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Sectional Catalog
2010 - 2011

w w w. c e n g a g e a s i a . c o m

I am pleased to present you with Cengage Learning's 2010 Global Engineering Catalog. As engineering
educators you shape and define the outcomes and standards of our future engineers and engineering
education as a whole. Cengage Learning is dedicated to providing you and your students with the most
accurate and current material in all areas of engineering by offering an alignment between engineering
curricula and the real-world engineering experiences that students truly need. The results are evident in
our texts and support materials which contain hundreds of additional math problems, online companion
pieces, course management systems with profession-based case studies, annotated Power Point Slides by
chapter, and much more.

In addition, Cengage Learning is proud to be leading the way in providing truly global products to our
customers. With SI/Metric converted editions of our texts, we continue to meet global demands. We
understand that engineering students with a global perspective are essential in tomorrow's engineering

With progressing development in engineering academic programs, there is always a call for new instruc-
tional approaches as well as enhanced content. Therefore, I invite you to participate in the growth and
development of our publishing program. If you have an idea for a book that you would like to share, or if
you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please contact us anytime by phone or email. We look forward
to your insight.


Christopher M. Shortt
Publisher, Global Engineering
Cengage Learning
                                                                                                                    Table of Contents
New and Newly Revised
Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering, Fourth Edition - Saeed Moaveni                                                       2
Engineering Design Process, Second Edition - Yousef Haik, Tamer M. Shahin                                                                      8
Hold Paramount: The Engineer's Responsibility To Society, Second Edition - Alastair S. Gunn, P. Aarne Vesilind                                 9
PRO/Engineer Wildfire 5.0, Louis Gary Lamit                                                                                                    9
Elements of Advanced Engineering Mathematics First Edition - Peter V. O'Neil                                                                   13
Introduction to Environmental Engineering - SI Version, Third Edition - P. Aarne Vesilind, Susan M. Morgan, Lauren G. Heine                    18
Principles of Soil Dynamics, Second Edition - Braja M. Das, Gunturi V. Ramana                                                                  20
Principles of Geotechnical Engineering, Seventh Edition & Seventh Edition SI Version - Braja M. Das                                            22
Principles of Foundation Engineering, Seventh Edition & Seventh Edition SI Version - Braja M. Das                                              23
Traffic & Highway Engineering - SI Version, Fourth Edition - Nicholas Garber, Lester Hoel                                                      28
Structural Analysis - SI Version, Fourth Edition - Aslam Kassimali                                                                             31
Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics, Third Editions & Third Edition SI Versions - Andrew Pytel, Jaan Kiusalaas                           34
Advanced Control Theory: A Relay Feedback Approach, First Edition - Somanath Majhi                                                             42
Microelectronic Circuits: Analysis and Design, Second Edition - Muhammad H. Rashid                                                             60
Embedded Systems & Robots: Projects Using the 8051 Microcontroller, First Edition - Subrata Ghoshal                                            68
Power Systems Analysis and Design - SI Version, Fourth Edition - Duncan Glover, Mulukutla Sarma, Thomas J. Overbye                             69
Advanced Electric Power Network Analysis, Boming Zhang, Zheng Yan                                                                              70
Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems, Third Edition - Dharma P. Agrawal, Qing-An Zeng                                                   72
The Science & Engineering of Materials, Sixth Edition - Donald Askeland, Pradeep Fulay, Wendelin Wright                                        73
A First Course in the Finite Element Method - SI Version, Fourth Edition - Daryl L. Logan                                                      85
Mechanics of Fluids - SI Version, Third Edition - Merle C. Potter and David C. Wiggert                                                         88
Principles of Heat Transfer, Sixth Edition - Frank Kreith, Raj M. Manglik, Mark S. Bohn                                                        90
Design of Fluid Thermal Systems - SI Version, Third Edition - William S. Janna                                                                 90
Mechatronics System Design, Second Edition - Devdas Shetty, Richard A. Kolk                                                                    92
Principles of Industrial Instrumentation and Control Systems, First Edition - Chennakesava R. Alavala                                          94
Table of Contents
General Engineering                                                       2      Digital Signal Processing/Signals and Systems                  51
Introduction to Engineering                                                2     Electromagnetics                                               60
Engineering Communication                                                  3     Electronics                                                    60
Engineering Computing                                                      5     Image Processing                                               62
Engineering Design                                                         8     Microprocessors                                                64
Engineering Ethics                                                         9     Physical Design of CMOS Circuits                               69
Engineering Graphics                                                       9     Power Systems/Electric Machines                                69
Engineering Mathematics/Numerical Methods for Engineers                   11     Wireless Communications                                        72
Engineering Probability and Statistics                                    16
                                                                                 Materials Science                                             73
Civil Engineering                                                        17      Materials Science                                              73
Engineering Law                                                           17
Environmental Engineering                                                 18     Mechanical Engineering                                        77
Geotechnical/Soil Dynamics/Foundations                                    20     Introduction to Mechanical Engineering                         77
Highway/Traffic Engineering                                               28     Mechanics of Materials                                         78
Hydraulics                                                                29     Engineering Mechanics                                          80
Steel Design                                                              30     Finite Element Analysis                                        85
Structural Analysis                                                       31     Fluid Mechanics                                                88
Mechanics of Materials                                                    33     Heat Transfer/Thermal Systems                                  89
Engineering Mechanics                                                     34     Kinematics/Mechanism Design                                    91
                                                                                 Mechatronics                                                   92
Electrical and Computer Engineering                                      39      System Dynamics and Control/Response                           92
Introduction to Electrical Engineering                                    39     Vibrations                                                     94
Circuits                                                                  40
Communication Systems                                                     41     Author Index                                                   96
Control Theory                                                            41     Title Index                                                    97
Digital Logic/Digital Design                                              44     Contact Information                             inside back cover

