Complete Cylinder Head Torque Specifications for Domestic and

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 Tables                      TM

   Complete Cylinder Head
     Torque Specifications
         for Domestic and
      Imported Passenger
           Cars and Light/
      Medium Duty Trucks
                                        VEHICLE SEALING

When you consider what can go wrong when
even "minor" gaskets fail, you realize one thing:
Each one, no matter how small, plays a critical
role in vehicle sealing. Each has to be the best.
That's why you should be... 100% Fel-Pro.      
Why trust Fel-Pro gaskets
for ALL of your vehicle sealing needs?
   The undisputed sealing technology leader
   Engineered for the repair environment
   Molded rubber chemistry and
    manufacturing expertise
   Global engineering resources
   Latest technology across every
    gasket repair category

                        ENGINE REPAIR

                                                    EXHAUST SYSTEM

                                   LEAK REPAIR

Engine Repair
Fel-Pro offers comprehensive
coverage of virtually every engine
repair opportunity, from complete
rebuilds to the replacement of a
single gasket or seal. In addition,
Fel-Pro offers the best gasket
material and design for each
application to ensure a perfect
seal the first time, every time.

Engine Repair Technologies:

 PermaTorqueMLS  These head
 gaskets provide the correct design
 for MLS-equipped vehicles and
 feature a unique aftermarket
 coating that accommodates
 less-than-perfect surface finishes.

 PermaTorque  The industry
 standard for no-retorque head
 gaskets features premium coatings,
 facings and combustion armors.

 PermaTorqueSD  Severe-duty
 head gaskets engineered for extra
 strength under punishing conditions.

 Understanding Torque-to-Yield
 Head Bolts
 T-T-Y head bolts are particularly common on engines using
 aluminum heads and/or multi-layer steel head gaskets.
 These bolts are engineered to stretch within a controlled
 "yield zone". Once they reach this zone, they spring back to
 provide a precise level of clamping force over the entire
 area of the gasket.
 It's important to carefully follow the manufacturer's
 tightening specification. Once T-T-Y bolts are stretched
 beyond their yield zone, they become useless. Typically,
 T-T-Y bolts are torqued to a specified limit, then again with
 an additional partial turn to reach the bolt's yield zone.
 It is recommend to never reuse a T-T-Y head bolt. Chances
 are too great that it has already exceeded its elasticity barrier
 and won't spring back to properly seal the engine.

Importance of Proper Torque
When a head gasket is installed between the cylinder head
and engine block, tightening the head bolts compresses the
gasket slightly, allowing the soft facing material on the
gasket to conform to the small irregularities on the head and
block deck surfaces. This allows the gasket to "cold seal" so it
won't leak coolant before the engine is started. The head
gasket's ability to achieve a positive cold seal, as well as to
maintain a long-lasting, leak-free seal depends on two
things: its own ability to retain torque over time (which
depends on the design of the gasket and the materials
used in its construction) and the clamping force applied
by the head bolts.
PermaTorque head gaskets are made with top-quality
materials and designed to remain resilient so they retain
torque, so no retorquing is necessary. (Some competitive
head gaskets alleged to be "no retorque" can lose as much
as 50 to 60% of their original torque after only 100 hours
of service.)

Competitive Head Gasket:

PermaTorque Head Gasket:

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