(Long and Short Form) Oklahoma Resident Individual Income Tax

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Forms 511 and 511EZ Included
1998                                                    (Long and Short Form)

       Oklahoma Resident
         Individual Income
         Tax Forms and
        This packet includes: (See page 2 for the Table of Contents)
               Instructions for completing the 511 income tax form
               Instructions for completing the 511EZ income tax form
               Two 511 income tax forms
               Two 511EZ income tax forms
               One 540 form: Discover Card Payment Authorization Form
               Instructions for utilizing the direct deposit option
               1998 income tax tables
               One return envelope                          t re s se d O
                                                               S             ut
        Filing date:

                Your return must be
                 postmarked no later
                                                            O ut !
                 than April 15, 1999.
                                                    h e ck osit
                                                  C       D ep
                                                      c t


                                                          Ab    f
                                                               ou t Yo u r Re

   Oklahoma Tax Commission                   2501 North Lincoln Boulevard
                                           Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73194
          For information regarding assistance with your tax return, please see page 28.
                           1998 Oklahoma Individual Income Tax
Dear Oklahoma Taxpayer,

Enclosed are the components you will need from the Oklahoma Tax Commission to file your 1998 income taxes with the State of
Oklahoma. This packet contains the forms necessary for a "resident" filing. To clarify whether you are a resident or non-resident,
please read the section entitled "Residence Defined" on page 4 of this packet.

As a resident of Oklahoma, you have several ways to file your 1998 income taxes. The forms enclosed in this booklet are 511 and
511EZ. The Form 511EZ is traditionally used for those who prefer a short form method and have a relatively simple filing. Also
available in this booklet is the Form 511, which is a longer form and allows for more complex information, such as multiple exclusions
and/or deductions. If you are interested in the option of electronically filing your Oklahoma tax return, visit an authorized tax preparer

We realize everyone wants their refund as soon as possible. For the second straight year, the Oklahoma Tax Commission is offering
the option of having your refund direct deposited into your bank account. Information regarding this option is available on page 5.

If you have any questions about filing your Oklahoma income tax return, please call or visit us at one of the locations listed on the back
cover of this booklet. Our Taxpayer Assistance Division, available at all of our locations, is ready to assist you. Also, be sure and
visit our web site next time you are online. Our site address is www.oktax.state.ok.us. The option to e-mail us is also available on
the site as well as downloadable versions of income tax forms.

                 Before You Begin
                                                                           Robert E. Anderson, Chairman
You must complete your Federal income tax return before you
begin your 1998 Oklahoma income tax return. You will use the               Oklahoma Tax Commission
information entered on your Federal return to complete your
Oklahoma return.
Remember, when completing your Oklahoma return, round all
amounts to the nearest dollar.                                                              Table of Contents
        $2.01 to $2.49 - round down to $2.00                               Before You Begin ......................................... 2
        $2.50 to $2.99 - round up to $3.00                                 Helpful Hints ................................................ 2
Be sure and read all instructions before you begin. To ensure
                                                                           Which Form Do I Use? ................................ 3
you use the correct form, please read the section entitled
"Which Form Do I Use?" on page 3 which outlines the                        Residence Defined ...................................... 4
qualifications for each type of Oklahoma income tax return
form.                                                                      What Is Resident Income?.......................... 4
If you pay someone to prepare your return, be sure you take                Who Must File? ............................................ 4
them this entire packet. The use of the label and envelope in              Estimated Income Tax ................................. 4
the center of this packet is designed to speed up the process-
ing of your return.                                                        All About Refunds ........................................ 4
                                                                           What Is an Extension? ................................. 5
                    Helpful Hints                                          What If I Need to Amend A Return?............. 5
 File your return by April 15, 1999. If you need to file for an           Net Operating Loss ...................................... 5
  extension, use Form 504 and then later, file via Form 511.
                                                                           All About Direct Deposit ............................. 5
 Be sure you enclose copies of your Form(s) W-2 or 1099
  with your return, otherwise your return can not be processed.            Top of Form Instructions (511 and 511EZ) . 6
 Be sure to sign and date the return. If you are filing a joint           Form 511: Select Line Instructions ............. 7-12
  return, both you and your spouse need to sign.
                                                                           Form 511EZ: Line by Line Instructions ...... 13-14
 If you are interested in paying the tax due by Discover
  Card, please see page 27 for the Form 540.
                                                                           When You Are Finished ............................... 12&14
 After filing, if you have questions regarding the status of your         Tax Table One ............................................... 15-20
  refund, please call (405) 521-3146. The in-state toll-free               Tax Table Two ............................................... 21-26
  number is (800) 522-8165, extension 1-3146.
                                                                           Form 540: Discover Card Payments .......... 27
 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
  us in one of the ways listed on the back cover of this booklet.          Need Assistance? How to Reach Us ......... 28

