Fordson Tractor

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Fordson Tractor
For Thirty-Five Years Henry Ford,                                  running in oil. Constant mesh selective type
a farmer's boy, has been working on the problem of a               transmission, three speeds forward and one reverse. Ball
successful tractor for the farm, and, for the past fourteen        bearings. Three point suspension. Splash system of
years, has devoted much time, and a vast amount of                 lubrication. Thermo-siphon cooling system. Gravity fuel
money, to the development of the present Fordson                   system. Worm and worm-wheel drive. All gearing
tractor. In the usual Ford way it grew into shape through          entirely enclosed and running in oil.
constant experimentation, not atone in the workshop but
on the farm, and that he might get the experiences from            What it Does as a Power Unit
various soils and conditions which face the fanner, he                  As a stationary power plant, for either permanent or
gradually acquired a farm numbering several thousand               emergency work, the Fordson Power and Transport Unit
acres, and here the Fordson tractor, under the guidance of         will deliver 18 H. P. to any machine driven through
his genius, was developed. From the records it has made            shaft, belt, gears or chain. It will do this at an engine
in all parts of the civilized world, it comes the nearest to       speed of 1,000 revolutions per minute. A governor can
being the all-around satisfactory tractor for the farm..           be attached where power requirements are either
This fact is strengthened in the knowledge that while              intermittent or disposed to fluctuate.
350,000 tractors were on farms in the United States (Oct.
1921), there have been more than 200,000 Fordson                   What it Does as a Transport Unit
tractors made and sold in the past four years.                         When through operating a a power unit, it can be
                                                                   used as a transport or haulage unit and driven under its
                       What It Is                                  own power to the next job, trailing behind it at a speed of
     The Fordson Power and Transport Unit is a most                6 to 12 miles per hour, over ground none too good,
economical four-cylinder, four-cycle power plant. It               whatever material or equipment is desired. Two or four-
delivers power up to its capacity (18 H. P.) when and              wheel trailers may be used, and even though the load is
where required.                                                    10 to 15 tons, it will pull up a 15 per cent grade.
     The unit will also transport itself and any number of
trailers carrying a total load up to 15 tons,                      Industrial Applications
                                                                        Practically every industry can use the Fordson
Easy Operation                                                     Power and Transport Unit, because it does more work,
     A boy can run and operate the Fordson Power and               more economically, in a shorter time.
Transport Unit. Its simplicity makes unnecessary any                    Merchants use the Fordson for hauling lumber, coal,
special skill. The automobile type drive is quickly                brick and other material, and for switching loaded freight
mastered, and enables the driver to turn in a 21-ft. circle.       cars.
It can be adapted to turn a 14-ft. circle.                              Manufacturers use it for transporting trailers loaded
                                                                   with stock or refuse.
     Built For Constant Service, This Unit Will Deliver                 Cities, villages and counties build roads and parks,
its Rated Horsepower--24 Hours a Day.                              haul garbage wagons, clean streets and remove snow
                                                                   from sidewalks and streets with the Fordson.
Low Fuel Cost                                                           Contractors have put it into service for excavating,
     The fuel consumption is about one pint of kerosene            hauling equipment and construction material, operating
per brake horsepower per hour; and for plowing about               stationary machinery and pulling big trucks cut of
2-1/2 gals. per acre are required, depending on load and           excavations.
soil conditions.                                                        The Fordson is being used a an industrial
                                                                   locomotive, and with runners replacing the front wheels
General Dimensions                                                 it has supplanted horses for sledding timber over the
    Overall length, 102 inches. Width 6-1/2 inches.                snow.
Height 55-1/16 ins. Wheel base 63 ins. Tread of wheels                  On the golf course or athletic field, the Fordson pulls
49-1/2 ins. Total weight 2,562 lbs.                                the lawn mower, roller or other equipment necessary to
                                                                   keep the ground in good condition.
Mechanical Details
    The cylinder bore is 4 ins., the piston stroke 5 ins. It       It Pays for Itself
has dependable magneto ignition, a multiple-disc clutch                As the daily fuel cost is only about three dollars and

the interest on the investment, depreciation and upkeep                  D--Power transmitted through but one pair of gears
cannot exceed another dollar, or four dollars in all, it will       in high and plowing speeds. This with the worm driven
readily be seen that it cannot take very long for the               axle makes but two reductions between engine and
Fordson Power and Transport Unit to pay for itself--                wheels which means a comparatively low power loss and
more particularly because of the great saving effected in           insures higher operating efficiency.
labor and time.
