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Living a Healthy Life
Your Health and Wellness

Promoting a Healthy

Your Behaviour and
Reducing Health Risks

                                                       How Much Do You Know About
                                                       Health and Healthy Behaviours?
                                                          Health information--and misinfor-
                                                       mation--is everywhere. Which of these
                                                       statements do you think is a fact? A
                                                       myth? Record your opinion for each.
                                                       1. Teens need more sleep than
                                                          adults do.
                                                       2. Being an effective communicator
                                                          can improve your overall health.
                                                       3. The health decisions you make as
                                                          a teen have little impact on your
                                                          health as an adult.
                                                       4. Two 10-minute walks provide nearly
                                                          the same health benefits as a
                                                          continuous 20-minute walk.
                                                       5. Water is a nutrient.
                                                       6. Setting goals can only help you
                                                          achieve long-term accomplishments,
                                                          such as establishing a career.
                                                       7. Acne flare-ups are a result of eating
                                                          chocolate and greasy foods.
                                                       8. Tanning beds are safe because
                                                          they do not cause burns.
                                                       9. All stress is negative and should
                                                          be avoided.
                                                      10. The relationships you have with
                                                          family, friends, and peers do not
                                                          affect your physical health.

Using Visuals. Each day you make decisions
that affect your health. What you choose to eat, 
your level of physical activity, how you manage          To learn more about your health
stress, and the types of relationships you have all      status, go to the Web site above for
influence your overall feeling of well-being. Make       Health: First Canadian Edition to
a list of five decisions you've made this week           see where to go next.
that have had a positive effect on your health.

Your Health and Wellness
    KEY TERMS                        EXPECTATIONS
     health                           Learn about Health Canada's goals and objectives.
                                      Develop criteria for evaluating health information.
     health education                 Discuss the importance of health literacy for achieving and
     Health Canada                     maintaining good health.
     health literacy

                     On a sheet of paper, complete the following statement:
     When you have good health, you . . .

    Spending time with friends
    is an important part of
    health. Give an example
                                               S    uppose someone asks whether you are healthy. How would you
                                                    answer? Would you consider only your physical health? For
                                               example, would you think of how often you are sick? Throughout
    of how relationships can
    have a positive impact on                  this course, you will see that health is much more than just the
    health.                                    absence of disease. A state of well-being comes from a balance
                                               between the physical, mental/emotional, and social aspects of your
                                               life. In this chapter you will look at ways to achieve and maintain
                                               this balance.

                                                             The Importance of Good Health
                                                             W       hat is your usual response to the question,
                                                                     "How are you?" A true description of your
                                                             health would require much more than a simple "fine"
                                                             or "okay." Health is the combination of physical,
                                                             mental/emotional, and social well-being. Being healthy
                                                             doesn't mean that you will never be sick or that you
                                                             will be guaranteed a position on the basketball team.
                                                             Instead, being healthy means striving to be the best
                                                              you can be at any given time.

4       MHR  Chapter 1 Living a Healthy Life
The Health Continuum
   Health is dynamic, or subject to constant change. For example,
you might be the top performer for your basketball team on
Tuesday and sick in bed with the flu on Wednesday. Think of your
health at any moment as a point along a continuum. This contin-
uum spans the complete spectrum of health from chronic disease
and premature death to a high level of health. Along the contin-
uum are many points where your health could be located at any
given time. This point changes from day to day and year to year.
   Changes along the continuum may occur suddenly, such as
when you get injured playing a sport. At this time of your life, it's
even common for your emotions to shift suddenly from moment
to moment. Knowing that these emotional shifts are normal can
help you maintain a healthful balance as you move along the
   Changes may also be so gradual that you're not even aware that
you're moving from one side of the continuum to the other. Take
a look at Figure 1.1. Where do you fit on the health continuum
right now? Where would you like to be in a month? A year?
   A person with a balanced life is said to have a high degree of
wellness, an overall state of well-being, or total health. It comes from
a way of living each day that includes making decisions and prac-                                            When you feel your best,
tising behaviours that are based on sound health knowledge and                                               you will perform at your
healthful attitudes. Achieving wellness requires an ongoing, lifelong                                        best. How might maintain-
                                                                                                             ing a high level of wellness
commitment to physical, mental/emotional, and social health.
                                                                                                             help you reach your goals?

    The continuum shows that your health can be measured on a sliding scale, with many degrees of health and
    wellness. Name three behaviours that would help you move toward the right side of the continuum.

         Premature           Loss of Health                                                      Improved Health           High Level
           Death              and Wellness                                                         and Wellness             of Health

                     Chronic            Lack of energy,                        Free from aches Moderate level Optimal level
                     disorders        inattention, minor                          and pains      of energy of energy, feeling
                                       aches and pains                                                        of well-being

               People on this side of the continuum         Many people     People on this side of the continuum usually
               usually do not take responsibility          function below   exhibit a high degree of responsibility, discipline,
               for maintaining their own health.            the wellness    and positive direction in life. They accept
                                                              midpoint.     responsibility for maintaining their own health.

                                                                                        Lesson 1 Your Health and Wellness  MHR          5
                                                     Promoting Your Health
                                                           T    he decisions you make each day have an impact
                                                                on your health. What you choose to wear, eat, and
                                                            do can have personal health consequences that you
                                                             may or may not have considered. For example, not
                                                              wearing the proper safety gear when participating in
                                                              a physical activity increases the chances of serious
                                                              injury in the event of an accident. Eating high-
                                                               calorie snacks can result in unhealthful weight gain.
                                                              Making responsible decisions about health and
                                                              developing health-promoting habits is crucial to
                                                             achieving and maintaining wellness.

                                                          Lifestyle Factors
                                                              Experts have identified habits that affect people's
                                                      overall health, happiness, and longevity--or how long they
                                                  live. These habits, or lifestyle factors, are personal behaviours
                                               related to the way a person lives. They help determine his or her
    Research has shown that
    teens need more sleep than
                                               level of health. Certain lifestyle factors are linked to specific
    adults do. Establishing a                  diseases--for example, smoking and lung cancer. Other lifestyle
    regular sleep schedule can                 factors promote good health. These include:
    help you get enough sleep                     getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.
    each night. What are two
    other actions you can take                    starting each day with a healthy breakfast.
    to ensure that you get an
                                                  eating a variety of nutritious foods each day.
    adequate amount of sleep?
                                                  being physically active for at least 20 minutes a day, three or
                                                  more days a week.
                                                  maintaining a healthy weight.
                                                  avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
                                                  abstaining from sexual activity before marriage.
                                                  managing stress.
                                                  maintaining positive relationships.
                                                  practising safe behaviours to prevent injuries.

                                                 Fitting these health-promoting lifestyle factors into your life will
                                               help ensure a high level of wellness.

                                               Wellness and Prevention
                                                 A key to your wellness is prevention--practising health and
                                               safety habits to remain free of disease and injury. Wearing seatbelts,
                                               applying sunscreen, and avoiding unsafe areas are just a few exam-
                                               ples of preventive measures. What other actions could you take to
                                               prevent illness and injury?

6       MHR  Chapter 1 Living a Healthy Life
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