Character Education and Guidance

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Character Education and Guidance
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   Bullying at School: Strategies for Prevention
           (For teachers and administrators)
On any school day, on the playground or in the classroom,
children take part in the bullying experience -- as bullies,
victims, or onlookers. The immediate effects of bullying can
be devastating. Victims can feel lonely, abandoned, anxious
and frightened. Victims can become depressed and even

This curriculum notes that bullying is often invisible and
inaudible to adults and discusses how it differs from conflicts
and fights. It offers effective strategies for preventing bullying
and for encouraging respect and responsibility among
students, (35-minute video, teacher's guide,).

       Ready-to-Use Social Skills & Activities
            (Grades PreK-K; 1-3; 4-6 and 7-12)
Each grade-level book provides 50 or more detailed, age-                                        What To Do About Anger
appropriate lessons for developing specific social skills,                                                (Grade 2-4)
reproducible activity sheets and other activities. The lessons                  Teaches the difference between angry behavior and angry
focus on real situations in children's own lives, such as                       feelings, anger triggers, how to control anger through actions,
dealing with feelings and peer pressure, and are readily                        and how to deal with angry energy in a safe, positive way.
adapted for use in any classroom, school or home setting.                       (34 minute video, 15 worksheets, teacher's guide).

                          I Get So Mad!                                                               No More Teasing!
                             (K-2)                                                                        (Grade 2-4)
Lively songs and discussion questions after each of four                        Four scenarios show effective strategies kids can use to protect
realistic scenarios makes students aware that everyone gets                     themselves against teasing or bullying. Two open-ended
angry sometimes. It's not the anger that counts but the way                     scenarios give viewers practice in using these solutions to
you handle your anger that matters. Also offers easy-to-                        teasing. (14 min, video, 7 student worksheets, teacher's guide)
understand ways to cope. (13 minute video, 7 student
worksheets, teacher's guide)
                                                                                                     Conflict Managers
                                                                                                          (Grade 3-6)
                         Working It Out                                         Students are trained to assist younger children in solving
                             (K-2)                                              playground conflicts rather than simply telling them to sit in
Equips students with age-appropriate skills for resolving                       time out or sending them to the principal's office. Active
conflicts. Four scenarios are followed by a replay                              listening, expressing needs and feelings, brainstorming for
demonstrating different techniques that are effective. Open-                    win-win solutions helps students become able to help those in
ended scenarios then allow viewers to practice each technique.                  conflict solve their own problems. (28 minute video,
(21-minute video, 32 activity sheets, teacher's guide).                         33 student worksheets, teacher's guide,)

                      Proud To Be Polite                                                               Solving Conflicts
                           (K-3, 4-6)                                                                   (Grade 2 - 5)
Curriculum includes lesson plans, videos, activities, and a                     The four segments titled "Get the Facts", "Good Listening",
suggested book list for teaching communication skills, conflict                 "Tell How You Feel", "Brainstorming" end with a "You solve
resolution, manners and respect, self awareness, and                            it" scenario. Students become confident of their ability to
differences.                                                                    bring conflicts to a peaceful resolution. (25 minute video,
                                                                                12 student worksheets, teacher's guide)