  IE                                                       http://cengage.com/engineering                                                            1
General Engineering
Introduction to Engineering                           Contents                                             NEW!
                                                      1. The Mechanical Engineering Profession
                                                         Overview / What is Engineering? / Who Are
                                                         Mechanical Engineers? / Career Paths/ Typical     Engineering Fundamentals
                                                         Program of Study / Summary / Self-Study and
                                                         Review / Problems / References
                                                                                                           An Introduction to Engineering
                                                      2. Problem-Solving And Communication Skills          Fourth Edition
                                                         Overview / An Error of Units on the Way
                                                                                                           Saeed Moaveni, Minnesota State University at Mankato
                                                         to Mars / Unit Systems and Conversions /
                                                         Significant Digits / Dimensional Consistency
                                                                                                           688 pages. Softbound. 7-3/8 x 9-1/4. 2011.
                                                         / Estimation in Engineering / Presenting
                                                                                                           ISBN: 1-4390-6208-0, ISBN 13: 978-1-4390-6208-1
                                                         Engineering Calculations / Communication
                                                         Skills in Engineering / Summary / Self-Study
                                                         and Review / Problems / References                SI Units
                                                      3. Forces In Structures And Machines                 ISBN: 1-4390-6210-2, ISBN 13: 978-1-4390-6210-4
                                                         Overview / Forces in Rectangular and Polar
An Introduction to                                       Forms / Resultant of Several Forces / Moment
                                                                                                           Specifically designed as an introduction to the
                                                                                                           exciting world of engineering, Engineering
Mechanical Engineering                                   of a Force / Equilibrium of Forces and Moments
                                                         / Design Application: Rolling-Element Bearings    Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering,
Second Edition                                           / Summary / Self-Study and Review / Problems      encourages students to become engineers and
Jonathan Wickert, Iowa State University                  / References
                                                                                                           prepares them with a solid foundation in the
                                                      4. Materials And Stresses
                                                         Overview / Tension and Compression /              fundamental principles and physical laws. The
416 pages. Softbound. 7-3/8 x 9-1/4. 2-Color. 2006
ISBN: 0-534-55297-8, ISBN-13: 978-0-534-55297-8          Material Response / Shear / Engineering           book begins with a discovery of what engineers
                                                         Materials / Factor of Safety / Summary /          do as well as an inside look into the various
This richly illustrated text reflects the                Self-Study and Review / Problems / References
                                                                                                           areas of specialization. An explanation on good
experiences and philosophy of the author              5. Fluids Engineering
                                                         Overview / Properties of Fluids / Pressure and    study habits and what it takes to succeed is
as is presented in his introductory course,              Buoyancy Force / Laminar and Turbulent Fluid      included as well as an introduction to design
Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering,                  Flows / Fluid Flow in Pipes / Drag Force / Lift   and problem solving, communication, and
currently being taught at Iowa State University.         Force / Summary / Self-Study and Review /
                                                         Problems / References                             ethics. Once this foundation is established, the
Dr. Wickert introduces students to the                                                                     book moves on to the basic physical concepts
                                                      6. Thermal And Energy Systems
vocabulary, skills, applications, and excitement         Overview / Mechanical Energy, Work, and           and laws that students will encounter regularly.
of the mechanical engineering profession.                Power / Heat as Energy in Transit / Energy        The framework of this text teaches students
The text balances problem solving skills,                Conservation and Conversion / Heat Engines
                                                         and Efficiency / Case Study 1: Internal-          that engineers apply physical and chemical laws
communications skills, design engineering                Combustion Engines / Case Study 2: Electrical     and principles as well as mathematics to design,
analysis, real world applications, and practical         Power Generation / Case Study 3: Jet Engines /    test, and supervise the production of millions
technology.                                              Summary / Self-Study and Review / Problems /
                                                                                                           of parts, products, and services that people use
Key Features                                          7. Motion And Power Transmission                     every day. By gaining problem solving skills and
 Includes a chapter on Fluids Engineering               Overview / Rotational Motion / Design             an understanding of fundamental principles,
 Sections on communications skills, materials           Application: Gears / Speed, Torque, and Power     students are on their way to becoming
  selection and manufacturing processes are              in Gearsets / Simple and Compound Geartrains
                                                                                                           analytical, detail-oriented, and creative
                                                         / Design Application: Belt and Chain Drives /
  also included.                                         Planetary Geartrains / Summary / Self-Study       engineers.
 "Focus on.." boxes in each chapter are used            and Review / Problems / References
  to highlight topics of interest                     8. Mechanical Design                                 New to This Edition
 Coverage of both Imperial and SI Units                 Oview / High-Level Design / Manufacturing          A brand new section on Engineering
 Includes vignettes and case studies                    Processes / Patents in Engineering / Case Study     Technology has been added.
 Realistic and interesting applications                 in Conceptual Design: Mousetrap-Powered            Additional Ethics Case Studies as well as
  dominate throughout the text.                          Vehicles / Case Study in Computer-Aided             Engineering Marvels Case Studies appear
                                                         Design: Noninvasive Medical Imaging / Case          in the text.
Ancillaries                                              Study in Machine Design: The Hydra-Matic           There are more sections on MATLAB and
Instructor's Solutions Manual                            Transmission / Summary / Self-Study
                                                                                                             additional problems.
ISBN: 0-495-07312-1, ISBN-13: 978-0-495-07312-3          and Review / Problems / References
                                                                                                            New and increased number of Professional
                                                      A. Greek Alphabet
                                                                                                             Profiles as well as Impromptu Designs.
Also Available                                        B. Trigonometry Review
An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering,            Index                                                Key Features
First Edition, Korean Version
                                                                                                            The book is organized into 6 parts with 20
ISBN: 9-812-65375-9, ISBN-13: 978-981-265-375-8
                                                                                                             chapters; each chapter begins by stating its
An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering,                                                                   objectives and concludes by summarizing
Second Edition, Portuguese Version                                                                           what the reader should have gained from
ISBN: 8-522-10540-5, ISBN-13: 978-8-522-10540-3                                                              studying that chapter.
                                                                                                            Sufficient material is provided to allow
                                                                                                             instructors to have the flexibility to choose
                                                                                                             specific topics to meet his or her needs.
                                                                                                            Information collection and proper utilization

