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             Principles of Management                                       Transparency Masters
                                                                            Understanding Management with Xtra! CD-ROM
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             Understanding Management, 4e                                   WebTutor Advantage for Blackboard                     0-324-27468-8
             Richard L. Daft, Vanderbilt University                         WebTutor Advantage for WebCT                          0-324-27467-X
             Dorothy Marcic, Vanderbilt University                          WebTutor ToolBox for Blackboard                       0-534-27489-7
             4-Color, 608 pp., 2004                                         WebTutor ToolBox for WebCT                            0-534-27488-9
             ISBN: 0-324-25918-2                                            Bundle, Understanding Management with Xtra! CD-ROM,
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                                                                            Bundle, Understanding Management with Xtra! CD-ROM,
             Understanding Management combines                              and WebTutor Toolbox for WebCT                  0-324-28794-1
             classic management concepts with emerging trends and
                                                                            Table of Contents
             issues in a concise, exciting, and student- friendly format.   PART I: INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT. 1. Managing the New
             The theme of the fourth edition is the `new workplace'         Workplace. PART II: THE ENVIRONMENT OF MANAGEMENT. 2. The
             highlighting how technology and other influences have          Environment and Corporate Culture. 3. Managing in a Global
             changed the traditional organizations and the impact on        Environment. 4. Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.
                                                                            PART III: PLANNING. 5. Organizational Planning and Goal Setting.
             their members. Understanding Management uses small to          6. Managerial Decision Making. PART IV: ORGANIZING.
             mid-sized organizations as examples giving students            7. Fundamentals of Organizing. 8. Change and Development.
             practical insights into the type of organizations that         9. Human Resource Management. 10. Managing Diverse Employees.
             many will start their careers. The goal since the first        PART V: LEADING. 11. Foundations of Behavior in Organizations.
             edition has been to provide a practical and hands-on           12. Leadership in Organizations. 13. Motivation in Organizations.
                                                                            14. Communicating in Organizations. 15. Teamwork in Organizations.
             alternative to the traditional and comprehensive texts on      PART VI: CONTROLLING. 16. The Importance of Control. APPENDIX
             the market.                                                    A: Video Cases. APPENDIX B: Continuing Case. APPENDIX C:
                                                                            Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. APPENDIX D:
              NEW! Xtra! CD-ROM: Each new text includes one                Answers to Manager''s Workbook Exercises.
               semester free access to Experiencing Management