The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, religion,
gender, age, disability or status as a veteran in any of its policies and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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C:\Mary Rhyne files\day care\brochrues\Character Education Brochure Rev. 8/02
               Conflict Resolution Skills                           furious at her brother for keeping her waiting and at her
                         (Grade 5 - 9)                              mother for taking his part. Embarrassed by her father's loud
Each of the segments titled "Getting The Facts", "Active            cheers, Marnie misses a soccer play and blames him for it.
Listening", "Body Language", "Tone of Voice", "I Messages",         Andy goes for his sister without giving her a chance to explain
and "brainstorming" ends with a problem challenging students        why he didn't get a message. Cliff's parents won't let him
to use these skills to solve it. Includes class discussion, role-   play in a band because two boys are troublemakers.
plays, and more. (35 minute video, 20 handouts, teacher's           (23 minute video, teacher's guide)
                                                                         Student Workshop: Handing Your Anger
             When Anger Turns To Rage                                                       (Grade 5  9)
                        (Grade 5 - 9)                               A hands-on workshop designed to teach anger management
Anger often gives rise to a fury that middle schoolers cannot       techniques to middle schoolers. Helps students understand that
understand or control. Student learns to identify the source of     while they cannot control angry feelings, they can control
their anger, understand misplaced anger, and learn to define        angry behavior. Provides specific techniques for handling
their own anger triggers. They see how taking a time out,           anger, shows the consequences of angry behavior.
using good self-talk will enable them to gain control of their      Accompanying handouts provide step-by-step practice in the
anger before it turns to rage. (27 minute video, Teacher's          newly learned techniques.
                                                                    Using a TV format and scenarios young teens will quickly
                                                                    relate to, the four-part video teaches viewers how to recognize
      Conflict at School: Dealing with Adults                       what triggers their anger and the physical cues anger
                         (Grade 5  9)                              precipitates; identify their anger style or way of reacting, and
Using scenarios typical of middle school life, this program         be aware of its consequences; and choose among appropriate
talks about the importance of speaking respectfully and             techniques for handling anger, including what to do if
behaving in an adult manner. Emphasizes finding the right           someone is angry at you. The video's final section offers a
time and place to talk, apologizing if you are wrong, and using     wrap-up to reinforce the points made.
"I" messages to say how you feel. Demonstrates how
compromise and negotiation can help kids resolve conflicts          Handouts provide role-plays and opportunities for the skills
with adults. (28 minute video, teacher's guide.                     practice that will help students better manage their anger.
                                                                    Program comes complete with suggestions for conducting the
        Me and My Parents: Working It Out                           workshop, master copies of the handouts, and an extensive
                         (Grade 5  9)                              bibliography. (33 minute video, 20 student handouts, teacher's
Helps young adolescents understand the nature of parent-child       guide)
conflict and how their own attitudes contribute to it.
Challenges viewers to learn newer, more grown-up ways of                   Student Workshop: All About Respect
communicating with their parents, provides easy-to-learn,                                     (Grade 5  9)
practical techniques for resolving conflict.                        A hands-on workshop designed to help students think
                                                                    critically about the role of respect in their lives. A wide variety
Two young people who feel they are old enough to make their         of scenarios, followed by thought-provoking discussion
own decisions find themselves in                                    questions, challenge viewers to analyze situations and arrive at
conflict with their parents. Tuning in                              realistic definitions.
to Dr. Advice's radio call-in
program, they learn how to                                          Introduced by a host-narrator, the program is divided into four
communicate better with their                                       sections, each dealing with a different issue of respect: respect
parents and be more in charge of                                    for others' feelings, for authority, for differences, and self-
their lives. (23 minute video,                                      respect. Handouts and individual accompany each section and
teacher's guide)                                                    group activities, including role-plays, all of which offer
                                                                    students a host of opportunities to practice what the video
                                                                    Comes with master copies of the handouts, suggestions for
       Solving Conflicts: Me and My Family                          conducting the workshop, and an extensive bibliography and
                       (Grade 5  9)                                resource list. (28 minute video, 27 student handouts, teacher's
Teaches conflict resolution techniques specifically aimed at        guide.
helping young teens get along better with their families.
Emphasizes good communication skills, brainstorming for                          When Friends Mean Trouble
solutions, and negotiating for win-win solutions to family                                   (Grade 5  9)
conflicts.                                                          For young teens, "trouble" with friends can mean anything
                                                                    from physical danger to emotional turmoil. Specifically
Opens with ten quick and easy ways to solve typical family          designed to get students talking, each fast-paced vignette acts
conflicts, then dramatizes others more difficult to solve: Jodys    as a trigger to spur classroom discussion about friendship  a
subject teens might be reluctant to address. How much do                                  Stress and You
friends affect your reputation? What if a friend asks you to do                                (Grade 5  9)
something you know is wrong? Why do some kids think it              Using true-to-life stories, helps students identify and cope with
"uncool" to do well in school?                                      the stress in their lives.
                                                                    Dennis is stressed out over being the smallest boy in the class.
Thought provoking questions follow each of the video's              Even Loren's show of interest in him adds to his concern
six-short, true-to-life scenarios:                                  about his height.