                             "there are two different forms in this packet."
 Remember these forms are
for residents only. If you are
                                        "Which Form Do I Use?"
a non-resident or a part-year
     resident, please use
         Form 511NR.
                                            Form 511EZ                                                Form 511

   Filing Status                 Any filing status                                Any filing status

    Personal                     Personal Exemption                               Personal Exemption
                                 Special Exemption                                Special Exemption
   Exemptions                    Blind Exemption                                  Blind Exemption

   Dependents                    All dependents you are entitled to claim         All dependents you are entitled to claim

                                 No limit                                         No limit
     of Income
                                                                                  All adjustments:
                                 No adjustments allowed                           Interest on U.S. Government Obligations
                                                                                  Social Security
   Adjustments                                                                    Oklahoma Government or Federal Retirement
    to Federal                                                                    Other Retirement Income
                                                                                  Oil & Gas Depletion
  Adjusted Gross                                                                  Oklahoma/Federal Net Operating Loss(es)
      Income                                                                      Royalty Income Earned by an Inventor
                                                                                  Manufacturers Exclusion
                                                                                  Exempt Tribal Income
                                                                                  Historical Battle Sites
                                                                                  Gain/Loss from the sale of Government Obligations
                                                                                  Out of State Income/Loss
                                                                                  State & Municipal Bond Interest
                                                                                  Lump Sum Distributions (not included in Federal AGI)

                                 Only Subtractions from:                          All Subtractions:
    Subtractions                 Interest Qualifying for Exclusion                Interest Qualifying for Exclusion
                                 Partial Military Pay Exclusion                   Partial Military Pay Exclusion
        from                                                                      Qualifying Disability Deduction
     Oklahoma                                                                     Political Contributions
                                                                                  Qualified Medical Savings Accounts
      Adjusted                                                                    Qualified Adoption Expenses
    Gross Income                                                                  Agricultural Commodity Processing Facility Exclusion
                                                                                  Depreciation Adjustment for Swine or Poultry Producers

    Oklahoma Standard or                                   Allowed                Allowed
  Federal Itemized Deductions

                                 Withholding shown on Form W-2's                  Withholding shown on Form W-2's
     Payments                    Withholding shown on Form 1099's                 Withholding shown on Form 1099's
                                                                                  Estimated Tax Payments
                                                                                  Payments made with Extension

                                 Only Credits Allowed:                            All Credits Allowed:
   Tax Credits                   Child Care Credit                                Child Care Credit
                                 Low Income Sales Tax Refund/Credit               Low Income Sales Tax Refund/Credit
                                                                                  Low Income Property Tax Credit
                                                                                  Credit for Tax Paid to Another State
                                                                                  Oklahoma Investment/New Jobs Credit
                                                                                  Other Credits (see pages 10-11)

      Due Date                   Must be filed by April 15th                      April 15th
                                                                                  or later via an extension (see page 5)

