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161 Delaware Avenue
Delmar, New York 12054

Office of Health Systems Management
Division of Home and Community Based Services
Bureau of Home Care and Hospice Surveillance and Quality
Indicators/Evaluation           April 2006; January 2007

We wish to express our gratitude and appreciation to all the people who helped in the
development of this revision of the Home Care Health Related Tasks Curriculum.

Staff from the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH):

          Marjorie Brier-Lynch, RN, BSN
          Suzanne Broderick, RN, Ph.D
          Maureen Duffy, RN, MA
          Priscilla Ferry, RN, BS
          Rebecca Fuller Gray, RN, MBA
          Mary G. Graziano, RN, BS
          Kathleen Sherry
          Frances Stevens
          Margaret Willard, MS
          Janice Zautner, RN
          Elaine Zervos, MS, RD, CDN

Representatives from Licensed Home Care Service Agencies (LHCSA):

          Roberta Chapman, RN, BSN, Caregivers
          Joyce Donohue, RN, BSN, MSP, Gentiva Health Services
          Caroline Kenny, RN, BSN and Joyce Traina, RN, BS,
                     Metropolitan NY Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty
          Susan Trocchia, RN, People Care
          Elizabeth Jaiswal, RN, BSN, Partner's in Care

Representatives from Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHA):

         Kathleen Marcais, RN, BS, Community Health Center

Molly Williams, Director of Public Policy, New York State Association of Health Care
Providers, Inc.

Melodie Bell-Cavallino, MS, RD, CDN, FADA; Chair, Nutrition Science Department;
Associate Professor; Director Dietetic Internship; Sage Graduate School; The Sage

                      CURRICULUM OUTLINE
The Home Care Curriculum is a revision of the Home Care Core Curriculum that was
originally developed by the State University of New York at Buffalo under contract with
the New York State Department of Social Services in 1992. This curriculum revision is
designed to replace outdated content with current standards.

The revised curriculum contains the Basic Caregiver Core Curriculum Outline [BASIC
CORE]. This basic core was developed in 2002 by a workgroup composed of staff
members of the New York State Department of Health, New York State Education
Department, county health departments, home care providers, home care provider
associations and representatives of various labor organizations.

The 16-hour Basic Core Curriculum provides the basis for all of the paraprofessional
curricula: Personal Care Aides, Personal Care Staff (Adult Care Facilities), Home Health
Aides and Certified Nurses Aides. It has been integrated into the modules of the revised
curriculum and identified in the applicable objective sections. The Home Care Curriculum
contains standard written tests that must be used in combination with Performance
checklists to determine the worker's successful completion of each Module. A Personal
Care Aide certificate will be issued to the student upon successful completion of the 40-
hour training program.

The original Home Care Core Curriculum may be used as an adjunct to the information
contained in the revised objectives and outline. Other resources may be used at the
discretion of the Registered Professional Nurses supervising the approved Personal Care
Aide/Home Health Aide Training Programs.

Infection Control

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) standard precaution guidelines, especially
handwashing and personal protective equipment must be strictly adhered to and is
included throughout all Modules

                  MANUAL USE
This manual has been developed in an outline format. Each Module covers a specific
subject and contains:

   Objective section including a Module title, description of each unit, minimum time
    required to complete objectives, objectives, some measurable performance criteria
    and suggested teaching and evaluation methodologies
   Outline section
   Evaluation section consisting of test questions with an answer key.

The Appendix includes all Procedures. These procedures are to be taught and
demonstrated to the student. The minimum time required includes time it takes to instruct
and demonstrate the required skills.

Required and Optional Procedures:
       Each of the procedures in Module XII has a companion checklist for evaluation
purposes. As a practical matter it may not be possible to evaluate the trainee on every
procedure. However, there are certain basic procedures the trainee should be required to
demonstrate. It is recommended that the trainee pass twelve required procedures plus at
least two other optional procedures of the trainers choosing. These optional procedures
should be related to the typical caseload or other needs of the agency. Asterisks on the
summary chart and on the individual procedures indicate the twelve required procedures.

The major modules of the Home Care Curriculum are derived from the Level I and II,
Personal Care Aide, Scope of Functions and Tasks, developed by the New York State
Department of Social Services and last amended on 12/1/94.

The revised objectives and outline must be followed and all material must be

               TABLE OF CONTENTS

Acknowledgements                                                                   2

Introduction to Home Care Curriculum                                               3

Manual Use                                                                         4

Table of Contents                                                                  5

Appendix                                                                           9

Core Value Statement                                                               10

Module I.        Introduction to Home Care                                         11

      Unit A. Home Care, the Home Care Worker and the Client
      Unit B. What is a Home Care Worker?
      Unit C. Providing Home Care

Module II.       Working Effectively with Home Care Clients                        15

      Unit A.   Theories of Basic Human Needs
      Unit B.   Diversity
      Unit C.   Communication and Interpersonal Skills
      Unit D.   Caregiver Observation, Recording and Reporting
      Unit E.   Confidentiality

Module III.      Working with the Elderly                                          24

      Unit A. What is Aging
      Unit B. Aging and the Body/Body Systems
      Unit C. Aging and the Mind

Module IV.       Working with Children                                             27

      Unit A.   Family Situations in which children may need home care workers
      Unit B.   How children develop and how to work with them
      Unit C.   Problems that affect the family and how children react to stress
      Unit D.   How you can help strengthen families through work with parents
                or caregivers

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