Dazzled by his new friend Ian, Eric accepts Ian's challenge to      Rachel's mom is a single parent, and money is tight. At
steal a stop sign and gets into trouble with the police. Lauren     school, Rachel feels like an outsider at times. When she makes
claims to be Nikki's friend, but is always telling Nikki what to    the cheerleading team, her stress mounts; her uniform will cost
do and putting her down. Justin insists his friend Scott go with    a lot of money.
him to a hotel to trade a baseball card with a man Justin talks
to on the Internet. Amy talks Carly into shoplifting a bottle of    Activities are taking a lot of Luke's time from studies, and his
highlighter that Amy feels will enhance her looks. Gillian          parents will ground him if he doesn't get all B's or better.
feels guilty but blameless after standing by while her friends      When he doesn't prepare well, his oral report in language arts
tease and embarrass a new student who barely speaks English.        turns into a disaster. (24 minute video, teacher's guide)
Carly things Brian should relax and not worry so much about
getting good grades.                                                           When You're Mad! Mad! Mad!
By looking at friendship in a more critical way, viewers see                          (Grade 5-9)
that "trouble" can come in many different disguises. The            The loss of control that anger provokes is alarming and can
program helps students to evaluate their friendships and            undermine self-esteem. This program helps differentiate
expand the usual definition of "trouble". (19 minute video,         between angry feelings and angry behavior. Shows positive
teacher's guide)                                                    steps they can take to handle anger. Students learn to calm
                                                                    down, put distance between anger and what they do about it,
                                                                    express anger without yelling, and turn angry energy into
                                                                    constructive behavior.
Coping with Family Crisis: Separation, Divorce,
              Violence, Abuse
Summary: Candid interviews give valuable insights on how to                            Resolving Conflicts
survive a family crisis. See others deal with feelings of fright,                           (Grade 9 - 12)
guilt, anger, and loss by tapping inner resources or seeking        Teaches the skills of good communication; identifying issues,
help with the community.                                            feelings, and needs; brainstorming for solutions; and
                                                                    compromise and negotiation. Handouts provide practice
                                                                    enabling students to grow familiar with these techniques.
Student Workshop: Learning Relationship Skills                      (24 minute video, 19 handouts, teacher's guide)
                        (Grade 5  9)
This four-part workshop teaches the life skills students need to
get along better in school, at home, with friends, and on the                Coping with Fighters, Bullies, and
job, now and in the future. Shows the characteristics of                             Troublemakers
healthy and unhealthy relationships, how to act assertively,        Great for all students but especially useful for those who are
communicate clearly and respectfully, avoid communication           frequent targets of troublemakers. Offers specific techniques
roadblocks, and head off and resolve conflict.                      for coping with disruptive classmates including how to stand
                                                                    up to bullies without making things worse and when to ask for
Calling respect for others the key to relationships, shows          help. (20 minutes)
viewers how to take action to make a relationship better: how
to stand up for their values under peer pressure; say what they        Relationships: Knowing the
feel, listen actively and read body language; understand the
difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness;                       Good from the Bad
communicate in a more grown-up way with adults; and use                         (Grades 8-College)
negotiation and compromise to avoid and resolve conflict.           Patterns of unhealthy, overly dependent,
Handouts provide role-plays and opportunities for the skills        and even abusive relationships are usually
practice that will help students better manage their                begun in adolescence. Many teenagers
relationships. Program comes with suggestions for conducting        need to learn how to spot unhealthy trends in their
the workshop, master copies of the handouts, and an extensive       relationships such as over-dependence; physical, verbal, or
bibliography. (37 minute video, 16 student handouts, teacher's      sexual abuse; and drug abuser-enabler patterns. This program
guide.)                                                             teaches the key aspects of healthy relationships, including
                                                                    setting boundaries, communicating clearly and assertively, and
                                                                    maintaining self-respect. Also includes guidance on when to
                                                                    leave an unhealthy relationship  and how to do it.
The setting for this video is a real workshop with teens role-     Why not teach kids how to get help before crises occur?
playing different types of relationship problems and their         Talking Troubles is a self-help video for teens that is
solutions with adolescent counselors. Through their acted-out      revolutionary in its modesty and simplicity. Talking Troubles
dramas, the teens explore typical problems common to their         encourages kids to seek guidance through counseling before a
peers as well as specific issues in their own lives. The           crisis occurs, and provides counselors with an easy to follow
Teacher's Resource Book provides follow-up activities and          10-step model for teen support groups. Shows kids how to
exercises helpful to normal as well as troubled relationships.     develop problem-solving competencies, and can be used with
(36 minutes)                                                       any teen population, at risk or not. Easy to implement and can
                                                                   be applied immediately.
            No Means No: Understanding
                Acquaintance Rape                                  Watch as group members build mutual trust and respect and
                         (Grades 9-12)                             begin to open up over an eight-week session. Hits from U2,
Through the words and images of teenagers, young people,           Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston.
rape victims, law enforcement officials, and an accused rapist,
students will focus in on the phenomenon of rape in America.           Working With Hostile and Resistant Teens
Viewers witness footage of an acquaintance rape mock trial in                                (Teens)
Baton Rouge, LA. Other young acquaintance rape victims             Students are more explosive today than ever before and
describe their experiences, how they dealt with the rape itself,   working with them is a constant challenge. Therapist Steven
and their interaction with health and law enforcement officials    Campbell has dealt with hostile and resistant kids for the past
afterwards. Male college students discuss the often tricky         25 years and developed an effective anger management
issues involved in dating and trying to understand when "no"       strategy.
means no.
                                                                   This video consists of role-plays with actual at risk teens who
                Refusal Skills for Teens                           in most cases are acting out their own personal histories.
                            (Teens)                                Campbell leads the role-plays, then provides an analysis of
 In this vital video program, teens learn how to say "no"- even    each one, showing viewers how to work effectively with this
in the face of overpowering pressure to say "yes". Specific        challenging population. Invaluable, hands-on survival skills
situations are illustrated in which strong refusal skills are      for dealing with hostile and resistant teens in any setting.
necessary (drugs, alcohol, gangs, etc.) and shows kids exactly
how to handle each one. (18 minutes)                               Steve Campbell has worked with incarcerated teens in the
                                                                   Detroit area since the 60s, and consulted on violence in the
                                                                   workplace for the U.S. Postal Service and corporate America,
         Resiliency: How Kids Bounce Back                          as well as violence in the schools. Role-plays include the
                  from Adversity!                                  following scenarios: a student who-
                    (Staff Development)
Helps viewers recognize and foster resiliencies in young              threatened to kill a teacher
people and help them discover their own inner strengths.              punched out a principal
                                                                      may be suicidal
Kids have the ability to bounce back from adversity. We see it
                                                                      fights but blames others
around us all the time, people who survive and thrive despite
                                                                      relapsed and is acting out
unthinkable hardships. But how do they do it? How can the
adults in their lives assist them in doing it? And how can kids       got thrown out of school and is trying to re-enter
learn to recognize their own inner strengths and rise above           was fighting with another girl
difficult circumstances.                                              is pregnant by hasn't told anyone