                                                                    Worm Drive
Low Initial Cost                                                        Gives compactness, simplicity, and strength in
     The first cost of the Fordson and Transport Unit is            construction. Reduces wear.
surprisingly low, being only about one-fifth the cost of
the average five-ton truck.                                         Water Type Air Washer
                                                                        One of the most important features of the Fordson is
Design and Construction                                             the air washer which removes all dust and solid matter
     In designing the Fordson Tractor the engineers have            from the air before it enters the cylinders; thus
worked with the idea of obtaining maximum efficiency                preventing excessive wear to the pistons and cylinder
with the minimum number of parts. This simplicity of                walls. Also, it moistens the air in its passage through the
design and construction, together with accurate                     water, reducing carbonization and pre-ignition. This is a
workmanship in the making of the various parts, gives               decided improvement over the dry type air washer.
the Fordson Tractor the following superior features:
     A--More rigid construction.                                    Advanced Design of Radiator
     B--Elimination of frame, radiator hose, hose clamps                The radiator lines up with and is bolted to the
     and connections, adjusting collars for ball bearings           engine; thus greatly increasing its structural strength.
     and valve tappet adjustments.                                  This also reduces possibility of water leakage and
     C--Light weight                                                eliminates the trouble connected with replacing hose,
     D--Fewer parts to get out of order                             which clog up and deteriorate. Large water openings
     E--Less parts to assemble and adjust                           insure better cooling.
     F--Less time required to make repairs
                                                                    Three Point Suspension
Motor                                                                    Reduces strain on the separate units and adds to the
    4-cylinder bore 4", stroke 5". Heavy duty type motor            flexibility of the tractor.
designed to work at its full capacity for long continued
periods with a minimum amount of wear.                              Easily Maneuvered in Field
    Large bearings.                                                      Because of light weight, short wheel base, small
    High safety factor of all parts to insure against wear          turning radius, and direct acting steering mechanism.
and breakage.
    Starts on gasoline, operates on kerosene.                       Industrial Uses of the Fordson
                                                                         Because of its general utility and its economy of
Clutch                                                              operation, the Fordson tractor, though primarily built for
     Multiple disc operating in oil. No facings to wear             the farm, has proved practical for hundreds of uses in the
out and does not require adjustments.                               city. It supplies fraction power for hauling and belt
                                                                    power for operating machinery--it is an all-around
Transmission                                                        power plant.
     Constant mesh selective type transmission
possessing these advantages:                                        The Fordson is Being Successfully Used for:
     A--Very compact design considering the number of               Cable stretching            Operating Ferris wheel
gear ratios obtained. This combines strength with light             Concrete mixing             Pile driving
weight                                                              Excavating                  Pulling snow plow
     B--Practically eliminates possibility of stripping             Freight car towing          Pumping
teeth of the gears, as instead of meshing a couple of teeth         Golf course maintenance     Race track maintenance
as is common in some sliding gear transmission                      Grading                     Road grading
engagement is provided for all teeth by means of internal           Grass cutting               Rock drilling
gears constructed solely for that purpose.                          Hauling                     Rock crushing
     C--Three forward speeds, one reverse. Three                    Hoisting                    Rolling
forward speeds instead of two as in the case of many                Industrial locomotive       Sand loading
tractors give the Fordson greater flexibility to working            Land clearing               Saw mill operation
conditions.                                                         Lighting plant operation    Street cleaning

Machine shop operation           Terracing                               Horses cannot be humanely worked more than eight
Moving buildings                 Oil well drilling                  hours in the heavier operations or ten in the lighter.
                                                                         Fordsons are not troubled with flies, heat or hard
Fordson Service                                                     ground. Horses suffer terribly and die in appalling
     There are no orphans among Ford products.                      numbers when hard worked on hard land in hot weather.