               Online, Xtra! quizzing, Author Insight Videos, and the
               text video cases.                                            Essentials of Management, 6e
              NEW! Author Insights Videos: Via streaming video,            Andrew J. DuBrin,
               difficult concepts from each chapter are explained and         Rochester Institute of Technology
               illustrated by the textbook author, Richard Daft. This       2-Color, 500 pp., 2003
               feature is available on the accompanying Xtra! CD-ROM.
                                                                            ISBN: 0-324-11467-2
              NEW! Video Cases: This edition includes all new videos,
               filmed specifically for Understanding Management. Also   
               included in the text are the correlated video cases.
              Expanded Activities: There are a wealth of end-of-           Essentials of Management makes the
               chapter activities that include discussion questions,        connection between theory and concepts to actual
               management exercises, ethical dilemmas, web-based            practice by showing how managers and organizations
               activities, and short cases.                                 effectively apply the basic principles of management.
                                                                            The text takes a functional approach, first introducing the
              Practical Examples: Understanding Management uses            role of a manager and the modern managerial
               small to mid-sized organizations as examples                 environment, before exploring planning organizing,
               throughout the giving students practical insights into       leading, and control . The Sixth Edition has been
               the types of organizations they will likely start their      extensively revised and updated to include the latest
               careers.                                                     information, examples and activities to help readers
              Technology Coverage: The application of technology           understand the skills necessary to manage, lead, and
               is integrated throughout the text and "Surf the Net"         compete in today's world.
               end-of-chapter internet exercises utilizing resources
               available on the Web.                                        Supplements
                                                                            Instructor's Manual                                   0-324-11469-9
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             At The Movies: Management                     0-324-27189-1
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                                                                                  PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT                          
WebTutor for Blackboard                            0-324-22560-1    Transparency Acetates                                0-324-28226-5
WebTutor for Blackboard to accompany                                Video Cases                                          0-324-28217-6
Essentials of Management                           0-324-18064-0
WebTutor for WebCT to accompany                                     Table of Contents
Essentials of Management                           0-324-18063-2    PART I. AN OVERVIEW OF MANAGEMENT. 1. Managing in a Dynamic
                                                                    Environment. 2. The Evolution of Management. PART II. DIAGNOSING
Bundle, Essentials of Management with                               EXTERNAL FORCES AND STRATEGIC RESPONSES. 3. Environmental
WebTutor for Blackboard                            0-324-25508-X    Forces. 4. Managing Globally. 5. Entrepreneurship. 6. Ethics and
Bundle, Essentials of Management with                               Corporate Social Responsibility. PART III. PLANNING AND CONTROL.
WebTutor for WebCT                                 0-324-25509-8    7. Planning and Strategy. 8. Fundamentals of Decision Making.
                                                                    9. Planning and Decision Aids. 10. Strategic and Operational Control.
Table of Contents                                                   PART IV. ORGANIZING. 11. Organizational Design. 12. Organizational
PART I: INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT. 1. The Manager''s Job.          Change and Learning. 13. Managing Human Resources. PART V.
2. International Management, Cultural Diversity. 3. Information     LEADING. 14. Work Motivation. 15. Dynamics of Leadership.
Technology and the Internet. 4. Ethics and Social Responsibility.   16. Organizational Communication. 17. Managing Work Teams.
PART II: PLANNING. 5. Essentials of Planning. 6. Problem Solving    18. Organizational Cultures and Diversity.
and Decision Making. 7. Quantitative Techniques for Planning and
Decision Making. PART III. ORGANIZING. 8. Job Design and Work
Schedules. 9. Organization Structure, Culture, and Change.          Management: Challenges
10. Staffing and Human Resource Management. PART IV: LEADING.
11. Leadership. 12. Motivation. 13. Communication. 14. Teams,
                                                                    for Tomorrow's Leaders, 4e
Groups, and Teamwork. PART V. CONTROLLING. 15. Essentials of        Pamela S. Lewis,
Control. 16. Managing Ineffective Performers. PART VI: MANAGING       Queens University of Charlotte
FOR PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS. 17. Enhancing Personal Productivity
                                                                    Stephen H. Goodman,
and Managing Stress.
                                                                      University of Central Florida
                                                                    Patricia M. Fandt,
              Management: A Competency                                University of Washington, Tacoma
              Based Approach, 10e                                   4-Color, 704 pp., 2004
                                                                    ISBN: 0-324-15557-3

