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    2007 Motion Pro, Inc. 867 American Street San Carlos, CA 94070   MOTIONPRO.COM
                             Table of Contents
        Intro to Cables                                                                 5
        Bulk Cable, Cable Fittings and Cable Fittings Kit                               6
        Intro to Carburetor Caps                                                        6
        Universal Cables                                                                7
        Intro to Throttles and Throttle Kits                                            8
        Intro to Throttles and Throttle Sleeves                                         9
        Intro to Levers, Off-Road and Street                                            10 - 11
                                   Cable Applications
        Black Vinyl                                                                 12 - 17
        Black Vinyl Special Street                                                  18
        Black Vinyl Special Off-Road                                                18
        Armor Coat (AC) - Metric Cruisers                                           19
        T-2 Gray Off-Road                                                           20
        T-2 Gray Sport Bike                                                         20
                                   Control Applications 
                 Twist Throttles, Cables for Throttles and Throttle Sleeves
        Twist Throttle Kits                                                         21
        Cables for Vortex Throttle 
        Cables for Turbo Throttle 
        Cables for Magura 314TM Throttle                                            24
        Cables for CR CompetitionTM                                                 24 - 25
        Cables for CR Pro Throttles 
                                                                                    24 - 25
        Cables for Agricultural (AG) Throttle                                       24 - 25
        Cables for Straight Push-Pull Throttle                                      25
        Throttle Sleeves                                                            26
                                   Lever Applications
        OE Style Replacement Levers                                                  27 - 29
        MX Forged Levers                                                             30
        Wide Blade Levers                                                            30
                                         Rim Locks
        Rim Locks                                                                    31
        Tire Tools                                                                  31
        Suspension Tools                                                            31
        Flywheel Pullers                                                            31
        Pro Bleeders                                                                31
                                    Reference Chart
        Suzuki Reference Chart                                                       32
                                   What's in a Name?
        What's in a Name?                                                            33
   2                                                                                          4/07
                                 All the Important Stuff                                                  
   Terms of Business:
   Motion Pro sells to authorized powersports distributors, powersports dealers, specialty manufacturers and retail consumers.
   We encourage retail consumers to purchase our products from their local powersports dealer where they can see an item
   before purchasing it, obtain necessary technical advice and information, save shipping charges, and obtain additional services
   that we cannot offer. We encourage powersports dealers to buy our products from one of our authorized distributors to get the
   lowest pricing and best terms. Our terms of sale to powersports dealers and retail consumers are FOB San Carlos, California
   and payment must be made by credit card or money order. We do not issue refunds or accept returns except in case of
   warranty where we have chosen to issue a refund instead of repair or replacement. Please call us if you cannot find the product
   you are looking for at your local dealer or favorite distributor.
   We accept orders by mail, email, telephone or fax from authorized account holders. Our staff is available during regular business
   hours (pacific standard time) to answer your technical questions or special application needs. For more information contact
   your dealer, visit us at or give us a call and one of our sales representatives will be happy to answer any
   questions you may have. Our office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm PST, Monday through Friday.

   Part Numbering:
   All Motion Pro cables are individually packed in poly sleeves with a color-coded header card. Each color represents a specific
   brand or type of cable. Our part number and the type of cable is printed on each header card. In addition, the Motion Pro part
   number is embossed on each cable to ensure positive identification.

   Warranty claims must be made directly to Motion Pro, Inc. Please call the Motion Pro Warranty Department during regular
   business hours (M-F, 8-5 pm, PST) to obtain an RGA number before you return any product to Motion Pro. We will not accept
   product that is returned without a Motion Pro issued RGA number. After you obtain an RGA number, send the item along with a
   copy of your purchase receipt to Motion Pro Warranty Dept., 867 American Street, San Carlos, CA 94070. The RGA number
   must be clearly marked on the outside of the package. Please include a brief description of the problem, your full name, company
   name, address, and telephone number and email address. We cannot process warranty claims that are made with incomplete
   information or without a valid RGA number or purchase receipt. Warranties on Motion Pro products are applicable to the
   original purchaser only and are not transferable. Claimant is responsible for all freight charges to return product to Motion Pro.
   If upon inspection we find that the product was covered under the Motion Pro warranty for that product we will, at our choice,
   either repair or replace the item at no charge, freight prepaid. Unless specifically requested, we will not return product sent
   to us if we determine that the product is no longer covered under the applicable warranty or the damage was due to abuse or
   neglect. Claimant is responsible for freight charges to return product to claimant that is not covered under warranty.
   Motion Pro warranties are limited; see the "Warranty Limitations" for further information.

   Warranty Limitations:
   As to products where Motion Pro, Inc. is not the manufacturer, Motion Pro, Inc. grants no warranties whatsoever, whether
   express or implied or statutory, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular
   purpose. The customers' sole remedy is specifically limited to the warranties, if any, granted by the manufacturer of the product.
   As to product, if any, where Motion Pro, Inc. is the manufacturer, Motion Pro, Inc. guarantees said products for one year from
   the date of purchase by the customer against defects in materials and workmanship only, and that guarantee is limited to the
   repair or replacement of that product only. Repair or replacement of any part is subject to Motion Pro, Inc. determining that the
   part is in fact defective and that the part was not subjected to abuse or excessive use and was properly installed, serviced and
   maintained. The above is customer's exclusive remedy. The above is expressly in lieu of all warranties express or implied and of
   all other obligations or liabilities. In no event shall Motion Pro, Inc. be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising
   from the breach of any warranties, improper installation, the failure to deliver, delay in delivery, delivery of non-conforming parts,
   or any other breach of contract or duty. There are no warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability
   and fitness for a particular purpose, which extend beyond the face of this statement.