Seven resiliencies have been identified that help kids break the                  Multiple Intelligences:
cycle of family problems, manage painful memories and live                   Discovering the Giftedness In All
productive lives. In this video those resiliencies are described                        (Staff development)
in detail and show you how to identify and foster them in          Multiple Intelligences incorporates a broad spectrum of human
today's youth. And how to discover them in yourself.               abilities into a coherent system that helps us explain how
(26 minutes)                                                       children learn and suggests that there are at least eight
                                                                   different ways of being smart. Dr. Armstrong strongly
                Talking Troubles:                                  emphasizes the value of MI in addressing cultural diversity
                                                                   and the inclusion of students with disabilities within the
         A Teen Problem Solving Program
                                                                   regular classroom setting. He provides practical suggestions
                                                                   on how teachers can incorporate MI into their classroom
Pre-crisis problem solving: When a stressed out teen finally
                                                                   environments, including a creative way to teach MI to
explodes  whether through violence to others or self-
destructive behaviors  it's usually from a predictable
accumulation of identifiable problems that began much earlier.
                                                                   In this video, Dr. Armstrong is joined by other leaders
                                                                   ineducation -teachers, administrators and authors who share
their own views and experiences related to multiple                                    Emotional Intelligence:
intelligences. Greentree East Elementary in Victorville,                             A New Vision for Educators
California, a multiple intelligences school, is also featured.                                (Staff Development)
                                                                       Based on his best selling book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It
This video is packed with valuable information and is                  Can Matter More Than IQ, Daniel Goleman's fascinating and
designed for staff development. It is meant for all educators          persuasive new video argues that our view of human
who wish to enhance the learning process and discover the              intelligence is far too narrow. Drawing on groundbreaking
giftedness in ALL children. 44 minutes                                 research, Goleman shows that Emotional Intelligence is more
                                                                       important than IQ and can be taught through emotional
                                                                       literacy programs. It is a different way of being smart that is
                                                                       more critical to success in life. In this exciting video, join Dan
                                                                       Goleman and educators from the New Haven, Connecticut
                                                                       Public Schools and The Nueva School in California as they
                                                                       effectively incorporate Emotional Intelligence into their
                                                                       classrooms. (40 minutes)

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