Don Hellriegel, Texas A&M University
Susan E. Jackson, Rutgers University                            
John W. Slocum Jr.,
  Southern Methodist University                                     Management: Challenges for Tomorrow's Leaders, Fourth
4-Color, 550 pp., 2005                                              Edition, explains the function and role of management in
                                                                    today's organization, presenting current theory, trends,
ISBN: 0-324-25994-8
                                                                    and influences on today's managers and organizations.                               The text balances theory and practice, providing numerous
                                                                    applications for students to better understand how
Management: A Competency-Based Approach presents                    management concepts are applied. The primary theme of
theory, relevant applications, and innovation. The authors          the fourth edition is the role and importance of leadership
continue to place emphasis on six managerial                        in today's organization. Throughout the text are
competencies--self-management, strategic action,                    discussions and highlighted examples of the impact of
planning and administration, global awareness, teamwork,            leadership and how organizations diffuse responsibility
and communication--and have carefully woven examples                through every level of an organization.
of each into every chapter. The authors chose these six
competencies after surveying hundreds of managers in all            Supplements
types and sizes of businesses. The integrated, interactive          Instructor's Manual with Video Guide                 0-324-16899-3
Self-Assessment helps learners understand and develop               Instructor's Resource CD-ROM                         0-324-16952-3
their own management potential. This unique focus on
                                                                    At The Movies: Management                            0-324-27189-1
competencies, combined with new theories and fresh
                                                                    PowerPoint Presentation Slides                      0-324-16951-5
examples, will engage the readers while applying the
content. This text will set the standard for content that           Study Guide                                          0-324-27405-X
merges the concerns of managers, with the managerial                Test Bank                                            0-324-16950-7
competencies that foster excellence.                                Video Package                                        0-324-27406-8
                                                                    Bundle, Management: Challenges for Tomorrow's Leaders
Supplements                                                         with InfoTrac College Edition, Xtra! CD-ROM and
Instructor's Manual                                0-324-28221-4    WebTutor Toolbox for Blackboard                  0-324-28772-0
Instructor's Resource CD-ROM                       0-324-28227-3    Bundle, Management: Challenges for Tomorrow's Leaders
Study Guide                                        0-324-28220-6    with InfoTrac College Edition, Xtra! CD-ROM and
                                                                    WebTutor Toolbox for WebCT                       0-324-28798-4
Test Bank                                          0-324-28223-0

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                    PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT
             WebTutor ToolBox for Blackboard                     0-534-27489-7     Table of Contents
             WebTutor ToolBox for WebCT                          0-534-27488-9     PART ONE: MANAGING IN A GLOBAL INTERNET ENVIRONMENT.
                                                                                   1. Managing. Appendix A. A Brief History of Management.
             WebTutor for Blackboard                             0-324-20647-X     2. Environment: Culture, Ethics, and Social Responsibility. 3. The
             WebTutor for WebCT                                  0-324-20646-1     Global Environment and Entrepreneurship. PART TWO: PLANNING.
                                                                                   4. Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making. 5. The Strategic
             Table of Contents                                                     and Operational Planning Process. Appendix B. Time Management.
             PART 1. MEETING THE CHALLENGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY.                   PART THREE: ORGANIZING. 6. Organizing and Delegating Work.
             1. Management and Managers: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.           7. Managing Change: Innovation and Diversity. 8. Human Resources
             2. Evolution of Management Thought. 3. Social Responsibility and      Management: Staffing. PART FOUR: LEADING. 9. Organizational
             Ethics. PART 2. PLANNING CHALLENGES IN THE 21ST CENTURY.              Behavior: Power, Politics, Conflict, and Stress. 10. Team Leadership.
             4. Planning in the Contemporary Organization. 5. Strategic Planning   11. Communicating for Results. 12. Motivation for High Performance.
             in a Global Environment. 6. Effective Managerial Decision Making.     13. Leading with Influence. PART FIVE: CONTROLLING. 14. Control
             7. Decision-Making Tools and Techniques. PART 3. ORGANIZING           Systems. 15. Operations, Quality, Technology and Information
             CHALLENGES IN THE 21ST CENTURY. 8. Organizing for Quality,            Systems. Appendix C. Internet Basics. Appendix D. How to
             Productivity, and Job Satisfaction. 9. Designing the Contemporary     Research Case Material Using the Internet.
             Organization. 10. Strategic Human Resource Management.
             11. Organizational Culture, Change, and Development. PART 4.
             LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES IN THE 21ST CENTURY. 12. Communicating                        Management, 3e
             Effectively within Diverse Organizations. 13. Leading in a Dynamic
             Environment. 14. Exploring Individual Differences and Team            Chuck Williams, Texas Christian University
             Dynamics. 5. Motivating Organizational Members. PART 5. CONTROL
             CHALLENGES IN THE 21ST CENTURY. 16. Organizational Control in a       4-Color, 750 pp., 2005
             Complex Business Environment. 17. Productivity and Quality in         ISBN: 0-324-20126-5
             Operations. 18. Information Technology and Control.

