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 Stress and Health
          Chapter 14


     Stress and Health

Stress and Illness
 Stress and Stressors
 Stress and the Heart
 Stress and the Susceptibility to 

Promoting Health
 Coping with Stress

             Stress and Health

      Promoting Health
        Managing Stress
        Modifying IllnessRelated 
        Thinking Critically About: 
        Alternative Medicine  New 
        Ways to Health, or Cold Snake 


Psychological states cause physical illness. Stress
  is any circumstance (real or perceived) that 
        threatens a person's wellbeing.
                                             Lee Stone/ Corbis

When we feel severe stress, our ability to cope with it is 
                      impaired.                           5

     Stress and Causes of Death
   Prolonged stress combined with unhealthy 
   behaviors may increase our risk for one of 
         todays four leading diseases.


           Behavioral Medicine
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claim that half 
    of the deaths in the US are due to people's 
behaviors (smoking, alcoholism, unprotected sex, 
 insufficient exercise, drugs, and poor nutrition).

    Psychologists and physicians have thus 
developed an interdisciplinary field of behavioral 
 medicine that integrates behavioral knowledge 
           with medical knowledge.

            Health Psychology
 Health psychology is a field of psychology that 
  contributes to behavioral medicine. The field 
studies stressrelated aspects of disease and asks 
             the following questions:

   1. How do emotions and personality factors 
      influence the risk of disease?
   2. What attitudes and behaviors prevent illness 
      and promote health and wellbeing?
   3. How do our perceptions determine stress?
   4. How can we reduce or control stress?

              Stress and Illness
   Stress can be adaptive. In a fearful or stress
 causing situation, we can run away and save our 
lives. Stress can be maladaptive. If it is prolonged 
(chronic stress), it increases our risk of illness and 
                  health problems.


             Stress and Stressors
   Stress is a slippery concept. At times it is the 
 stimulus (missing an appointment) and at other 
  times it is a response (sweating while taking a 


             Stress and Stressors
Stress is not merely a stimulus or a response. It is 
 a process by which we appraise and cope with 
      environmental threats and challenges.
                                                                Bob Daemmrich/ The Image Works

 When shortlived or taken as a challenge, stressors may 
 have positive effects. However, if stress is threatening or 
               prolonged, it can be harmful.

      The Stress Response System
 Canon proposed that 
   the stress response 
  (fast) was a fightor
flight response marked 
  by the outpouring of 
     epinephrine and 
norepinephrine from the  
 inner adrenal glands, 
  increasing heart and 
    respiration rates, 
 mobilizing sugar and 
 fat, and dulling pain.                                    12

                                 The Stress Response System

        The hypothalamus and 
        the pituitary gland also 
        respond to stress (slow) 
         by triggering the outer 
            adrenal glands to 
          secrete glucocorticoids


                               General Adaptation Syndrome
According to Selye, a stress response to any kind of
stimulation is similar. The stressed individual goes
               through three phases.
EPA/ Yuri Kochetkov/ Landov


                                       Stressful Life Events
                               Catastrophic Events: Catastrophic events like 
                                earthquakes, combat stress, and floods lead 
                              individuals to become depressed, sleepless, and 


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