2                                                          http://cengage.com/engineering                                                                IE
                                                                                                                       General Engineering
  of that information are encouraged in this                                                                 Author designed PowerPoint Presentation
  book by asking students to do a number             Engineering Communication                                is available free to Instructors to assist in
  of assignments that require information                                                                     lectures.
  gathering by using the Internet as well as
  employing traditional methods.                                                                            Contents
 A full set of free PowerPoint slides created                                                              1. Building a Foundation
  by the author offer lecture content for                                                                       The Relevance of Engineering Communication /
  instructors. Another set of slides also                                                                       Characteristics of Engineering Communication
                                                                                                                / Ethics / Applications/ Cultural Impact / The
  provides images from the text.
                                                                                                                Issue of Gender / Correct Language / Case
                                                                                                                Studies / Exercises / Check It-Out  Useful
Ancillaries                                                                                                     Websites
Instructor's Solution Manual
ISBN: 1-4390-6209-9, ISBN-13: 978-1-4390-6209-8                                      IE                     2. The CMAPP Analysis
                                                                                                                Transactional Communication Models / The
                                                                                                                CMAPP Communication Model / Case Studies /
Author designed PowerPoint Presentation including
lecture notes available for free download
                                                     Engineering Communication                                  Exercises / Check It Out  Useful Web Sites
to aid instructors in lectures.                      A Practical Guide to Workplace                         3. Complementary Attributes of the CMAPP
                                                     Communications for Engineers                               Abbreviations and Acronyms / Complimentary
Also Available
                                                     David Ingre, Kwantlen University College                   CMAPP Attributes / Case Study / Exercises /
Engineering Fundamentals:
                                                                                                                Check It Out  Useful Web Sites
An Introduction to Engineering, First
Edition Korean Version                               312 pages. Softbound.7-3/ 8 x 9-1/4. 2-Color. 2008.   4. Research and Reference Works
                                                     ISBN: 0-495-29598-1, ISBN-13: 978-0-495-29598-3            Research / Documenting Sources / Style Guides
ISBN: 89-91182-30-5, ISBN-13: 978-89-91182-30-1                                                                 / Language Use Tools / Case Study / Exercises /
                                                     Intended for an Introductory Communications                Check-It Out  Useful Web Sites
Contents                                                                                                    5. From Data to Information
                                                     course for Engineering students, this book
Part One: Engineering  An Exciting Profession                                                                  Data versus Information / The Information-
 1. Introduction to the Engineering Profession       also serves as a workplace guide for practicing
                                                                                                                Evaluation Distinction / Case Study / Exercises /
 2. Preparing for an Engineering Career              engineers. Predicated on the successful                    Check It Out  Useful Web Sites
 3. Introduction to Engineering Design               dynamic analysis model CMAPP (context,                 6. Visual Elements in Written and Oral
 4. Engineering Communication                                                                                   Communication
 5. Engineering Ethics                               message, audience, purpose, and product),
                                                                                                                Document Visuals / Visuals in Documents and
Part Two: Engineering Fundamentals  Concepts        this practical guide provides students with a
                                                                                                                Presentations / Charts and Tables / Clip Art and
Every Engineer Should Know                           variety of communication strategies, along                 Other Web Visuals / Case Study / Exercises /
 6. Fundamental Dimensions and Units                 with help in creating the types of proposals,              Check It Out  Useful Web Sites
 7. Length and length-Related Parameters                                                                    7. Communication Strategies (1): Conveying
                                                     reports, memos, letters etc. most appropriate
 8. Time and Time-Related Parameters                                                                            News
 9. Mass and mass-Related Parameters                 for the workplace. Interrelated case studies and
