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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION                      
Business Communication                                           Text/Workbook Format: The convenient text/workbook
                                                                  format presents an all-in-one teaching-learning package
                                                                  that includes concepts, workbook application exercises,
Essentials of Business                                            writing problems, and a combination
                                                                  handbook/reference manual. Learners work with and
Communication, 6e                                                 purchase only one volume for efficient, economical
Mary Ellen Guffey, Los Angeles Pierce College                     instruction.
4-Color, 448 pp., 2004                                           Expanded Coverage of Career Skills: Special workshop
ISBN: 0-324-18535-9                                               discussions focus on developing career skills that
                                                                  students need to succeed, such as using ethical tools,
                                                                  working collaboratively, observing business etiquette,
This text-workbook is a streamlined,                              resolving workplace conflicts, and conducting online job
no-nonsense approach to business                                  searches.
communication. It takes a three-in-one approach: (1)             Student Web Site: This is the first text to offer Internet
text, (2) practical workbook, and (3) self-teaching               resources for the student. Users will find interactive
grammar/mechanics handbook. The chapters reinforce                chapter reviews, interactive skill builders, Internet
basic writing skills, then apply these skills to a variety of     resources, and PowerPoint presentation slides at
memos, letters, reports, and resumes. This new edition  
features increased coverage of contemporary business             Newsletter and Complimentary Teaching Resources: All

                                                                                                                                      BUSINESS COMMUNICATION/BUSINESS ENGLISH
communication issues including oral communication,                adopters receive a free subscription to our semi-annual
electronic forms of communication, diversity and ethics.          newsletter "Business Communication News." It
 NEW! Before-and-After Documents: Updated for the 6th            highlights current issues and news of interest in the
  edition, the documents demonstrate effective writing            business communication course and contains offers for
  and formatting techniques.                                      complimentary teaching materials that may be ordered
                                                                  directly from the author.
 NEW! More Email Coverage: Completely enhanced
  coverage of email includes new coverage of the dangers        Supplements
  of e-mail, when to use e-mail and when to send hard-          Annotated Instructor's Edition,
  copy memos, and extensive new problems on timely              Essentials of Business Communication                0-324-19156-1
  topics such as car phone safety, workplace violence,          Instructor's Manual with Test Bank and
  unwanted e-mail, time management, smoking bans,               Solution Transparency Masters                       0-324-19153-7
  USPS electronic postmark, and FICO credit rating scores.      Instructor's Resource CD-ROM                        0-324-19157-X
 NEW! Interpersonal Skills: New Chapter 11,                    Bridging the Gap Video Series                       0-324-11460-5
  "Communicating in Person, by Telephone, and in
                                                                BusinessLink Video Case Studies for
  Meetings", provides in-depth coverage of key                  Business Communication                              0-324-01364-7
  interpersonal skills so students are equipped with the
                                                                ExamView Testing Software                           0-324-19158-8
  soft skills employers want.
                                                                Transparency Acetates                               0-324-19155-3
 NEW! Oral Communication: Because of the increased
  emphasis by employers, a new chapter on                       WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard                   0-324-19160-X
  communication in person, by telephone, and in                 WebTutor Advantage for WebCT                        0-324-19159-6
  meetings has been added to the 6th edition.                   WebTutor ToolBox for Blackboard                     0-534-27489-7
 NEW! Student CD-ROM: This CD-ROM, packaged with               WebTutor ToolBox for WebCT                          0-534-27488-9
  each new copy of the 6th edition, provides easy access
  to a number of valuable resources, including documents        Table of Contents
  for revision, PowerPoint slides, Web links, and              UNIT 1: LAYING COMMUNICATION FOUNDATIONS. 1. Facing Today's
                                                                Communication Challenges. UNIT 2: THE WRITING PROCESS.
  Advanced Grammar Mechanics activities.                        2. Writing for Business Audiences. 3. Improving Writing Techniques.
 NEW! Technology Coverage: New coverage on email,              4. Revising and Proofreading Business Messages. UNIT 3:
  Internet research, and electronic presentations reflects      CORRESPONDING AT WORK. 5. E-Mail and Memorandums. 6. Routine
                                                                Letters and Goodwill Messages. 7. Persuasive Messages. 8. Negative
  the greater emphasis in the business world on                 Messages. UNIT 4: REPORTING WORKPLACE DATA. 9. Informal
  technology enhanced communication.                            Reports. 10. Proposals and Formal Reports. UNIT 5: DEVELOPING
 NEW! New Video Case Studies: A set of exciting videos,        SPEAKING SKILLS. 11. Communicating in Person, by Telephone, and
  each about 8 minutes long, bridges the gap between            in Meetings. 12. Making Oral Presentations. UNIT 6: COMMUNICATING
                                                                FOR EMPLOYMENT. 13. The Job Search, Rsums, and Job
  textbook and the real world with case studies of such         Application Letters. 14. Employment Interviewing and Follow-Up
  companies as Hudson's, Ben & Jerry's, Yahoo!, and             Messages. Appendix A. Reference Guide to Document Formats.
  World Gym.                                                    Appendix B. Correction Symbols and Proofreading Marks. Appendix
                                                                C. Documentation Formats.

