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2. English Language and Literature
                       CLASS - IX (Code No. 184 )


Division of Syllabus for Term II (October-March)                Total Weightage Assigned
Summative Assessment II               30%
Section                              Marks
Reading                                20
Writing                                20
Grammar                                15
Literature                             35
Formative Assessment                                                        20%
        TOTAL                          90                                   50%


1. The total weightage assigned to Summative Assessment (SA I&II) is 60%. The total weightage
   assigned to Formative Assessment (FA1, 2, 3, &4) is 40%. Out of the 40% assigned to
  Formative Assessment, 10% weightage is assigned to conversation skills (5% each in Term I&II)
  and 10% weightage to the Reading Project (at least 1 Book is to be read in each term and the
  Project will carry a weightage of 5% in each term).

2. The Summative Assessment I and Summative Assessment II is for ninety marks. The weighatge
  assigned to Summative Assessment I is 30% and the weightage assigned to Summative
  Assessment II is 30%.

SECTION A: READING                                                                       20 Marks

                                                                                         30 periods

Que.1-4 This section will have four unseen passages of a total length of 800 words. The
           arrangement within the reading section is as follows:

Q 1&2: Five Multiple Choice Questions on each passage carrying 5 marks for each question.

Q 3&4: Five Supply Type Questions carrying 5 marks on each passage.

           Out of the 20 marks, 4 marks will be for vocabulary. The questions will test inference,
           evaluation and analysis. The passages may be extracts from poetry/ factual/ literary/ dis-
           cursive texts.

           At least one passage will be an extract from a poem.

SECTION B: WRITING                                                                       20 Marks

                                                                                         40 periods

Q.5        Letter Writing: One out of two letters (formal/informal/email) in not more than
           120-150 words based on verbal stimulus and context provided.

Types of letters:

           l   Informal - personal, such as to family and friends.

           l   Formal - letters to an editor; to the principal of a school.

           l   email                                                                     8 Marks

Q 6.       Writing an article, speech or debate based on visual or verbal stimulus in not more than
           120 words (one out of two).                                                   8 Marks

Q7.        Writing a short composition in the form of dialogue writing/story or report of minimum
           80 words (one out of two).                                                    4 Marks

SECTION C: GRAMMAR                                                                       15 Marks

                                                                                         45 periods

1.     This section will assess grammar items in context for 15 marks.

       2 This section will carry five questions of three marks each

       2 Out of five questions two questions (question 8 and 9) carrying 6 marks will have MCQs of
           three marks each .The text types for MCQs include:

         l   Gap filling

         l   Sentence completion

         l   Dialogue completion

    2 Questions 10, 11 and 12(carrying 3 marks each ie total 9 marks) will be based on
      response supplied by students. (Supply Type Questions)

    These test types which will not be tested as MCQs include___

         4   Sentence reordering

         4   Editing

         4   Omission

         4   Sentence transformation (including combining sentences)

    The grammar syllabus will include the following areas in class IX:

    1.   Tenses

    2.   Modals (have to/had to, must, should, need, ought to and their negative forms)

    3.   Use of passive voice

    4.   Subject - verb concord

    5.   Reporting

         (i) Commands and requests

         (ii) Statements

         (iii) Questions

    6.   Clauses:

         (i) Noun clauses

         (ii) Adverb clauses of condition and time

         (iii) Relative clauses

    7.   Determiners, and

    8.   Prepositions

Note: No separate marks are allotted for any of the grammar items listed above.

SECTION D: TEXT BOOKS                                                                     35 Marks

                                                                                         95 periods

Beehive-NCERT Text Book for Class IX

Q13.       a) and b) Two extracts for reference to context (based on prose or play). These
           extracts would require effort on the part of the students to supply the responses.

Up to one mark in each extract will be for vocabulary. At least one question will be used for testing
local and global comprehension and one question will be on interpretation.

The extracts will carry 4 marks each.                                                    8 Marks

Q14. Two out of three reference to context stanzas (based on poetry) followed by 3 MCQs to

       test local and global comprehension of the set text .The extracts will carry 3 marks each.
                                                                                         6 Marks

Q15. Three out of four short answer type questions based on prose or play to test local and
         global comprehension of theme and ideas (30-40 words each)-- 2 marks each. 6 Marks

Q16. One out of two long answer type questions will be extrapolative in nature and will be based on
         prose or play.    (Upto 80 words).                                              5 Marks

Moments: NCERT Supplementary Reader for Class IX                                         10 Marks

Q17. One out of two long questions from supplementary reader to interpret, evaluate and analyze
     character, plot or situations occurring in the lessons to be answered in about 80 words.
                                                                                         4 Marks

Q18. Two out of three short answer type questions based on factual aspects,
         interpretation and evaluation of a lesson. (40-50 words)                    3x2=6 Marks

NOTE: Teachers are advised to:

    i.    encourage classroom interaction among peers, students and teachers through activities
          such as role play, group work etc,

    ii. reduce teacher-talking time and keep it to the minimum,

    iii. take up questions for discussion to encourage pupils to participate and to marshal their
         ideas and express and defend their views, and

    iv. use the scale of assessment for conversation skills to test the students for continuous as-

Besides measuring attainment, texts serve the dual purpose of diagnosing mistakes and areas of
non-learning. To make evaluation a true index of learners' attainment, each language skill is to be

assessed through a judicious mixture of different types of questions. In addition to the summative
tests, formative assessment is essential to measure the level of attainment in the four language skills
and the learners' communicative competence. Formative assessment should be done through 'in
class' activities throughout the year.

Prescribed Books

                                                                       Published by NCERT

    1. Beehive - Textbook for Class IX                                 Sri Aurobindo Marg,

    2. Moments - Supplementary Reader for Class IX                     New Delhi.

Reading Section:

    Reading for comprehension, critical evaluation, inference and analysis are skills to be tested
    formatively as well as summatively.

Writing Section:

    All types of short and extended writing tasks will be dealt with in both I and II Term Summative as
    well as in Formative Assessment.


    Grammar items mentioned in the syllabus will be taught and assessed formatively over a period
    of time. There will be no division of syllabus for grammar in the summative assessments for the
    two terms.

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