               Residence Defined                                                     Who Must File?
Resident...                                                          Resident...
An Oklahoma resident is a person domiciled in this state             Every Oklahoma resident who has sufficient gross
for the entire tax year. "Domicile" is the place establish-          income to require them to file a Federal income tax
ed as a person's true, fixed, and permanent home. It is              return is required to file an Oklahoma return, regardless
the place you intend to return to whenever you are away              of the source of income. An Oklahoma return is also
(as on vacation abroad, business assignment, education               required if no Federal return is due because income
leave or military assignment). A domicile, once estab-               consists of municipal interest exempt from Federal
lished, remains until a new one is adopted.                          taxation. If you do not have a filing requirement, but
                                                                     have Oklahoma tax withheld, see Form 511RF.
Part-Year Resident...
A part-year resident is an individual whose domicile was             Part-Year Resident.. .
in Oklahoma for a period of less than 12 months during               Every part-year resident, during the period of residency,
the tax year.                                                        has the same filing requirements as a resident. During
                                                                     the period of non-residency, an Oklahoma return is also
Non-Resident...                                                      required if the Oklahoma part-year resident has gross
A non-resident is an individual whose domicile was not
                                                                     income from Oklahoma sources of $1,000 or more. Use
in Oklahoma for any portion of the tax year.
                                                                     Form 511NR.
Members of the Armed Forces...
Residency is established according to military domicile              Non-resident...
as established by the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief            Every non-resident with gross income from Oklahoma
Act.                                                                 sources of $1,000 or more is required to file an Okla-
                                                                     homa income tax return. Use Form 511NR.
If you were an Oklahoma resident at the time you
entered military service, assignment to duty outside                           Estimated Income Tax...
Oklahoma does not of itself change your state of resi-
dence. You must file your return as a resident of Okla-              If you filed quarterly estimated tax payments, you must
homa until such time as you establish a permanent                    use the Form 511.
residence in another state and change your military
records. See the specific instructions for line 28 - Partial         If you can reasonably expect your tax liability to exceed
Military Pay Exclusion.                                              the amount withheld by $500 or more, you are required
                                                                     to file a declaration of estimated tax and make quarterly
When the spouse of a military member is a civilian, most             estimated payments. Taxpayers who fail to file a decla-
states, Oklahoma included, allow the spouse to retain                ration and pay estimated tax are subject to penalty and
the same legal residency as the military member. They                interest on underpayment. Form OW-8-ES, for filing
file a joint resident tax return in the military members'            estimated tax payments, will be supplied on request. If
State of Legal Residency (if required) and are taxed                 at least 66-2/3% of your gross income for this year or
jointly under non-resident rules as they move from state             last year, is from farming, estimate payments are not
to state. If the non-military spouse does not wish to                required. If claiming this exception, please see line 52a.
choose the allowed residency of the military member,
then the same residency rules apply as would apply to
any other civilian. The spouse would then comply with                            All About Refunds...
all residency rules where living.                                    Remember, your return must be signed. Once your
                                                                     return is filed, if you have any questions regarding your
If both the military member and spouse are Oklahoma
                                                                     refund, please call (405) 521-3146. The in-state toll-
residents, they shall file a Form 511 residency return. In
                                                                     free number is (800) 522-8165, extension 1-3146.
this case, you should include income of both spouses
and take credit for tax paid another state, if applicable.
                                                                     When your original return is timely filed, you may have
If either spouse is a part-year or non-resident, they shall
                                                                     any amount of overpayment applied to your next year's
use Form 511NR.
                                                                     estimated tax. Refunds applied to the following year's
                                                                     Oklahoma Estimated Income Tax
       What Is "Resident Income?"                                    (at the taxpayer's request)
An Oklahoma resident individual is taxed on all income               may not be adjusted
reported on the federal return, except income from real              after the original due date
and tangible personal property located in another state,             of the return.                            Don't
income from business activities in another state, or the
gains/losses from the sales or exchange of real property             Be sure to check out the                 forget
in another state.                                                    option of having your refund

