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                       RESIDENTIAL ENERGY CODE

1322.0010 DEFINITIONS.                                 BALANCED VENTILATION SYSTEM. A
                                                       residential ventilation system where the
ACCESSIBLE. Signifies access that requires             design fan powered exhaust air is equal to the
the removal of an access panel or similar              fan powered supply air.
removable obstruction.
                                                       BUILDING. Building means only a one- or
ACCESSIBLE, READILY. Signifies access                  two-family dwelling or portion thereof,
without the necessity for removing a panel or          including townhouses, that is used, or
similar obstruction.                                   designed or intended to be used, for human
                                                       habitation, living, or sleeping, or any
ACCA. "Air Conditioning Contractors of                 combination thereof, and shall include
America" or "ACCA" means the Air                       accessory structures.
Conditioning Contractors of America.
                                                       CONDITIONED SPACE. For energy
AIR CIRCULATION, FORCED. A means                       purposes, space within a building that is
of providing space conditioning utilizing              provided with heating or cooling equipment
movement of air through ducts or plenums by            or systems capable of maintaining, through
mechanical means.                                      design or heat loss or gain, 50 degrees
                                                       Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) winter design
AIR, EXHAUST. Air discharged from any                  conditions and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29
space to the outside by the residential                degrees Celsius) at summer design conditions,
ventilation system.                                    or communicates directly with a conditioned
                                                       space. For mechanical purposes, an area,
AIR, OUTDOOR. The air that is taken from               room, or space being heated or cooled by any
the external atmosphere, and therefore not             equipment or appliance.
previously circulated through the HVAC
system or the conditioned space.                       CUBIC FEET PER MINUTE (CFM). The
                                                       quantity of air moved in one minute. A
AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEM. A system                      measurement typically applied to ventilation
that consists of heat exchangers, blowers,             equipment.
filters, supply, exhaust and return-air systems,
and shall include any apparatus installed in           ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR
connection therewith.                                  (ERV). A device or combination of devices
                                                       applied to transfer energy and moisture from
ASHRAE. "ASHRAE" means the American                    the exhaust air stream for use within the
Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-            dwelling.
Conditioning Engineers.
                                                       EXHAUST VENTILATION SYSTEM. A
ASTM.          "ASTM"       means    ASTM              residential ventilation system where a fan
International, formerly known as the                   provides exhaust air and supply air is not fan
American Society for Testing and Materials.            powered.

FORCED-AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEM.                         1322.0015 ADMINISTRATION                 AND
An air heating or cooling system.                      PURPOSE.

FURNACE. A vented heating appliance                        Subpart 1. Administration. This code
designed or arranged to discharge heated air           shall be administered according to chapter
into a conditioned space or through a duct or          1300.
                                                           Subp. 2. Purpose. The purpose of this
HEAT        RECOVERY          VENTILATOR               chapter is to establish a minimum code of
(HRV). A device or combination of devices              standards for the construction, reconstruction,
applied to transfer energy from the exhaust air        alteration, and repair of buildings governing
stream for use within the dwelling.                    matters including design and construction
                                                       standards regarding heat loss control,
HVI. "Home Ventilating Institute" or "HVI"             illumination, climate control, and radon
means the Home Ventilating Institute.                  control methods pursuant to Minnesota
                                                       Statutes, sections 326B.101, 326B.106, and
INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE                            326B.13.
OR IBC. "International Building Code" or
"IBC" means the International Building Code,           1322.0020 CODES            ADOPTED         BY
as promulgated by the International Codes              REFERENCE.
Council, Falls Church, VA 22041, and as
adopted by reference in part 1305.0011.                    A. The 2006 edition of the International
                                                       Residential Code (IRC), chapter 11, is
INTERNATIONAL             RESIDENTIAL                  incorporated by reference and made part of
CODE OR IRC. "International Residential                the Minnesota State Building Code, except as
Code" or "IRC" means the International                 qualified by the applicable provisions in
Residential Code, as promulgated by the                chapter 1300, and as amended in this chapter.
International Codes Council, Falls Church,             Chapter 11 of the 2006 IRC is not subiect to
VA 22041, and as adopted by reference in               frequent change, and a copy, with
part 1309.0010.                                        amendments for use in Minnesota, is available
                                                       in the office of the commissioner of labor and
MANUFACTURER'S INSTALLATION                            industry. Portions of this chapter reproduce
INSTRUCTIONS.            Printed    instructions       text and tables from chapter 11 of the 2006
included with equipment as part of the                 IRC. The IRC is copyright 2006 by the
conditions of listing and labeling.                    International Codes Council. All rights
mechanical process of supplying conditioned                B. The      following   standards    and
or unconditioned air to, or removing such air          references are incorporated by reference, are
from, any space.                                       not subiect to frequent change, and are made
                                                       part of the Minnesota State Building Code as
NATIONAL FENESTRATION RATING                           amended in this chapter: ASHRAE, 2005
COUNCIL       OR     NFRC.     "National               Handbook of Fundamentals, chapter 29;
Fenestration Rating Council" or "NFRC"                 ASTM E779-87 (1992), Standard Test
means the National Fenestration Rating                 Method for Determining Air Leakage Rate by
Council.                                               Fan Pressurization; ASTM E1677-95,
                                                       Standard Specification for an Air Retarder
                                                       (AR) Material or System for Low-Rise