             Management Fundamentals: Concepts,                                    Management, 3rd edition by Chuck
             Applications, Skill Development, 2e                                   Williams presents management theory and
                                                                                   applications in an entertaining and engaging narrative
             Robert N. Lussier, Springfield College
                                                                                   not commonly found in textbooks. Williams' unique

             2-Color, 640 pp., 2003                                                organization and focuses on the critical theories and
             ISBN: 0-324-11754-X                                                   combines them with detailed examples that draw the
                                                                                   reader into the reading and clearly show their
                                                                                   implications for managers and organizations. Drawing
             Using a three-pronged approach of                                     from his experience as an award winning educator,
             concepts, applications, and skill                                     Williams includes innovative that help readers understand
             development, this text provides students with a solid                 how all the different concepts come together and how
             foundation of management concepts and real skills they                they will be personally relevant. The text's unique
             can use in the workplace. Through a variety of thought-               organization focuses on how managers "make things
             provoking applications, Lussier challenges students to                happen' in modern organizations, exploring the role and
             think critically and apply concepts to their own                      impact of management on individuals and organizations.
             experiences. Proven skill-building exercises, behavioral              Instructors and readers praised the first two editions for
             models, self-assessments, and group exercises throughout              its innovative approaches and tools that make
             the text help students realize their own managerial                   management both relevant and interesting--the third
             potential. The 15-chapter format is comprehensive                     edition continues and improves upon this foundation of
             enough for the one term course, but is also flexible                  innovation.
             enough to allow for additional readings, activities, or
                                                                                   Instructor Manual with "Teaching Your
                                                                                   1st Management Course"                                0-324-20130-3
             Instructor's Manual with Test Bank                  0-324-11755-8     Instructor's Resource CD-ROM                          0-324-20135-4

             Instructor's Resource CD-ROM                        0-324-18264-3     ExamView Testing Software                             0-324-20134-6

             At The Movies: Management                           0-324-27189-1     FlixMix Video                                         0-324-20396-9

             Behavior Model Video Fundamentals                   0-324-11758-2     Small Business School Video Cases                     0-324-20395-0

             Business Link Video                                 0-324-16871-3     Study Guide                                           0-324-20133-8

             ExamView Testing Software                           0-324-11760-4     Test Bank                                             0-324-20131-1

             Test Bank                                           0-324-11757-4     Transparency Acetates                                 0-324-20132-X
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                                                                                   WebTutor Advantage for WebCT                          0-324-22195-9

                                                                                   PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT                       
Table of Contents                                                     chapters' narratives: (1) the never-ending effort by
PART I: INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT. 1. Management.                    managers and organizations to meet or exceed customers'
2. Organizational Environments and Cultures. 3. Ethics and Social     needs and (2) the need organizations and their people
Responsibility. PART II: MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. 4. Planning.
5. Managing Information. 6. Decision Making. 7. Control. PART III:
                                                                      have to be guided by effective leadership.
MEETING THE COMPETITION. 8. Global Management. 9. Organizational
Strategy. 10. Innovation and Change. 11. Designing Adaptive
Organizations. PART IV: ORGANIZING PEOPLE, PROJECTS AND                           Modern Human Relations
PROCESSES. 12. Managing Individuals and a Diverse Workforce.
13. Managing Teams. 14. Managing Human Resource Systems.                          at Work, 9e
15. Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations. PART V: LEADING.   Richard M. Hodgetts,
16. Motivation. 17. Leadership. 18. Managing Communication.
                                                                         Florida International University
                                                                      Kathryn W. Hegar, Mountain View College
Management with Xtra!, 6e                                             1-Color, 544 pp., 2005
Richard L. Daft, Vanderbilt University                                ISBN: 0-324-20563-5
4-Color, 780 pp., 2003                                           
ISBN: 0-03-035138-3
                                                                      The original intent of the book remains paramount: to
      http//                                        provide an up-to-date textbook for readers who are
                                                                      novices in the area of human relations or for practitioners
The sixth edition of this market leading
                                                                      with little formal training in the subject. This edition
text continues to raise the standard
                                                                      examines the most interesting human relations
through its cutting-edge presentation of managerial
                                                                      developments of the early millennium. Many of these
thought, carefully developed applications, and innovative
                                                                      issues, while not found in other human relations
technology components. Richard Daft seamlessly
                                                                      textbooks, relate to current topics discussed in today's
integrates the new workplace with traditional
                                                                      newspapers and magazines.
management concepts to show what influences and

