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BCIS 1305

          Business, Information and Engineering Technologies Division
                                    COURSE SYLLABUS
                                       Spring 2011

COURSE NUMBER:                BCIS 1305.WW3

COURSE TITLE:                 Business Computer Applications


This course is an introductory course in business information systems and business computer
applications. Information system concepts are taught within the context of addressing business
and organizational needs. This course emphasizes the role that information systems play in an
organization and the key principles a manager needs to grasp to be successful. This course offers
an overview of the entire information systems discipline while giving students a solid foundation
for further study in advanced information system courses. Lab exercises and assignments
provide the student with hands-on experience using business computer applications including
word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics, and business-oriented utilization
of the Internet. Lab required.

CREDIT HOURS:                 3      LECTURE HOURS: 3

REPEAT POLICY: A student may repeat this course only once after receiving a grade,
including "W".

COURSE DELIVERY METHOD: This course is 100% online. Blackboard will be used as
our virtual classroom and all assignments, activities, and exams are completed and turned in
online. You must have access to a computer with an Internet connection, the required textbooks
and software for this course.

     W. Sue Furnas                                  Office Hours:
     E-Mail                              Wednesday 10:30  11:30 am PRC H119C
     Campus: Preston Ridge                                  Thursday 9:30  11:30 am PRC H119C
     Office: H119C                                          Online: Monday 7:00-9:00 pm
     Phone : 469-365-1802                                           Tuesday 7:00-8:00 pm

CAMPUS SECURITY: In case of emergency, contact Campus Police at 972.578.5555.

     Web Class  100% online

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                                                                                            BCIS 1305

Textbooks (Required)

The following textbooks are the ones that we will be using for this course. They are available at
our bookstore if you would like to purchase them. I know some of my students are not in the
college area so you will need to purchase the books on the internet. Please get your books as
soon as possible so you will not get behind in the course. You will need all of the textbooks to
complete the assignments. Double check the ISBN numbers on the books that you purchase to
make sure you have the correct books.

   1. Fundamentals of Information Systems (Fifth Edition)           (Theory textbook)
       Ralph Stair | George Reynolds
       ISBN-10:1423925815 | ISBN-13:9781423925811 | 457 Pages |  2010 | Published

   2. New Perspectives Microsoft Office 2007, Brief, Premium Video Edition, 1st (Lab
       Ann Shaffer | Patrick Carey | Kathleen T. Finnegan | Joseph J. Adamski | Roy Ageloff | S.
       Scott Zimmerman | Beverly B. Zimmerman | etc........
       ISBN-10: 0-538-47658-3 | ISBN-13: 978-0-538-47658-4 |  2011 Course Technology, Cengage
   3. Essentials of Business Processes and Information Systems (SAP)
       Simha R. Magal | Jeffrey Word
       ISBN- 978-0-470-23059-6 | 170 Pages |  2009 | John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

SUPPLIES (Required)

       PC Computer with Internet Access. (This course is designed for a PC not Apple.)You
       must be able to adjust your firewall and pop-up blockers to this computer to access our
       Blackboard classroom.
       Internet Explorer
       Microsoft Office 2007 (MS Word, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel). (Note that you
       can access the required technology at any Collin College computer lab or library.)
       ALICE 2.0 ( ) software. This comes bundled with your
       Fundamentals textbook if you purchase the book new from CCCCD bookstore or you can
       download for free from
       Acrobat Reader
       Access code for WileyPlus (code is provided with new textbooks or if you buy a used
       you can purchase the code directly from WileyPlus)

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                                                                                           BCIS 1305

After successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:
       After successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:
          1. Distinguish between data and information, describe the characteristics used to
               evaluate the quality of data, and discuss how organizations use information
               systems to gain a competitive advantage, enhance the value chain, and manage the
               supply chain.
          2. Describe the relational database model including the similarities and differences
               with other database models, and produce a database that includes forms, reports,
               and multiple-table queries meeting exact specifications.
          3. Define telecommunications and networking, and describe the components of a
               telecommunications system, network topologies and technologies, and
               communications protocols.
          4. Describe the three e-commerce business models, and identify the key components
               of technology infrastructure that must be in place for e-commerce to work
          5. Identify the basic activities and business objectives associated with each of the
               following business information systems: transaction processing systems,
               management information systems, decision support systems, knowledge
               management systems, artificial intelligence systems, expert systems, and virtual
               reality systems.
          6. Using the key features, advantages, and disadvantages of each, distinguish
               between the following techniques for system development: the system
               development life cycle, rapid application development, and prototyping.
          7. Explain the types and effects of computer crime, identify specific measures used
               to prevent computer crime, and outline criteria for the ethical use of information
          8. Demonstrate the use of word processing, database, spreadsheet, and presentation
               graphics software.

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                                                                                            BCIS 1305


       You will be required to complete the following.

              1. Assessments for assigned chapters using Blackboard
              2. Assignments using MicroSoft Office, SAP (Wiley Plus Simulator) and
              3. Theory Final Exam and Comprehensive Lab Exam

Credit will be given for ONLY those exam(s), program(s), and/or project(s) completed and/or
turned in no later than the deadlines as announced by your instructor unless prior arrangement
has been made with the instructor. All exams must be completed online in Blackboard. The exam
will be available for a set period of time and once begun must be completed within a set time-
limit. No makeup exams will be given.

All assignments have a set due date and are expected on that date. Labs will be accepted up to
one week after the due date with a 25 point penalty.


                                                  Grade Scale

Assessments             30%            90  100                 A

Assignments             40%             80  89                 B

Attendance              10%             70  79                 C
Final Theory Exam &
Comprehensive Lab       20%             60  69                 D
                                        59  0                  F

Grades will be posted in Blackboard.

Note: An Incomplete Grade will not be given unless the following conditions are met:
   1. At least 80% of the Semester's work has been completed, and
   2. You are current with all previous assignments, and tests, and
   3. Receive approval from the instructor

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                                                                                              BCIS 1305

    For the student enrolled in a web class in order to be counted present for each week you
    will be required to submit your attendance by:
               1. Go into Assignments on the homepage,
               2. Scroll down until you see the current week link (might be on second page
                   depending upon your monitor size)
               3. Click on it
               4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
               5. Click on Submit

       This will send a message that your attendance has been submitted. You will receive 100
       for each submission of attendance. It will count as 10% of your final grade. The
       assignment will be open from Monday through Saturday. It must be submitted during
       that time period in order to receive credit.

       Late submission will not be accepted, this includes any technological reasons. Be
       prepared to have access to the required technology besides your personal resources at

       The attendance document must be submitted by the deadline for each week of the
       semester. You will be counted absent for the week if the Attendance document is not
       submitted before the deadline. Attendance will count as 10% of your grade.

       If you were enrolled in a campus class, you would have to attend class at least once a
       week and with an online class sending this document will be your way of attending class.
       The other reason for doing this is to ensure that you log into the website every week. I
       am constantly posting new messages to the class - maybe something is not working -
       maybe there has been a change in a deadline or project. This is the only way I have to
       communicate with you. Please check your messages and the bulletin board every day for
       new updates.

Withdrawal Date: March 11, 2011

You may also see the current Collin Registration Guide for procedures on how to withdraw.

Religious Holy Days:
Please refer to the current Collin Student Handbook)

It is the policy of Collin County Community College to provide reasonable accommodations for
qualified individuals who are students with disabilities. This college will adhere to all applicable
federal, State and local laws, regulations and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable
accommodations as required affording equal educational opportunity. It is the student's
responsibility to contact the ACCESS Office, SCC G-200 or 972.881.5898 (V/TTD:
972.881.5950) in a timely manner to arrange for appropriate accommodations.

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