     The Ford Motor Company never loses sight of the                     A Fordson can do all that horses can do, as well as
fact that every purchaser of one of their motor units has a         horses can do it and belt work besides.
right to expect that the company shall always be in a                    It takes a few hours to make a Fordson.
position to keep them running.                                           It takes three years' time and three years' care (some
     It is this assurance that has put Ford products in a           horsemen say five years) to make a work horse. At any
class by themselves. Notice how the confidence of the               time in those three years the colt may die and be a total
automobile buying public in the Lincoln car returned as             loss.
soon as it was known that Mr. Ford had bought it? That                   A Fordson eats only when it is engaged in
announcement meant that every buyer of a Lincoln car                productive work.
was assured of full value by never finding himself unable                Horses eat 365 days a year.
to get service on it at a reasonable price. It is the service            A Fordson makes every acre of the farm a source of
that has helped to make the Fordson Tractor stand first             profit.
all over the world.                                                      An eight-hone team withdraws 40 acres from the
                                                                    farm's return to feed itself.
                Tractor Gear Ratios
                                                                           Plowing Acreage and Speed Data
    The ratio of engine to rear axle is as follows:                    One mile equals 5,280 feet.
    Low Speed                                  81.9                      One square mile equals 27,878,400 sq. feet or 640
    Intermediate (Plowing) Speed               44.5                 acres.
    High Speed                                 17.17                     One furrow, 28 inches wide and 1 foot long, equals
    Reverse                                    46.4                 2-1/3 square
                                                                         One acre of 28 inch furrows equals 43,560 square
    The following table gives the revolutions of the rear           feet divided by 2-1/3 or 18,695 feet long or about 3-1/2
wheels and worm gear per minute and the road speed in               miles.
miles per hour, in low, intermediate, high and reverse                   To find the number of feet of furrow plowed per
gears:                                                              minute, divide 5,280 (the number of feet in one mile) by
                                                                    60 (the number of minutes in one hour) which gives 88.
Low Intermediate High Reverse                                       Then multiply 88 x 2-3/4 (the proper plowing speed for
RPM Wheels        12.23 22.49          56.36          21.56         Fordson tractors) and the quotient, 242, is the number of
RPM Worm         207.7 382.3          958.3          366.4          feet plowed per minute.
MPH Road Speed 1.53       2.81          6.93           2.69              To find plowing time for one acre, divide 18,696
                                                                    (the number of feet of 28" furrow in one acre) by 242
                                                                    (the number of feet of progress per minute) and the
          Horse and Horseless Farming                               quotient 78-9/10 is the number of minutes (1 hour and 19
     The harness and whiffletrees for an eight-horse team           min.) required to plow one acre.
cost more than a Fordson Tractor. Yet the eight won't do                 To find the number of acres to be plowed in one day
more work.                                                          of ten hours, divide 600 (the number of minutes in a 10
     The eight horses cost double the price of the                  hour day) by 78-9/10 (the number of minutes required to
Fordson, arid that at the low price of horses.                      plow one acre) and the quotient, 7-3/5 is the number of
     Grooming eight horses once a day at 15 minutes a               acres plowed in one day of ten hours.
hone takes two hours. Watering and feeding, another
hour. Harnessing and Un-harnessing, hitching up and                     The above data is based on a driving speed of 2-3/4
unhooking, leading from barn to implement, etc., take               miles per hour-- the proper plowing speed for a Fordson
yet another hour. Four hours' work has been lost without            Tractor.
expenditure of any energy in productive work.
     A Fordson can be filled with water, fuel and oil, and                   Soils Differ in Draft Required
thoroughly gone over in half an hour.                                   The following table shows the draft per square inch
     A Fordson can be worked continuously day and                   of cross section of furrow for various soil conditions.
night through all the seasons of plowing, seeding,                  This data, of course, is approximate but it shows the
haying, harvesting.                                                 wide range of draft.