guides managerial action in today's organizations. To                 Table of Contents
illustrate the conceptual material and engage the student,            PART I. INTRODUCTION. 1. The Nature of Human Relations.
Daft includes diverse examples, exercises, applications in            2. Fundamentals of Motivation. PART II. THE SOCIAL SYSTEM.
every chapter. Through each edition, Management has                   3. Individual Behavior. 4. Group Behavior. 5. The Informal
continued to build an outstanding reputation with                     Organization. PART III. THE TECHNICAL SYSTEM. 6. Technology
                                                                      and People at Work. 7. Productivity and Quality Improvement.
instructors for its quality, topic selection, applications,           8. Job Redesign and Job Enrichment. PART IV. THE ADMINISTRATIVE
and authorship.                                                       SYSTEM. 9. Fundamentals of Leadership. 10. Developing,
                                                                      Appraising, and Rewarding Personnel. PART V. BEHAVIORAL
                                                                      EFFECTIVENESS. 11. Communicating for Effectiveness. 12. Managing
                                                                      Conflict and Change. PART VI. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE.
             Management: Meeting                                      13. International Human Relations. 14. Human Relations Challenges
             and Exceeding Customer                                   of the Future. 15. Human Relations and You.
             Expectations, 8e
Warren R. Plunkett, Wright College                                    Our Feature Presentation: Management
Raymond F. Attner, Brookhaven College,                                Joseph E. Champoux,
  Dallas County Community College District                              The University Of New Mexico
Gemmy S. Allen, Mountain View College, Dallas
                                                                      1-Color, 52 pp., 2004
  County Community College District
                                                                      ISBN: 0-324-28281-8
2-Color, 784 pp., 2005
ISBN: 0-324-25913-1                                                        http://featurepresentation.
                                                                      Our Feature Presentation: Management adds excitement
The eighth edition of Management: Meeting and                         and relevance to management through selected film
Exceeding Customer Expectations is a comprehensive                    scenes from popular film releases. This unique product
survey of the principles and practices of management as               combines a workbook with actual film clips on CD and
they are currently being applied, in the United States and            Video, eliminating the need to purchase or rent costly
around the world. The content and are structured to                   videos. Film provides your students a visual portrayal of
reinforce two continuing themes that are woven into the               abstract management concepts and provides inexperienced
                                                                      students a greater feeling of reality and connection to the