                                                                                                                Standardization and Originality / Conveying
10. Force and Force-Related Parameters               exercises help to develop the critical thinking            Good news / Conveying Bad News / Neutral
11. Temperature and Temperature-Related              and planning skills essential for engineering              news / Case Studies / Exercises / Check It Out 
    Parameters                                                                                                  Useful Web Sites
12. Electric Current and Related Parameters          students, and the importance of both ethical
                                                                                                            8. Communication Strategies (2): Mechanism
13. Energy and Power                                 and cultural considerations in the development
                                                                                                                Description, Process Description, and
Part Three: Computational Engineering Tools         of effective communications is stressed                    Instructions
Using Available Software to Solve Engineering        throughout the book.                                       Mechanism Description / Simple Technical
Problems                                                                                                        Description / Complex Description / Process
14. Electronic Spreadsheets                          Key Features                                               Description / Instructions / Case Study /
15. MATLAB                                           This text focuses on the most important                  Exercises / Check It Out  Useful Web Sites
Part Four: Engineering Graphical Communication         elements of contemporary communications              8. Communication Strategies (3): Persuasion
 Conveying Information to Other Engineers,            likely to be used by engineers.                          Persuasive Strategies / Targeting the Intellect
Machinists, Technicians, and Managers                                                                           / Targeting the Emotions / Choosing a Strategy
                                                      An exploration of the growing distinctions
16. Engineering Drawings and Symbols                                                                            / Case Study / Exercises / Check It Out  Useful
                                                       between technical communications and                     Web Sites
Part Five: Engineering Material Selection             more traditional forms of writing such as
An Important Design Decision                                                                                10. Common Products (1): Letters, Memos, Faxes,
                                                       narratives and essays is emphasized.                     and E-mail
17. Engineering Materials
                                                      Students will be given the opportunity to                Letters / Memos / Faxes / Email / Case Studies
Part Six: Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering
                                                       deal with the importance of both ethics and              / Exercises / Check It Out  Useful Web Sites
Economics  Why Are They Important?
                                                       cultural considerations in the development           11. Common Products (2): Reports, Summaries,
18. Mathematics in Engineering
19. Probability and Statistics in Engineering          of effective communication.                              and Abstracts
20. Engineering Economics                             Case studies are presented through out the               Definitions and Distinctions / Reports Overview
Appendix                                               text which allow the student to examine the              / Informal Reports / Categories / Formal
Index                                                  application of the CMAPP approach in the                 Reports / Case Study / Exercises / Check It Out
                                                                                                                 Useful Web Sites
                                                       real world and study and analyze common
                                                                                                            12. Common Products (3): Proposals
                                                       weaknesses.                                              Classification of Proposals / CMAPP Implication
                                                      Exercises are based on material covered in               / Informal and Formal Proposals / General
                                                       the chapter and give opportunities to apply              Considerations / Case Study / Exercises / Check
                                                       the material to the case study organizations             It Out  Useful Web Sites
                                                       as well as with people in the real-world             13. Effective Presentations
                                                       marketplace.                                             The CMAPP Approach to Presentations /
                                                      At the end of every chapter is a list of useful          Audience Analysis / Purpose / Conquering
                                                       web sites that relate either to the material             Stage Fright / The Development Process
                                                       covered in the chapter or to relevant                    / Types of Delivery / Elements of the
                                                       communications issues.

  IE                                                      http://cengage.com/engineering                                                                       3
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