                                                  To Order: 1-800-477-3692                                                     21
                                           BUSINESS COMMUNICATION
                                          Business Communication:                                             on the very successful Communication by Objectives
                                                                                                              (CBO) approach to communication. This three-step
                                          Process and Product, 4e                                             approach emphasizes an easy-to-use process to achieve
                                          Mary Ellen Guffey, Los Angeles Pierce College                       successful communication in today's workplace. With
                                          4-Color, 672 pp., 2003                                              updated and expanded chapters on inter-cultural
                                          ISBN: 0-324-16393-2                                                 communication, technology, and real-world opening
                                                                                                              vignettes the Tenth Edition will engage your students in
                                                                             the learning process.
                                          Business Communication: Process and                                 Supplements
                                          Product takes students through a well-                              Annotated Instructor's Edition with
                                          developed, consistently applied process approach to                 Student CD-ROM and InfoTrac College Edition        0-324-27272-3
                                          communication and combines it with integrated, hands-               Instructor's Resource CD-ROM
                                          on application of current and emerging business                     (includes PPT, TB, & IM)                           0-324-27273-1
                                          technologies. Students learn a process for solving future           WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard                  0-324-27275-8
                                          communication problems, and how to use Internet and
                                                                                                              WebTutor Advantage for WebCT                       0-324-27276-6
                                          electronic media to deliver their message, resulting in a
                                                                                                              WebTutor ToolBox for Blackboard                    0-534-27489-7
                                          tangible communication strategy they can use throughout
                                          their careers. In addition, the text provides ample products        WebTutor ToolBox for WebCT                         0-534-27488-9
                                          of that process in the form of business document examples.