Note: Residents are taxed on all income from interest,
                                                                     deposited directly into your             to sign
                                                                     checking or savings account.
dividends, salaries, commissions and other pay for personal
services regardless of where earned. Wages earned outside of         This option is available to             your tax
Oklahoma must be included in your Oklahoma return, and               those who file via Form 511
credit for taxes paid other states claimed on Oklahoma               and Form 511EZ.                          return.
Schedule E. (See line 46.)
          What Is an "Extension?"                                                                Net Operating Loss...
A valid extension of time in which to file your Federal                          Oklahoma NOLs shall be separately determined by
return automatically extends the due date of your                                reference to Section 172 of the Internal Revenue Code
Oklahoma return if no Oklahoma liability is owed. A copy                         as modified by the Oklahoma Income Tax Act and shall
of the Federal extension must be enclosed with your                              be allowed without regard to the existence of a Federal
Oklahoma return. If your Federal return is not extended                          NOL. Enclose a detailed schedule showing the origin and
or an Oklahoma liability is owed, an extension of time to                        NOL computation. Residents use Oklahoma 511 NOL
file your Oklahoma return can be granted on Form 504.                            Schedules. Also enclose a copy of the Federal NOL
90% of the tax liability must be paid by the original                            computation.
due date of the return to avoid penalty charges for
late payment. Interest will be charged from the                                  Effective for all tax years beginning after 12/31/95
original due date of the return.                                                 Oklahoma Net Operating Losses may not be carried
                                                                                 back. A Net Operating Loss may be carried forward for a
                                                                                 period of time not to exceed 15 years. Title 68 O.S.
 What If I Need to Amend a Return?                                               Supp. 1993 Section 2358 (A) (3).
If your net income for any year is changed by the IRS,                           The Oklahoma NOL allowed/absorbed in the current tax
an amended return shall be filed within 1 year. Request                          year shall be subtracted on Oklahoma Form 511, line 6
and file Form 511X and enclose a copy of the Federal                             (other subtractions) or Oklahoma Form 511X, line 2.
Form 1040X or 1045. Part-year and non-residents shall
use Form 511NR. Please enclose a copy of IRS refund                              The Federal NOL allowed/absorbed in the current tax
or payment, if available, prior to expiration of Statute of                      year shall be added on Oklahoma Form 511, line 13
Limitations.                                                                     (other additions) or Oklahoma Form 511X, line 6.

                                                All About Direct Deposit
        Why Use Direct Deposit?
                    You get your refund faster.
                    Payment is more secure as there is no check to get lost.
                    Convenience. No trip to the bank to deposit your check.
                    Saves tax dollars. A refund by direct deposit costs less than a check.

        Filling Out the Direct Deposit Box...
        Please complete the direct deposit box on the tax return if you want us to directly deposit the amount shown on the
        refund line of your return into your account at a bank or other financial institution instead of sending you a check.
        First, check the appropriate box as to whether the check will be going into a checking account or savings account.
        Next, fill out the routing number. The routing number must be nine digits. If the first two digits are not 01 through 12
        or 21 through 32, the direct deposit will be rejected and a check will be issued instead. Using the sample check
        shown below, the routing number is 120120012.
        Last, enter your account number.
        The account number
                                                                        Routing                      Account
        can be up to 17                                                 Number                       Number
        characters (both            JOE SMITH                                                                                       1234
        numbers and                 SUSIE SMITH                                                                                15-0000/0000
        letters). Include           123 Main Street                                                                  19
        hyphens but omit            Anyplace, OK 00000
        spaces and special
        symbols. Enter the
        number from left to
                                    PAY TO THE
                                    ORDER OF            sample                                                            $
        right and leave any                                                                                               DOLLARS
        unused boxes blank.
        On the sample check         ANYPLACE BANK
        shown below, the            Anyplace, OK 00000
        account number is
                                    For                                                                        sample
                                         :120120012 : 2020268620                                           1234
                                    Note: The routing and account numbers may appear in different places on your check.

        Please Note: The Oklahoma Tax Commission is not responsible if a financial institution refuses a direct deposit. If a
        direct deposit is refused, a check will be issued.

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