
           consistent with departmental policies.
        3. Given the guidelines for appropriate, professional demeanor
           expected of an instructor, the student will demonstrate
           appropriate behavior skills in dealing with students and clients
           in the cosmetology lab. I. Performance will be satisfactory if
           the observable behavior of the student is consistent with the
           guidelines given, ethical and professional.

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Houston Community College System
Cosmetology Instructor Program
CSME 2514

Text and References:
T.D.L.R.   General Rules and Regulations

Milady's Master Educator Student Course Book
Milady's Master Educator Workbook
T=Y&itm=1The Adult Learner                Malcolm S. Knowles, Ph.D., Richard A.
Swanson, Malcolm Knowles Gulf Publishing

Students enrolled in this course are expected to participate fully in and
complete all the lab exercises assigned to them. They are required to
read all assignments, follow instructions and be ready to participate in
class projects. Sanitation and safety precautions should be strictly
adhered to. Failure to complete all lab assignments will result in
a reduction of the semester grade.

Students enrolled in the instructor candidate program are expected to
be self-motivated adult learners and stay on task at all times.
Instructor candidates are not to fraternize with the student body and
refrain from causing chaos and confusion for the instructors.
Candidates must dress in a professional manner in accordance with
department dress code and wear a clean lab jacket at all times.

Students with Disabilities: Any student with a documented
disability (e.g. physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing,
etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must
contact the Disability Services Office at the respective college at
the beginning of each semester.

Academic Honesty: All Houston Community College System
students are required to exercise academic honesty in
completion of all tests and assignments. Penalties for academic
dishonesty (cheating on a test, plagiarism, collusion on an
assignment, etc.) may include, but are not limited to a reduced
grade or a "0" on that test or assignment, a "W" in the course,
or an "F" in that course.

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Houston Community College System
Cosmetology Instructor Program
CSME 2514


       You may be dropped from a course after accumulating absences
in     excess of 12/5 percent of the total hours of instruction (lecture
and lab). Example:
       For a three credit-hour class meeting three hours per week (48
hours of instruction), you can be dropped after six hours of absence.
For a four credit hour lecture/lab course meeting six hours per week
(96 hours of instruction) you can be dropped after 12 hours of
Departments and programs governed by accreditation or certification
standards may have different attendance policies. Administrative
drops are at the discretion of the instructor. Failure to withdraw
officially may result in a grad of F for the course.


Assessment of Student Competencies
     a.  Practical examination
     b.  Written examinations
     c.  Weekly progress achievements
     d.  Individual of group projects
     e.  Situational observation by the instructor (i.e.
         attendance, ethics, conduct)

Grade Determination:
Lesson plans and student projects            15%
Attendance                                   20%
Classroom management skills                  25%
Management skills                            25%
Final Exam                                   15%
Total                                        100%

Grade Range:

               A       (90-99/Excellent) 4
               B       (80-89/Good)          3

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Houston Community College System
Cosmetology Instructor Program
CSME 2514
               C       (70-79/Fair)        2
               D       (60-69/Passing) 1
               F       (Failing        0
               W       (Withdrawn)         0
               I       (Incomplete)        0

Testing will be at the completion of each unit or at the discretion of the
instructor depending of progression of the class through the required
Make-up policy:
There will be no make -up for unit exams. Mid-term or final make-up
will be permitted only if the student informs the instructor in
advance. It is the personal responsibility of the student to
make arrangements to take the test no latter than 3 days after
the original test was missed.

Projects, Assignments, Portfolios, Service Learning,
Internships, etc.
Students will be required to prepare a portfolio of information (theory)
lesson plans including evaluations. A research topic will be assigned
and a research paper of no less than 5 double-spaced typed pages
with references will be due at mid-semester. This paper will be
presented orally in class as well. Students will be asked to participate
in one service- learning project during the semester. A reflection
paper will be required from each student after the service- learning
project is completed.

Course Content
Topics covered in this course include:
      1. Understanding the basic role of effective management skills in
         attaining student success.
      2. Basic standards for the effective operation of a cosmetology
      3. Supervision skills
      4. Classroom management and presentation skills
      5. Crisis management skills

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