                                                                                                              Table of Contents
                                                                                                              PART ONE: PRINCIPLES OF COMMUNICATION. 1. Partners for
                                          Supplements                                                         Effective Communication. 2. The Six Cs of Effective Messages.
                                          Instructor's Manual                                0-324-11453-2    3. The Communication-by-Objectives Approach. 4. Electronic
                                          Instructor's Resource CD-ROM                       0-324-11458-3    Communication and Technology. PART TWO: EFFECTIVE MESSAGE
                                                                                                              APPLICATIONS. 5. Good New and Neutral Messages. 6. Bad News
                                          Test Bank                                          0-324-11455-9    Messages. 7. Persuasive Messages. 8. Employment Search
                                          ExamView Testing Software                          0-324-11457-5    Communication. 9. Applications, Interviews, and Follow-Up
                                                                                                              Messages. 10. Oral/Spoken Presentations. 11. Written Reports and
                                          Study Guide                                        0-324-11454-0    Instructions.
                                          Transparency Acetates                              0-324-11456-7
                                          Bridging the Gap Video Series                      0-324-11460-5                Business Communication, 6e
                                          WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard                  0-324-11461-3
                                                                                                              A.C. "Buddy" Krizan,
                                          WebTutor Advantage for WebCT                       0-324-11459-1
                                                                                                                Murray State University
                                          Table of Contents                                                   Patricia Merrier,
                                          UNIT 1: COMMUNICATION FOUNDATIONS. 1. Communicating at Work.          University of Minnesota-Duluth
                                          2. Communicating in Groups and Teams. 3. Listening and Nonverbal    Carol Larson Jones,
                                          Communication. 4. Communicating Across Cultures. UNIT 2: THE          California State Polytechnic University
                                          WRITING PROCESS. 5. Preparing to Write Business Messages.           4-Color, 665 pp., 2005
                                          6. Organizing and Writing Business Messages. 7. Revising Business
                                          Messages. UNIT 3: BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE. 8. Routine E-mail        ISBN: 0-324-27225-1
                                          Messages and Memos. 9. Routine Letters and Goodwill Messages.   
                                          10. Persuasive and Sales Messages. 11. Negative Messages. UNIT 4:
                                          REPORTS AND PROPOSALS. 12. Report Planning, Research, and
                                          Uses. 13. Report Organization and Presentation. 14. Proposals       Business Communication, 6th Edition, presents basic
                                          and Formal Reports. UNIT 5: PRESENTATIONS. 15. Speaking Skills.     business communication fundamentals by using practical
                                          16. Employment Communication.                                       applications. It is designed to assist students in achieving
                                                                                                              academic and career success through the development of
                                                        Effective Communication                               excellent communication skills. In depth discussion of
                                                                                                              current communication topics include: workplace
                                                        for Colleges, 10e                                     diversity, electronic technology, correspondence
                                          Clarice Pennebaker Brantley,                                        applications, proposals, business plans, special reports,
                                             Innovative Training Team                                         visual aids, teamwork, interpersonal communication,
                                          Michele Goulet Miller                                               listening and nonverbal messages, presentation skills, and
                                          4-Color, 496 pp., 2005                                              employment communication.
                                          ISBN: 0-324-27271-5                                                 Supplements
                                                                      Instructor's Manual                                0-324-27228-6
                                                                                                              Instructor's Resource CD-ROM
                                          The Tenth Edition is thoroughly revised with the most               (IM, TB, ExamView, PP)                             0-324-27232-4
                                          current trends in business communication while focusing

                                                                                         BUSINESS COMMUNICATION                      
Study Guide                                         0-324-27230-8      WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard                   0-324-27263-4
Test Bank                                           0-324-27229-4      WebTutor Advantage for WebCT                        0-324-27264-2
Transparency Acetates                               0-324-27231-6      WebTutor ToolBox for Blackboard                     0-534-27489-7
WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard                   0-324-27234-0      WebTutor ToolBox for WebCT                          0-534-27488-9
WebTutor Advantage for WebCT                        0-324-27235-9
                                                                       Table of Contents
WebTutor ToolBox for Blackboard                     0-534-27489-7
                                                                       PART ONE: COMMUNICATION FOUNDATIONS. 1. Establishing a
WebTutor ToolBox for WebCT                          0-534-27488-9      Framework for Business Communication. 2. Focusing on Interpersonal
                                                                       and Group Communication. PART TWO: COMMUNICATION ANALYSIS.
Table of Contents                                                      3. Planning Spoken and Written Messages. 4. Preparing Spoken and
Communication Foundations. 2. International and Cross-Cultural         ELECTRONIC AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONS. 5. Communicating
Communication. 3. Communication Technologies and Techniques.           Electronically. 6. Delivering Good- and Neutral-News Messages.
PART TWO: DEVELOPING COMMUNICATIONS. 4. Principles of Business         7. Delivering Bad-News Messages. 8. Delivering Persuasive Messages.
Communication. 5. Developing Effective and Ethical Business            PART FOUR: COMMUNICATION THROUGH REPORTS AND BUSINESS
Messages. 6. Interpersonal Communication and Teamwork. PART            PRESENTATIONS. 9. Understanding the Report Process and Research
THREE: CORRESPONDENCE APPLICATIONS. 7. Positive and Neutral            Methods. 10. Managing Data and Using Graphics. 11. Organizing
Messages. 8. Goodwill Messages. 9. Negative Messages.                  and Preparing Reports and Proposals. 12. Designing and Delivering
10. Persuasive Messages. PART FOUR: WRITTEN REPORT APPLICATIONS.       Business Presentations. PART FIVE: COMMUNICATION FOR
11. Business Research and Report Writing. 12. Proposals, Business      EMPLOYMENT. 13. Preparing Resumes and Application Letters.
Plans, and Special Reports. 13. Visual Aids. PART FIVE: ORAL AND       14. Interviewing for a Job and Preparing Employment Messages.
NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION. 14. Listening and Nonverbal Messages.         Appendixes. A. Document Format and Layout Guides. B. Referencing