                                                     To Order: 1-800-477-3692                                                      71

             topic. Further, there are many unique aspects of film such
             as editing, sound, framing, and focusing techniques that
                                                                                  Human Resource Management
             make it a powerful communication device that often goes
             beyond what we can experience in reality. Equally                    Managing Human Resources, 13e
             powerful are the reactions of the varied responses of the
                                                                                  George W. Bohlander,
             viewer that can spark lively debate.                                   Arizona State University
                                                                                  Scott A. Snell, Cornell University
             CD-ROM                                              0-324-28282-6    4-Color, 794 pp., 2004
             Instructor's Manual                                                  ISBN: 0-324-18405-0
             (available online only) Video                       0-324-28283-4
             Table of Contents                                                    The best-seller Managing Human Resources covers all
             LEARNING MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES, THEORIES, AND CONCEPTS.              aspects of human resource management and its impact on
             1. Introduction to Management and Organizations, 8 Mile.             both individuals and organizations. The text builds on a
             2. Organizational Environments, Blue Crush. 3. Organizational        foundation of research and theory, taking a practical
             Culture, Backdraft. 4. Ethics and Social Responsibility, Emperor's   approach focusing on critical issues and successful
             Club. 5. Managing Information, Lorenzo's Oil. 6. Decision Making,
             Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 7. Control, Scent of a    practices. Users and reviewers of the text praise its
             Woman. 8. Global Management, Mr. Baseball. 9. Organizational         pleasant writing style, user-friendly design, and highly
             Strategy and Planning, The Bourne Identity. 10. Innovation and       effective examples. In fact, over 500 different
             Change, Apollo 13 (I). 11. Organizational Design, The Paper.         organizations from a variety of settings are used as
             12. Managing Individuals, The Breakfast Club. 13. Workforce
             Diversity, Babe. 14. Managing Teams, Apollo 13 (II). 15. Human
                                                                                  examples to illustrate key points. The Highlights in HRM
             Resource Management, Bowfinger. 16. Operations Management,           examples provide exact illustrations of organizational
             Casino. 17. Motivation, For Love of the Game. 18. Leadership and     practices and policies. Important issues and critical trends
             Management, U-571. 19. Communication, Patch Adams. 20. Future        are spotlighted in each chapter and reflected in the
             Directions of Management, Back to the Future Part II.                comprehensive and chapter ending cases included in the

                                                                                  text. . Managing Human Resources balance of theory and
                         The Labor Relations Process, 8e                          practice, hands on activities, applications, and examples
                                                                                  will help students develop the competencies to
             William H. Holley, Auburn University                                 understand and help their organizations create a
             Roger S. Wolters, Auburn University                                  sustainable competitive advantage through people.
             2-Color, 672 pp., 2005                                                NEW! Xtra!: Included with every new text is access to
             ISBN: 0-324-20014-5
                                                                                    Bohlander/Snell Xtra! an online collection of additional
                                                                                    learning aides including Xtra! quizzing, digitized videos,
                                              select Experiencing Management modules, and more.
                                                                                   NEW! Expanded Web Site: The text support web site
             This comprehensive text provides the
                                                                                    includes practice quizzes, Management in the News
             current information on research studies, issues and events
                                                                                    exercises, Internet Exercises, chapter resources and
             in labor relations. The book integrates real-world
             examples and quotes from practitioners in order to bring
             this dynamic field to life. The Labor Relations Process               NEW! New Experiential Activities: Each chapter now
             examines the labor movement from its inception to                      include Developing Managerial Skills--team based
             current and emerging trends, including such topics as                  exercises that will help them develop their managerial
             unions, labor agreements, collective bargaining,                       skills and how to work in a collaborative environment.
             arbitration and labor relations in various business                   NEW! Expanded Topical Discussions: In addition to
             segments including government, white collar, and                       those noted many other important and interesting
             international contexts.                                                discussions have been expanded including; retention,
                                                                                    ergonomics, diversity, outsourcing, stress management,
             The book gives an in-depth analysis of all facets of the
                                                                                    workplace violence, benefit changes, HRM in the global
             relationship between management and labor, including a
                                                                                    setting, and conflict resolution.
             study of the rights and responsibilities of unions and
             management, the negotiation and administration of labor               Current Practice and Issues: The text focuses on current
             agreements, and labor-management cooperation. Other                    HR practice and key issues throughout the text and in
             topics that are explored include the results of the labor              spotlight such as "Highlights in HRM" . This edition
             relations process and collective bargaining issues such as             contains more "how-to" practical tips to conduct HR
             health care costs containment, pensions, labor                         effectively.
             productivity and alternative work arrangements.

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