   Back Orders:
   All back orders should be confirmed directly with your distributor.

   Motion Pro Inc.
   Reserves the right to change any and all prices without notice.
   Brand Names: The names of Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Bombardier, Can-Am
   and other brands, as well as part numbers are used as a reference only. Our intention is that our products can be used on your
   customers brand-name vehicles. No products in our catalog are made by or with the permission of Harley-Davidson, Honda,
   Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha or any other company that manufactures a vehicle our parts may be used on.

   Copyright 2007
   Motion Pro, Inc.: This catalog and any supplement (including photos, line art, product descriptions, and manner of
   presentation), are the property of Motion Pro, Inc. and may not be copied or reproduced without the express written
   permission of Motion Pro, Inc.

   Motion Pro is a registered trademark. Any reproduction of the name or likeness without the express written permission of
   Motion Pro, Inc. is prohibited.

4/07                                                                                                                                        3
                    How this Catalog Works
    About This Catalog
    We completely reorganized our applications catalog in an effort to
    give you a book that is easier to use, more complete, and one that
    you can easily update when we publish new information.

    Not every dealer carries product for every brand of vehicle so we
    separated out each brand of vehicle and now publish separate
    books for each brand.

    Within each Model Group we organized applications by product
    category (Black Vinyl Cables, Armor Coat Cables, Levers, Etc.).
    Within each product category the applications are listed by
    displacement and then alphabetically by model and year.

    We will update this catalog various times during the year as new
    applications become available and post the updated catalog on our
    web site for easy downloading. We will note on our web site which
    pages have changed so you can either print out the entire catalog
    or just those pages that have been updated.

    We recommend that you place each page in a sheet protector and
    then put them in a three ring binder. We recommend the Avery
    Heavyweight Presentation Sheet Protectors for this purpose
    (available from your local office supply store).

    Thank you for using Motion Pro products.

4                                                                        4/07
                                                     Cables intro                                          
Motion Pro Standard Black Vinyl Cables
Our standard replacement black vinyl cables meet or exceed O.E. quality. Black Vinyl cables
feature a rolled tempered-steel wire housing made to exact inner and outer specifications
to insure correct clearances for the inner wire. All cables have an inner nylon sleeve for longer life and smooth
operation. Motion Pro uses the terminology "coil wound" (CW) to describe the standard type of cable housing.

Motion Pro Armor Coat Braided Stainless Steel Cables
Dress your bike up with a set of Motion Pro, Armor Coat Braided Stainless Steel
Cables. Armor Coat cables feature a crystal-clear protective coating to protect the finish on your
motorcycle and preserve the radiance of the braided stainless steel cables. Extensively tested
to resist the effects of the sun's UV rays.

Motion Pro T2 Motocross Cables
Motion Pro T2 cables are our very best cables. All our T2 cables feature a Polyethylene (PE) liner for
smooth operation and durability. Motion Pro T2 cables have proven their superiority in the demanding
sports of Supercross, MX, enduro, and dirt track racing.

T2 throttle cables feature rolled tempered-steel coil wound (CW) housing with 1.5mm or 1.2 mm
inner wire for strength and durability.

Our T2 clutch cables feature longitudinally wound        housing. Clutch cables are subject to very
heavy loads and the       housing used in our T2 cables resists compression under heavy
loads to deliver a precise, positive, non-mushy feel for enhanced performance.

All our cables are manufactured for specific models to insure perfect fitment. Complete cable kits are available for most popular MX and Offroad

                            What is Longitudinally Wound Housing
                             Longitudinally wound housing will not compress and feel mushy under heavy loads.
                                  cables deliver a precise, positive feel for enhanced performance.
                             PE Liner for durability and smoothness
                             All our cables are manufactured for specific models to insure perfect fitment.

                                           Longitudinally Wound                                        Coil Wound Housing
                                           Housing (LW)                                                (CW)

Motion Pro T2 Gray Sportbike Cables
Motion Pro knows that precision control is required for racing today's
advanced and remarkably fast Sportbikes. Our T2 series of cables for Sportbikes
are the latest addition to our growing line of performance cables. This is the same program
that was successfully introduced and embraced in the demanding sports of Motocross, Supercross, and
Off-road racing. The overwhelming success of the T2 series of cables for Off-road racing applications inspired the
development of the T2 series of cables for Sportbikes. T2 clutch cables for Sportbikes are gray and feature our "longitudinally-wound"
housing which resists housing compression and results in a precise and easy to operate clutch. Roadrace testing confirms that today's Sportbikes
with large displacement motors and high performance clutches can increase their clutch control by eliminating the "spongy" clutch lever feel and
imprecise engagement that standard OEM coil-wound cables provide.

4/07                                                                                                                                           5
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