                                                                                                                                             BUSINESS COMMUNICATION/BUSINESS ENGLISH
15. Oral Communication Essentials. PART SIX: EMPLOYMENT                Styles. C. Language Review and Exercises. D. Grading Symbols and
COMMUNICATION. 16. The Job Search and Resume. 17. Employment           Proofreader's Marks.
Communication and Interviewing. BUSINESS ENGLISH SEMINARS.
A. Parts of Speech. B. Sentence Structure. C. Punctuation. D. Style.
E. Word Usage. APPENDICES. A. Formats of Letters and Memos.                        Basic Letter
B. Documentation Format: APA, MLS. INDEX.
                                                                                   and Memo Writing, 5e
              Business Communication                                   Susan H. VanHuss,
                                                                         University of South Carolina
              with Professional PowerPak
                                                                       1-Color, 256 pp., 2005
              and Teams Handbook, 14e
                                                                       ISBN: 0-538-72783-7
Carol M. Lehman,
  Mississippi State University                                    
Debbie D. DuFrene,
  Stephen F. Austin State University                                   Basic Letter and Memo Writing is an intensive, activity-
4-Color, 720 pp., 2005                                                 oriented text-workbook that shows users how to apply
ISBN: 0-324-27270-7                                                    basic principles of communication to write clear and
                                                                       effective business documents. Through numerous                                     document examples and applications, students master
While continuing a strong tradition of sound writing                   basic skills and apply them in specific real-world business
principles and abundant model documents, this new                      situations. The ideal customer is a high school or
edition of Business Communication integrates spoken,                   postsecondary instructor who wants a focused and
electronic, and written communication situations and                   applications-oriented text.
strategies--the way communication actually occurs in a                  NEW! Instructional material will link to the workplace
dynamic workplace. The digital age demands that our                      more directly.
students communicate expertly through an ever-                          NEW! Internet will be stressed more, especially in the
expanding number of communication options--from                          job search and sending electronic transmissions and
traditional paper documents to e-mail, instant messaging,                attachments.
web communications, voice and wireless technologies,                    NEW! Employment chapter expanded to include
and whatever technology evolves next. You'll see this                    functional resume and scannable resume, follow-up
integrated business strategy applied throughout the text.                documents, and writing for permission for references.
Supplements                                                             Technology and global considerations will be integrated
Instructor's Manual                                 0-324-22137-1        throughout each of the writing strategies presented.
Instructor's Resource CD-ROM                        0-324-27261-8       The Internet job search--web sites, examples of web-
                                                                         friendly resumes, including the scannable resume.
Test Bank                                           0-324-27257-X
                                                                        A section addressing the proper use of electronic
Transparency Acetates                               0-324-27258-8
                                                                         communication, versus paper communication, sending
Building High Performance Teams                     0-324-27259-6        attachments.

