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Scott Foresman
                                HistorySocial Science
                                     for California 

Program Overview 

                   Scott Foresman HistorySocial Science for California 

Pearson Scott Foresman HistorySocial Science for California provides an innovative, 
integrated approach to standardsdriven and focused instruction using an interactive text, 
teacherdeveloped activities, and rich technology capabilities. 

Scott Foresman HistorySocial Science for California was written specifically for California, 
and provides comprehensive coverage of the Standards one standard per lesson. All 
instruction is organized by and focused on the Standards. 

The California HistorySocial Science Standards content can be taught through three 
instructional paths:  the core Text Path to deliver indepth content, a richmedia Digital Path, 
and an Active Path. All three instructional paths provide universal access, English Learner 
support, and builtin intervention. Each Path will allow teachers to accommodate students' 
learning styles, as well as their own teaching preferences and needs. The flexibility of the 
instructional Paths allows them to be used as an integrated whole, or as individual teaching 
tools to meet specific needs. 

Digital Path 

Delivered via computer and enabled by the technology in your school, the Digital Path 
contains all of the digital content for this Program -- standardsbased video, animation, 
interactive software, songs, audio and digital student text -- with easy and ondemand 
Each Digital Path lesson covers one California History Social Science Standard. There are 
therefore 139 K5 lessons in the Digital Path. All of the content has been aligned to the 
California English Language Arts standards and basal Reading/Language Arts programs, as 

Lesson Components 

Each Digital Path lesson contains:

      a video or animated introduction to the lesson
      a 35 minute instructional video
      an interactive practice software activity
      the online Student Text with audio
      vocabulary support, content reading support, and paper and pencil assignments. 

In addition, student materials are available digitally in Spanish.

                                   Scott Foresman
                                HistorySocial Science
                                     for California 


The Digital Path also provides online assessments and progress reports. Each lesson has a 
short pretest and quiz each unit has a test and each grade has four benchmark tests. Tests 
can be customized as well to accommodate what has been taught. All tests can also be 
printed and administered offline. 


Other program features include an online calendar to schedule instruction by day, week, 
month, or the entire year a lesson planning tool to create customized lessons and a Keyword 
Find that makes it easy to find specific content. 

The Digital Path is designed to be used in whole class, small group, and onetoone 
instructional settings. 

In addition, content and planning tools are accessible to students and teachers from home. 

                                              * * * 

Scott Foresman HistorySocial Science for California is designed to offer a new approach to 
how technology and digital media support core instruction and the instructional process. This 
program provides easy, organized and immediate access to a variety of media -- animation, 
video, interactive software activities, songs, audio, digital text -- that appeal to a diverse 
group of learners and support multiple teaching styles. 

Most importantly, this revolutionary, threepath approach provides strong historysocial 
science instruction to students in California schools -- with content that engages, interests, 
and supports student mastery of California learning objectives.

                                  Scott Foresman
                               HistorySocial Science
                                    for California 
Digital Path FAQ's 


      How does CA HSS address State Standards? 

       Scott Foresman HistorySocial Science for California has been written specifically for 
       California, and provides comprehensive coverage of the Standards one standard per 
       lesson.  All instruction is organized by and focused on the Standards.

      What types of media are on the Digital Path and what are their instructional 
       purposes?  How do they benefit my students? 

          Video  Engages, introduces concepts, builds background, taps prior knowledge, 
          establishes a common frame of reference, brings concepts to life through authentic 

          Interactive Software  Reteaches, develops reading, writing and comprehension 
          skills, provides opportunities for practice, reinforces concepts, provides 
          opportunities for exploration. 

          On Screen Text and Printables  Documents that build background and offer 
          research opportunities, offer writing experience and provide student progress 
          indicators to inform instruction. Text on screen with audio support in both English 
          and Spanish to support readers at all levels. 

          Assessments  Formative and summative evaluations at lesson, unit and 
          benchmark levels with detailed reports that can be aggregated by AYP data.

      How does the program meet the needs of groups such as ELL and Special 
       Education students? 

       Using lesson building features, teachers can quickly and discreetly differentiate 
       instruction based on individual abilities or interests. A concept, idea or lesson can be 
       seamlessly presented in a variety of ways to accommodate multiple intelligences, 
       language barriers, learning disabilities or simply to meet the varied needs of diverse 
       learners in the classroom. Teachers can quickly reach a wider range of students, 
       fostering equity and creativity in the classroom.

                               Scott Foresman
                            HistorySocial Science
                                 for California 
   Our ELL/ELD students are provided Spanish immersion until they can succeed 
    with English instruction  do you have bilingual (digital) material to support this 

    Student and teacher print materials are available in both English and Spanish. In 
    addition, the Digital Path provides access to student materials and activities in both 
    English and Spanish. As a teacher, you can choose to preview content on the Digital 
    Path in English or Spanish. While English is the default language, you can switch 
    between languages at any time using a pulldown menu in the Teacher view. Lesson 
    titles remain in English. Students may select language preference at login only.
   What are the instructional scenarios in which CA HSS may be applied?  (Ex. 
    Whole group, small group, independent study, classroom, lab, after school and 
    tutorial programs, etc.) 

    The program can be used in the classroom in whole class, small group, and oneto 
    one instructional settings. Depending on the technology configuration at your school or 
    district, the digital path can be used in the computer lab, in the classroom as part of 
    teacherled presentations, and for student projects in the library for independent study. 
    In addition, students and teachers can access the Digital Path from home.

   Does the Student Edition print from the Digital Path exactly as the print page? 

    Some questions were rewritten to accommodate a computer screen (i.e., "circle" on 
    the print page becomes interactive since students can't circle words).  Note:  the print 
    page will not include audio support within these modified sections.

   Do teachers have access to the digital content for all grade levels? 

    Yes.  Once a teacher has logged on, she can choose her grade level or any 
    grade level that she wishes to review.  While the teacher can view different 
    grade levels, students have access to their specific grade level.

   Are there different audio voices? 

    Yes a variety of voices, male and female, representing a wide crosssection of 
    cultures and communities.

   Are the Content Readers read aloud on the Digital Path? 

    Yes, content readers have audio support in both English and Spanish.

   Do the Content Readers have a hot button for vocabulary? 

    No, there are not links to vocabulary embedded in the Content Readers however, 
    there are vocabulary activities included in every digital lesson.

                               Scott Foresman
                            HistorySocial Science
                                 for California 
   What digital content will be in Spanish? 

    Student materials and digital content are available in Spanish. The Student interfaces 
    are available in both Spanish and English version (button labeling, icon labeling, etc.). 
    The teacher interface view is English Only.  The digital version of the Teacher 
    Resources from the print material is not available in Spanish.

   Our district has some schools in Open Court Reading and some schools in 
    Houghton Mifflin Reading.  Can our teachers access correlations to both reading 

    Correlations are found under the "Content" and "Find" buttons on the teacher interface.

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