American Government Honors

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American Government Honors
         Course # 2106320

     Instructional Plan

     Seminole County Public Schools

     Curriculum Services Department

               Revised 2008
  Seminole County Public Schools
      400 East Lake Mary Boulevard

           Sanford, FL 32773


                   Diane Bauer
                   Barry Gainer
                  Jeannie Morris
                 Sandra Robinson
                  Dede Schaffner

           Dr. Bill Vogel, Superintendent
                                                              American Government Honors Instructional Plan Page 1

                                    COURSE NUMBER 2106320
                                           CREDIT .5

This Instructional Plan is designed to guide the teacher as the required information is presented to and
mastered by students.

Components of the Instructional Plan--This Instructional Plan contains the components listed below.

Introductory Items

        Quarterly Scope and Sequence Chart--guides teachers in planning their instruction for the quarter.
        Teachers are expected to follow this timeline of topics.

The Instructional Plan

        Quarter--the quarter in which this portion of this course is to be mastered by the student.

        Textbook Reference--the portion of the primary instructional tool which is being presented.

        Webb's Depth of Knowledge--Teachers should use Webb's Depth of Knowledge questions at Level 2
        (Basic Application of Skill/Concept), Level 3 (Strategic Thinking) and Level 4 (Extended Thinking).
        Questions at these levels promote depth of understanding and meet FCAT requirements.
        Please see Appendix B for further information.

        Objectives--the student performance objective which is to be mastered by each student. These are
        the objectives for your lesson plan form. Teachers are expected to use different methods and additional
        content to meet the needs of their students

        Correlations--each objective is correlated to the appropriate social studies Sunshine State Standard(s)
        and Florida Statute 1003.42 (Required Instruction). Please note that many textbooks have Sunshine
        State Standards correlations included in them. These do not necessarily match the correlations for
        each objective. In addition, Florida is revising the Sunshine State Standards. Please use the
        correlations for each objective rather than the ones included in the textbook. (A=History, B=Geography,
        C=Government, D=Economics)

        Reading Strategies--methods or graphic organizers for vocabulary, pre-reading, during reading, and
        after reading. The graphic organizers are designed to give teachers a template to use as is or to modify
        as appropriate to the text material. Clicking on the method or organizer will open a web page explaining
        the method.
                                                           American Government Honors Instructional Plan Page 2

           Course Sequence and Pacing Guide for American Government Honors (2106320)
      Pearson Prentice Hall, Magruder's American Government with Florida State and Local Government,
                                           McClenaghan, 2004

                              Please see the Events Calendar on the next page.

                   Quarter 1 or 3                                          Quarter 2 or 4

1.0 The Foundations of American Government             5.0 The Legislative Branch
    (Chapters 1, 3, and 4)                                 (Chapters 10-12)

2.0 Civil Liberties                                    6.0 The Executive Branch
    (Chapters 19-21)                                       (Chapters 13-14)

3.0 Political Parties, Voting and the Electoral        7.0 Foreign Policy and National Defense
    Process                                                (Chapter 17)
    (Chapters 5, 6 and 7)
                                                       8.0 The Judicial Branch
4.0 The Media, Public Opinion, and Interest                (Chapter 18)
    (Chapters 8 and 9)                                 9.0 State and Local Government
                                                           (Chapters 24 & 25)
                                                              American Government Honors Instructional Plan Page 3

                                              Events and Celebrations


Labor Day (first Monday)
11 Patriot Day
17 Constitution Day (Federal Requirement)
Celebrate Freedom Week (last week of September--Florida Requirement)
National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)
Columbus Day (second Monday)

American Indian Heritage Month
11 Veterans' Day (Florida Requirement)
Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday)


Martin Luther King, Jr., Day (third Monday)

Black History Month
Presidents Day (third Monday)

Women's History Month
Irish American Heritage Month
Florida Heritage Month (March 15-April 15)

Florida Heritage Month (March 15-April 15)
Keep America Beautiful Month

Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month
Memorial Day (fourth Monday--Florida Requirement)

14 Flag Day

4 Independence Day
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