                                                      To Order: 1-800-477-3692                                                        23
                                                 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION
                                          Supplements                                                            WebTutor for WebCT (0-538-72531-1
                                          Instructor's Manual                                   0-538-72784-5    WebTutor for Blackboard                             0-538-72582-6
                                          Instructor's Resource CD-Rom                          0-538-72785-3    Words@Work Windows Individual User CD               0-538-69049-6
                                                                                                                 CNN Looks at Diversity in the Workplace
                                          Table of Contents                                                      Video/Discussion Guide Pkg                          0-538-72364-5
                                          1. Style, Process, and Product. 2. Ten Guides for Effective Writing.   Workplace Communication in Action
                                          3. Positive Letters and Memos. 4. Negative Letters and Memos.          Video/Discussion Guide Pkg                          0-538-97703-5
                                          5. Persuasive Letters and Memos. 6. Letter and Memo Reports.
                                          7. Form Letters and Memos. 8. Collaborative and Team Writing.          CNN Career Issues Video/Discussion Guide Pkg.       0-538-72224-X
                                          9. Goodwill and Personal Business Messages. 10. Employment             Exam View (Electronic Testbank CD)
                                          Communications. APPENDICES. A. Address Directory. B. Language          Assessment Software                                 0-538-72325-4
                                          Arts Checklist. C. Language Arts Solutions. D. Evaluation Guide
                                          Assess Each Communication.                                             Instructor's Manual                                 0-538-72326-2
                                                                                                                 Instructor's Manual, Study Guide                    0-538-72356-4
                                                                                                                 Instructor's Resource CD-ROM                        0-538-72324-6
                                          Business Communication:
                                          A Framework for Success                                                Table of Contents
                                                                                                                 1. Communicating in Your Life. 2. Communicating in a Diverse
                                          Dan O'Hair, University of Oklahoma
                                                                                                                 Workplace. 3. Nonverbal Communication. 4. The Writing Process.
                                          James O'Rourke, Notre Dame University                                  5. Writing Memos and E-Mail. 6. Writing Letters to Your Clients and
                                          Mary John O'Hair, University of Oklahoma                               Customers. 7. Researching and Using Information. 8. Developing

                                                                                                                 and Using Graphic and Visual Aids. 9. Writing Routine Reports.
                                          4-Color, 672 pp., 2001                                                 10. Writing Formal Reports. 11. Technical Communication.
                                          ISBN: 0-324-07350-X                                                    12. Presentations and Meetings. 13. Communicating with Customers.
                                                                                                                 14. Employment Communication. 15. Job Application and
                                                                            Interviewing Skills.

                                          Business Communication: A Framework for Success
                                          presents a truly strategic approach to business                        The Basics: Business Communication, 2e.
                                          communication. This text builds on a solid foundation of               Patricia Merrier,
                                          rhetorical and communication theories by including a                     University of Minnesota-Duluth
                                          range of real-company examples that make the theories                  2-Color, 192 pp., 2000
                                          come alive. These innovative methods not only help
                                          students identify the many challenges encountered by                   ISBN: 0-538-72295-9
                                          today's business communicators, but they also foster a            
                                          mastery of communication skills that will carry students
                                          well into their own careers.                                           The Basics of Business Communication
                                                                                                                 focuses on the business communication principles and
                                          Supplements                                                            their written applications. Short, concise content delivers
                                          Instructor's Manual, Test Bank and Video Guide        0-324-01417-1    a thorough approach, with clear-cut examples and
                                                                                                                 exercises to reinforce learning. Use of current technology
                                                                                                                 and the Internet have been incorporated as well as the
                                          Communication for the Workplace                                        SCANS workplace readiness skills. Humor is also added to
                                          Thomas L. Means, Simsboro, LA                                          emphasize key principles and concepts.
                                          4-Color, 535 pp., 2001                                                  Technology activities in every chapter.
                                          ISBN: 0-538-72322-X                                                     New features for self-analysis and personal goal setting.
                                                                                                                  Numerous amount of teamwork activities included.
                                          Communication for the Workplace                                        Instructors Manual                                  0-538-72296-7
                                          connects students with the workplace
                                                                                                                 Words@Work Windows Individual User CD               0-538-69049-6
                                          like no other communications resource on the market.
                                          This text addresses the essential writing, speaking, and               Table of Contents
                                          listening skills needed for success in today's workplace.              1. Understanding the Communication Process. 2. Planning Written
                                          This is a basic level business communication text.                     Business Messages. 3. Developing Business Messages. 4. Writing
                                                                                                                 Positive and Neutral News Messages. 5. Writing Bad News Messages.
                                          Supplements                                                            6. Writing Persuasive Messages. 7. Writing Employment and Special
                                                                                                                 Messages. APPENDICES. A. Message Format Guidelines. B. Editing
                                          Student Notetaking Guide                              0-538-72323-8    Symbols. C. Frequently Confused and Misused Words.
                                          Student Study Guide                                   0-538-72355-6