In Sandy Soil                       2 to 3 lbs. to sq. inch           1055                                 9 inch
In corn Stubble                     3 lbs. to sq. inch                1118                                 8-1/2 inch
In Wheat Stubble                    4 lbs. to sq. inch                1187                                 8 inch
In Blue Grass Sod                   6 lbs. to sq. inch                1268                                 7-1/2 inch
In June Grass Sod                   1 lbs. to sq. inch                1357                                 7 inch
In Clover Sod                       8 lbs. to sq. inch                1462                                 6-1/2 inch
In Prairie Sod                      15 lbs. to sq. inch               1583                                 6 Inch
In Virgin Sod                       15 lbs. to sq. incb               1727                                 5-1/2 inch
In Gumbo                            20 lbs. to sq. inch               1900                                 5 Inch

     The variation in draft in different soils is shown by                            Belt Lengths
the following example: Take a plow with two 14"                        The most satisfactory lengths of belts for use on
bottoms plowing at a depth of 6"                                  various machines, and the lengths recommended, are as
     The cross section of each plow is 14 x 6, or 84'             follows:
square.                                                           Separator                         75 or 100 foot belt
     Twice this for two bottoms gives 168 sq. ins.                Silo Filler                       75 or 100 foot belt
     Then 168 x 3 lb.--504 lb. draft in sandy soil.               Husker                            75 or 100 foot belt
     Likewise--168 x 7 lb.--1,176 lbs. draft in clover            Shredder                          7S or 100 foot belt
sod.                                                              Baler                             75 or 100 foot belt
     Likewise--168 x 8 lb.--1,344 lbs. draft in clay soil.        Grinder                           50 or 75 foot belt
                                                                  Pump                              50 or 75 foot belt
                Size of Belt Pulleys                              Saw 50 or 75 foot belt
     The standard Fordson belt pulley is 9-1/2" in
diameter with a 6" face. Special pulleys are not                          Unlimited Uses for the Fordson
furnished, as the belt pulley attachment was designed to                           * Indicates Belt Uses
accommodate a pulley. In order to determine the size of
pulley to be used on any implement connected up with               Alfalfa Cutting               Land Clearing
Fordson Tractor first ascertain the speed at which the             Beet Pulling                  Land Grading
pulley on the implement is to be driven. The following             Binder Hauling                Land Rolling
table shows the size of pulley to use on the implement in          Building Moving               Levee Building
order to obtain various speeds from 475 to 1900 R.P.M.             Canal Boat Hauling           *Lighting Plant Operation
                                                                  *Churning                      Lime Spreading
                                                                  *Cider Press Operation         Log Hauling
Speed on Fordson Tractor Pulley--1000 R.P.M.                      *Clover Hulling              *Machine Shop Power
R.P.M. Implement                   Size of Pulley                  Combination Harvester Hauling       Manure Spreading
    475                            20 inch                        *Concrete Mixing             *Merry-Go-Round Operation
    487                            19-1/2 inch                     Corn Cutting                 *Milking Machine Operation
    500                            19 inch                         Corn Listing                  Mowing
    513                            18-1/2 inch                     Corn Loading                 *Oil-Well Drilling
    527                            18 inch                        *Corn Shelling                *Peanut Blancher Operation
    543                            17-1/2 inch                    *Corn Shredding                Peanut Digging
    559                            17 inch                        *Cotton Ginning               *Pile Driver Operation
                                                                  *Cream Separator Operation   *Planing Mill Power
    575                            16-1/2 inch                     Cultivating Corn              Plant Plowing
    594                            16 inch                         Cultivating Sugar Beets       Post Pulling
    613                            15-1/2 inch                     Cultivating Sugar Cane        Potato Digging
    634                            15 inch                         Cultivating Orchards          Potato Planting
    655                            14-1/2 inch                     Cultivating Vineyards       *Printing Press Power Plant
    679                            14 inch                         Dilsing                       Produce Hauling
    704                            13-1/2 inch                     Discing                       Pulverizing
    731                            13 inch                         Ditching                    *Pumping Oil
    760                            12-1/2 inch                    *Drainage Pump Operation     *Pumping Water
                                                                  *Ensilage Cutting            *Quarrying
    782                            12 inch                         Excavation Work               Raking
    826                            11-1/2 inch                    *Feed Cutting                  Road Grading
    863                            11 inch                        *Feed Grinding                 Road Oiling
    926                            10-1/2 inch                     Fence Stretching              Road Sprinkling
    950                            10 inch                        *Ferris Wheel Operation      *Rock Crushing
    1000                           9-1/2 inch                      Fertilizer Spreading          Rock Dragging

 Freight Car Towing                 *Rock Drilling                           the Fordson during the 31 days.
*Grist Mill Operation                Sand Loading
 Harrowing                           Saw Mill Operation                                              DETAILS
 Hauling (General)                   Seeding
                                                                                Fordson Transmission, Clutch, Rear Axle, Front
*Hay. Baling                        *Sheep Shearing Equipment
 Hay Loading                        *Silo Filling
                                                                                             Axle, and Steering Gear
 Hay Raking                          Snow Plowing                            Type:
*Hay Sling Operation                *Spraying                                     The Fordson Transmission is of the Constant Mesh
 Hay Tedding                         Street Cleaning Equipment               Selective Sliding gear type.
