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School Counseling Program
                     Practicum and Internship Manual

                         School Counseling Program
                          Department of Counseling
                            Gallaudet University
                            800 Florida Ave., NE
                           Washington, DC 20002

Revised June 2007/Copyright: Department of Counseling, Gallaudet University
                            Table of Contents

Overview of the Manual                                          4

Introduction to the Department of Counseling                    5

Introduction to the School Counseling Program                   5

Introduction to the Summers-Only School Counseling Program      6

Organization of Practicum and Internship                        7

Student Professional Liability Coverage                         8

Student Performance                                             8

Site Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities                      10

Student Trainee Roles and Responsibilities                      12

Faculty Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities                   15

Forms -                                                         16
      Fieldwork (Practicum/Internships) Information Form        17
      Practicum Approval Form                                   18
      Internship I Approval Form                                20
      Internship II Approval Form                               22
      Practicum Summary Form                                    25
      Internship I Summary Form                                 26
      Internship II Summary Form                                27
      Supervision Agreement                                     28
      Sample Field Work Contract                                31
      School Counseling Session Progress Notes                  33
      School Based Group Counseling Session Progress Notes      35
      Practicum/Internship Monthly Time Log                     37
      Comprehensive Time Log                                    39
      Supervisor Observation Form                               41
      Trainee Evaluation Form - Practicum                       45
      Trainee Evaluation Form - Internship I                    50
      Trainee Evaluation Form - Internship II                   56
      Teacher Evaluation of Counselor Trainee Form              62
      Evaluation of Site Supervisor                             66
      Evaluation of Faculty Supervisor                          69

       2007 School Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual        2
Appendices: Ethical Standards and Guidelines                   71
     ACA Code of Ethics- website reference                     72
     ASCA Code of Ethics-website reference                     72
     NBCC Code of Ethics  website reference                   72
     ACA Code of Ethics                                        73
     CACREP 2001 Standards, Clinical Instruction               112
     NCATE Conceptual Framework                                116

      2007 School Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual         3
                              Overview of the Manual

This manual is designed for both students and site supervisors. It includes
necessary information for navigating the process of both being a Gallaudet
University Department of Counseling trainee and being a supervisor. It also
includes our professional counselor Code of Ethics.

Site supervisors will find basic information about the Department of Counseling,
the School Counseling Program, and the Summers-Only School Counseling
Program, as well as specific supervisor roles and responsibilities. This manual is
not designed to add to your responsibilities as a supervisor, but rather to take
you easily through the process of supervising our students. Here you will find all
forms that you will need for both recording training experiences and evaluating

Students should read this manual carefully. Here you will find a comprehensive
listing of roles and responsibilities of being a trainee. You will also find all forms
needed for proceeding through the practicum and internship process,
documenting training experiences, and evaluating performance.

The supervisory experience may very likely be one of the most rewarding
experiences of your life, both as a supervisee and a supervisor. The best
supervisory relationships have been described by our students as being safe,
honest, warm, creative, and genuine. Students appreciate supervisors who show
a real interest, are generous with sharing counseling techniques and skills, give
uninterrupted attention and time, pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal
communication, and are respectful. Respect is a two way street and is a quality
supervisors also wish from their supervisees, along with open and honest
communication, and a commitment to exploring both their own processes and
those of their clients'. It is these qualities that good supervisor/supervisee
relationships are built on.

        2007 School Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual                           4
                Introduction to the Department of Counseling

The Department of Counseling was established at Gallaudet University in 1971
and the first graduates received their degrees in 1974. Over the years there have
been many changes, but the original premise of the department remains. We
believe that all individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing have the right to equal
opportunity and access to counseling provided by counselors who are highly
qualified and competent. We are committed to both finding individuals who wish
to do this work, and to training them in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions
counselors need.

The Department currently has three programs: Mental Health Counseling
Program, School Counseling Program, and Summers-Only School Counseling
Program. We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Counselor
Education Programs (CACREP). The School Counseling Program and the
Summers-Only School Counseling Program are also accredited by the National
Council on Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs (NCATE) and by the
District of Columbia (which abides by standards established by the National
Association of State Directors of Teachers Education Programs, (NASDTEC).
Graduates of the School Counseling training programs are eligible for
certification as school counselors in the District of Columbia and the states with
which the District of Columbia has reciprocity agreements.

For information, please contact Dr. Roger Beach, Department Chair at (202) 651-
5515 or

               Introduction to the School Counseling Program

The School Counseling Program was initiated in 1971 because of a national
need to provide appropriate counseling and guidance services to deaf and hard-
of-hearing children, adolescents, and their parents in educational settings. Over
time, the role of the professional school counselor has changed dramatically, and
continues to transform in order to more effectively meet the increasingly diverse
racial-ethnic, cultural backgrounds of today's deaf and hard of hearing students
K-12 and their changing academic and learning, career, and personal-social
needs. In order to keep up with the changes within our target population, the
School Counseling Program has expanded its educational training to 69 graduate
hours that includes 3 semesters of fieldwork in educational settings for deaf/hard
of hearing students. Furthermore, the program has increasingly infused mental
health, multiculturalism and consideration for deaf/hard of hearing students with
additional special needs throughout its curricula and fieldwork experiences. Our
program remains as the only graduate training program in the world that
specializes in preparing school counselors to work with deaf and hard-of-hearing
students in pre-school, K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions.

       2007 School Counseling Practicum and Internship Manual                        5
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