                                                                                        BUSINESS COMMUNICATION                     
The Basics: Employment Communication                                   NEW! Business ethics and correct etiquette when using
                                                                        telecommunications will be added.
Patricia A. Parzych, New York, NY
                                                                       NEW! An on-going project, Career Voyage will be added
2-Color, 136 pp., 2000
                                                                        to this addition. Students will form teams to plan
ISBN: 0-538-69028-3                                                     national and international travel, including lodging.                                         They will compare social, language, currency, and time
                                                                        differences, and secure documents/immunizations
Basics of Business Employment addresses                                 needed to travel internationally. "Career Tips"
core communication tools for getting and                               Reinforces all the mechanics of language arts
keeping a job covering self assessment, cover letters, and              (punctuation, capitalization, number expression, word
interviewing skills. Short, concise content delivers a                  usage).
thorough approach with clear-cut examples and exercises
                                                                       Handwritten exercises in the text make the text
to reinforce learning. Use of current technology including
the Internet have been incorporated throughout as well
as the SCANS workplace readiness skills. Humor is also                 Four editing and word processing documents in the
added to emphasize key principles and concepts.                         end-of-chapter activities, making it ideal for
                                                                        keyboarding/word processing courses.
 Technology activities in each chapter.
                                                                       Applications reinforce basic document formatting and
 New features for self-analysis and personal goal setting.             word processing skills.

                                                                                                                                           BUSINESS COMMUNICATION/BUSINESS ENGLISH
 Numerous amount of teamwork activities included.                     Includes decision-making skills necessary for success in
Supplements                                                             today's workplace.
Instructor's Manual                                 0-538-69037-2      Includes business-related topics such as handling stress
Words@Work Windows Individual User CD               0-538-69049-6       on the job, improving listening skills, and acquiring
                                                                        management skills.
Table of Contents
1. Look at the Job-Search Process. 2. Pick a Compatible Career.       Supplements
3. Create Strong Resumes. 4. Write Effective Letters. 5. Complete     Instructor's Manual                                0-538-43956-4
Job Applications. 6. Interview Successfully. 7. Succeed on the Job.   Instructor's Resource CD-Rom                       0-538-43958-0

            Communication Skills                                      Table of Contents
                                                                      1. Commas. 2. Commas (continued). 3. Commas (concluded);
            for the Processing of Words, 5e                           Dashes; Hyphens. 4. Semicolons. 5. Apostrophes. 6. Apostrophes
Roseanne Reiff, Yonkers, NY                                           (concluded). 7. The Colon. 8. Quotation Marks. 9. Homonyms.
                                                                      10. Numbers. 11. Numbers (concluded). 12. Capitalization.
1-Color, 224 pp., 2005                                                13. Capitalization (concluded). 14. Misused Words. 15. Misused
ISBN: 0-538-43955-6                                                   Words (continued). 16. Troublesome Pronouns. 17. Troublesome
                                                                      Pronouns (concluded). 18. Subject and Verb Agreement, Style Guide.

The goal of Communication Skills for the Processing of                The Basics: Speech Communication, 2e
Words is to help students demonstrate writing skills by
                                                                      Paul R. Timm, Brigham Young University
using correct grammar, punctuation, and proofreading
skills when formatting documents. The text-workbook                   2-Color, 192 pp., 2000
reinforces language arts skills through the use of realistic          ISBN: 0-538-72297-5
office communications. Communication Skills for the
Processing of Words has been used in every type of
classroom environment in which words are processed.                   The Basics of Speech Communication
 NEW! Instructor Resources CD with data files, solutions,            targets effective oral communication
  and PowerPoint presentation for each unit.                         skills used in day-to-day living. Short, concise content
 NEW! Data CD will be packaged in book for all channels              delivers a thorough approach with clear-cut examples and
  other than school.                                                  exercises to reinforce learning. Use of current technology
 NEW! Career Tips feature in each unit will be enhanced              including the Internet have been incorporated throughout
  and made a more integral part of each unit.                         as well as the SCANS workplace readiness skills. Humor is
                                                                      also added to emphasize key principles and concepts.
 NEW! Electronic communication (email, fax, web
  documents) will be included.                                         Technology activities in each chapter.
 NEW! Online editing features (comments and track                     New features for self-analysis and personal goal setting.
  changes) will be included in a few applications.                     Numerous amount of teamwork activities included.

                                                      To Order: 1-800-477-3692                                                      25
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