 Hedge Pulling                       Stump Pulling                                Plowing speed, the 13-tooth pinion on upper
*Hoisting                            Sub Soiling Terracing                   transmission shaft, running at same speed as crankshaft,
*Ice Conveyor Operation             *Threshing Grains                        engages the 34-tooth gear which Is splined to worm. The
*Ice Cream Plant Operation          *Threshing Rice                          double thread worm (considered as a gear having two
 Ice Cutting                         Wagon Hauling                           teeth) engages with the 35-tooth worm gear.
 Ice Hauling                        *Washing Machine Operation
 Industrial Locomotive              *Well Drilling
*Irrigation Pump Operation          *Wood Sawing                             New Worm Gear
                                                                                  The new triple thread worm meshes with a 51-tooth
                                                                             worm gear, making the ratio 17:1 instead of 17-1/2:1 as
       Fordson Tractor Grading Statistics
                                                                             on the old worm and gear. The more gear sets there are
      For the purpose of compiling data on the cost of
                                                                             in mesh at any one speed, the more power is lost. Note
grading with the Fordson Tractor, the City Dealers of
                                                                             that on the Fordson, besides the worm reduction, there is
Portland rented a Fordson to the City of Portland for a
                                                                             only one set of gears in mesh on plowing speed. The
period of 31 days during the months of August and
                                                                             same applies to high speed, while on low and reverse
September, 1921.
                                                                             there are three sets of transmission gears in mesh.
      The Fordson was put at work grading five city
blocks, running from 23rd to 25th streets, on Umatilla
                                                                             Fordson Transmission
Ave., filling two bridge approaches across Johnson
                                                                                  This has nine gears. The number of teeth on gears
Creek, thence to 27th St., then turning south two blocks
                                                                             are as follows from front to rear:
to Sherrett Street. Two blocks of this road was old
                                                                                               1st       2nd    3rd      4th5et
macadam, several feet above grade; the balance was
                                                                             Upper shaft       23        17     30        13
building new road. The greater part of the cut came at the
                                                                             Lower shaft       24        17     17        34
extreme ends of the job requiring that nearly all of the
                      Reverse Idler                                          Reverse idler               20
dirt had to be hauled a distance of nearly two blocks for
filling the bridge approaches up to grade.
                                                                                  The power is always transmitted from upper to
      There were no horses used on the job, the Fordson
                                                                             lower shaft by different combinations of internally cut
doing all the work. Implements used were an 8-inch
                                                                             gear clutches. Gears in mesh at different speeds are a
Rooter plow and a 5 foot Fresno with automatic hitch.
The grading was completed to sub-grade ready for
                                                                                                       Miles       Position of Gear
                                                                                                      per hour      Shift Lever
      The engineer's estimate on this job was $1.25 per
                                                                             High, 1st set             6-3/4       Right-forward
yard. Following statistics will show the cost to the city
                                                                             Plowing, 4th set          2-3/4       Left-back
using the Fordson.
                                                                             Low, 1st, 3rd and 4th     1-1/2       Left-forward
                                                                             Reverse, 1st, 2nd and 4th 2-1/2       Right-back
Charge for Fordson and operator at $12.00
    per day for 31 days .......................................$372.00
                                                                                 The gear shifter lever is pivoted in a ball joint about
Fuel, kerosene at 15-1/2 c per gal, 210 gallons .......32.55
                                                                             four inches from its lower end. When gears are In
    (an average of less than 7 gallons per day)
                                                                             neutral, lever Is free to move sideways.
Motor oil at $1.10, 12 gallons..................................13.20
    (an average cost of 43c per day)
                                                                             Fordson Clutch
Transmission oil (original fill up)..............................5.50
                                                                                  The Fordson Clutch has 17 hardened steel disks--8
                                                                             driving and 9 driven--running in oil. Driving disks have
Amount of dirt moved, 725 yards
                                                                             six slots which fit studs projecting towards the rear on
Cost per yard, 56.
                                                                             flywheel. Driving disks alternate with driven disks,
Cost of fuel and oil per day, average 31 days, $1.67.
                                                                             which are slotted on the outer edge to fit the six keys in
                                                                             the driven drum splined to the transmission drive shaft.
    The showing made here is especially good
                                                                             The front and rear clutch housing are bolted together
considering the fact that three different drivers operated
                                                                             with eight 1/4" bolts. Six springs of 150 lbs. pressure

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