SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 Solutions

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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence

SAP BusinessObjectsTM Business Intelligence
4.0 Solutions
Empowering the Real-Time, Mobile, Social,
and Global Enterprise
SAP BusinessObjectsTM Business Intelligence 4.0 Solutions

Table of Contents

5   Big Data in Real Time
    High-Performance Analytic Databases
    Real-Time Event Notification

6   Insight with Trust Across Business and Social Data
    Unified View of Business and Social Data
    Data Trust and Confidence

7   Instant, Powerful BI in Your Hands
    Instant Mobile BI
    Easy Experience for Everyone
    Full Spectrum of BI Functionality

9   Best Fit, Right Size, Right Now
    Globally Ready and Adaptive
    Choice of Delivery Model

Make Data-Driven Decisions with BI Technology


With the rapid changes in today's market, busi-                     Business Analytics Solutions from SAP

ness, and technology landscape, organizations                       SAP BusinessObjectsTM business intelligence (BI) solutions help organiza-
need today's business intelligence (BI) plat-                       tions better understand their business and make more confident decisions.
                                                                    Complementing these with other business analytics solutions from SAP
forms to provide real-time performance on big                        for data warehousing; enterprise information management; enterprise
data, insight with trust across business and                        performance management; and governance, risk, and compliance  orga-
                                                                    nizations can monitor, explore, and analyze data, and then use it to plan,
social data, and instantly available mobile BI.                     mitigate risk, and take action. They can decide better, perform better, and
And they need BI solutions that are globally                        achieve better results throughout all areas of their business.

ready, easily scalable, and flexibly deployable.

Imagine if every person in your business could make better           Insight with trust across business and social data  Data is
choices and decisions every time because of having the neces-          no longer just internal operational information. It now
sary information and context. A 2011 MIT Sloan School of Man-          includes the sentiment, feelings, and opinions of customers
agement research study has found that firms that adopt                 and other people from the Internet and other social media
data-driven decision making have output and productivity that          sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Both types of
is 5% to 6% higher than what would be expected given their             data must be captured accurately so that people can trust
other investments and information technology usage.1 It's no           and use it with confidence in their decisions and actions.
surprise that BI technology that enables data-driven decision        Instant, powerful BI in your hands  Data consumption is
making has been a top spending priority for CIOs, and that             no longer restricted to computers on a fixed network, tying
leading organizations see BI as a mission-critical information         workers to their office. It can now take place on smartphones
infrastructure that is simply a requirement of doing business.         and tablets, allowing an increasingly mobile workforce to
                                                                       instantly access information, make decisions, and act when-
In today's fast-moving organizations, BI is essential for consis-      ever and wherever necessary.
tent execution of strategy by top management, improving cus-         The best fit and right size, right now  Solutions that can
tomer loyalty, increasing forecast accuracy, and measuring             deal with expanding data, BI requirements, and new delivery
profitability. Thus a BI platform must provide an enterprise-          methods are only economically viable if they can be deployed
wide information infrastructure that allows your organization          and managed while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)
to make every person, process, and decision more intelligent          and the demand on IT. This means today's BI platform must
and closes the loop between information and action.                    be globally ready, scalable, and agile.

Rapid changes in markets, business, and technology are push-        This paper examines the evolving needs that organizations
ing the evolution of BI platforms to include:                       expect a BI platform to fulfill, and how the SAP BusinessObjectsTM
 Real-time performance on big data  Data volumes within          business intelligence 4.0 solutions meet those critical
   organizations are exploding. Organizations need to be able to    requirements.
   access massive amounts of data. And for many parts of the
   business, real-time access and alerting is the difference
   between success and failure.
Fast Insight into Huge Amounts of Information

Big Data in Real Time

Your BI platform must enable users to access, analyze, and be       Real-Time Event Notification
alerted about the right information from the vast amounts of
existing and new data that is generated every minute  and do       On any given day, thousands of business activities and transac-
it quickly, often in real time.                                     tions take place within an organization's operations, producing
                                                                    an ever-expanding amount of data. Customers buy and return
High-Performance Analytic Databases                                 products. Warehouses and stores receive goods. Many organi-
                                                                    zations struggle with knowing when something isn't happening
A key challenge facing organizations of any size in any industry    as planned because they do not have good visibility or ade-
is managing and analyzing the soaring quantity of data and          quate response time to events happening across their business
harnessing that information to improve the business. IT is chal-    landscape. They're unable to adjust business processes quickly
lenged by the high costs associated with the purchase and           to reflect current and changing conditions. People in these
maintenance of hardware needed to accommodate large data            organizations need to understand what is happening in real
volumes, while business users need quick, often real-time           time so that they can respond to arising risks and
access to analyze this information in order to respond to ever-     opportunities.
changing market conditions.
                                                                    SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight software helps organiza-
New data warehousing solutions from SAP address this issue          tions monitor streaming data from a variety of data sources
by providing real-time access to big data in a uniquely efficient   using a complex event-processing engine, searching for unex-
and affordable manner.                                              pected events that may impact daily operations. It continu-
                                                                    ously delivers event insight to frontline workers via real-time
SAP HANATM Appliance Software                                       dashboards or alert notifications, so that business users can
High-performance SAP HANATM appliance software allows orga-         quickly respond to changing conditions.
nizations to analyze large volumes of operations data and get
immediate answers to business questions. Business users can         SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight can be used to monitor
instantly explore and analyze all of their transactional and ana-   events that could negatively impact the ability to meet opera-
lytical data from virtually any data source in real time. And       tional key performance indicators (KPIs) or service-level agree-
when managing large data volumes, SAP HANA is also simpler          ments (SLAs). For example, a produce company may have an
and more cost-effective to operate and manage compared to           operational KPI that product deliveries must fall within 30 min-
traditional disk-based data warehousing systems.                    utes of planned time. Using the software, the company tracks
                                                                    the location of trucks by continuously monitoring streaming
Sybase IQ                                                          GPS data. At the same time, the software monitors traffic infor-
Sybase IQ software is a highly optimized analytics server          mation from streaming Internet feeds. It correlates the event
designed specifically to deliver superior performance for           data, comparing actual versus projected delivery times, and
mission-critical business intelligence, analytics, and data ware-   continuously recalculates the rate of delivery for each route.
housing solutions on any standard hardware and operating            This information is continuously pushed to a real-time dash-
system. The pioneering column-based architecture in Sybase          board, enabling the operations center to monitor delivery prog-
IQ has been proven in the most challenging real-world report-       ress. If the rate of delivery is slower than needed to meet the
ing and analytic workloads. It effectively handles large volumes    SLA, the route is displayed as an exception on the dashboard.
of ad hoc queries and hundreds of concurrent users, often           This enables an agent to act immediately by confirming the
increasing conventional query performance by 5, 10, and even        delay with the route driver and dispatching an auxiliary truck to
100 times. Its data compression algorithms reduce data stor-        assist in order to meet the SLA.
age volumes by more than 70%, while superior manageability
routinely reduces administrative costs by 75%.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 Solutions                                                                               5
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