Framed Building Walls; HVI Standard 915-            are not more than three stories in height
2006, Loudness Testing and Rating                   and contain no conditioned common space
Procedures; HVI Standard 916-2005, Airflow          that is shared between dwellings, and each
Test Procedure; HVI Standard 920-2005,              dwelling unit contains a separate means of
Product Performance Test Procedure; HVI             egress. The intent of these criteria is to
Standard 920-2005, Product Performance              provide a means for furnishing quality
Certification Procedure; ACCA Manual J,             indoor air, assuring building durability,
Load Calculation for Residential Winter and         and permitting energy efficient operation.
Summer Air Conditioning, 8th edition, Air           Pursuant to part 1322.2100, Appendix F
Conditioning Contractors of America;                of the 2006 International Residential Code
REScheck, residential energy code software,         (IRC) applies to all residential buildings
published by the United States Department of        covered by this chapter. Enforcement of
Energy; NFRC 100-2001, Procedure for                this chapter must not abridge safety,
Determining Fenestration Product U-Factors,         health, or environmental requirements
National Fenestration Rating Council; NFRC          under other applicable codes or
400-2001, Procedure for Determining                 ordinances.
Fenestration Product Air Leakage, National
Fenestration     Rating     Council;     and        Exceptions:
101/1.s.2/A440-05,      Specification     for
Windows, Doors, and Skylights, American             l. Portions of the building that do not
Architectural Manufacturers Association,            enclose conditioned space, including
Canadian Standards Association, and Window          garages.
and Door Manufacturers Association;
CAN/CGSB 51.71-2005 Depressurization                2. Insulation R-values, air barrier, and
Test, Canadian General Standards Board,             vapor retarder requirements are not
Place du Portage 111, 6B1, 11 Laurier Street,       required for existing foundations, crawl
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada KIA 1G6; and               space walls, and basements in existing
Minnesota Department of Commerce,                   dwellings or existing dwelling units
Minnesota Weatherization Field Guide 2003.          whose alteration or repair require a permit
                                                    if the original dwelling's permit was
1322.1101 IRC         SECTION        N1101,         issued before the effective date of this
GENERAL.                                            chapter.

    Subpart 1. IRC Section N1101.1. IRC             3. Additions to existing dwellings or
Section N1101.1 is amended to read as               dwelling units may be made without
follows:                                            making the entire dwelling or dwelling
                                                    unit comply, provided that the addition
   N1101.1 Scope. This chapter regulates            complies with all the requirements of this
   energy efficiency for the design and             chapter.
   construction of buildings regulated by the
   International Residential Code (IRC) as          4. Alteration or repairs to existing
   adopted and amended by the state of              dwellings or dwelling units may be made
   Minnesota. This chapter shall also be used       without making the entire dwelling or
   to regulate the energy efficiency for the        dwelling unit comply, provided the
   design and construction of new residential       alteration complies with as many
   buildings regulated by the International         requirements of this chapter as feasible, as
   Building Code (IBC) as adopted and               determined by the designated building
   amended by the state of Minnesota that           official.

   5. Buildings that have been specifically               Subp. 2. IRC Section N1101.2. IRC
   designated as historically significant by          Section N1101.2 is amended to read as
   the state or local governing body, or listed       follows:
   or determined to be eligible for listing in
   the National Register of Historic Places.              N1101.2 Compliance. Compliance shall
                                                          be demonstrated by meeting the
   6. If a building houses more than one                  requirements of this chapter. Climate
   occupancy, each portion of the building                zones from Table N1101.2.1 shall be used
   must conform to the requirements for the               in     determining      the     applicable
   occupancy housed in that portion.                      requirements from this chapter.

   7. This chapter does not cover buildings,             Subp. 3. IRC Section N1101.2.1. IRC
   structures, or portions of buildings or            Section N1101.2.1 is deleted in its entirety.
   structures whose peak design energy rate
   usage is less than 3.4 Btu per hour per               Subp. 4. IRC Figure N1101.2. IRC
   square foot or 1.0 Watt per square foot of         Figure N1101.2 is deleted in its entirety.
   floor area for all purposes.

    Subp. 5. IRC Table N1101.2. IRC Table N1101.2 is deleted and replaced with the

                           Table N1101.2 Minnesota Climate Zones

                   Northern Zone                      Southern Zone
                   Aitkin                             Anoka
                   Becker                             Benton
                   Beltrami                           Big Stone
                   Carlton                            Blue Earth
                   Cass                               Brown
                   Clay                               Carver
                   Clearwater                         Chippewa
                   Cook                               Chisago
                   Crow Wing                          Cottonwood
                   Douglas                            Dodge
                   Grant                              Dakota
                   Hubbard                            Faribault
                   Itasca                             Fillmore
                   Kanabec                            Freeborn
                   Kittson                            Goodhue
                   Koochiching                        Hennepin
                   Lake                               Houston
                   Lake of the Woods                  Isanti
                   Mahnomen                           Jackson
                   Marshall                           Kandiyohi
                   Mille Lacs                         Lac qui Parle
                   Morrison                           Le Sueur
                   Norman                             Lincoln
                   Otter Tail                         Lyon

                   Northern Zone                     Southern Zone
                   Pennington                        Martin
                   Pine                              McLeod
                   Polk                              Meeker
                   Red Lake                          Mower
                   Roseau                            Murray
                   St. Louis                         Nicollet
                   Todd                              Nobles
                   Traverse                          Olmsted
                   Wadena                            Pipestone
                   Wilkin                            Pope
                                                     Yellow Medicine

   Subp. 6. IRC Table N1101.2.1. IRC                        but not limited to: design criteria,
Table N1101.2.1 is deleted in its entirety.                 exterior envelope component materials
                                                            and their locations, U-factors of the
   Subp. 7. IRC Section N1101.3. IRC                        envelope systems, R-values of
Section N1101.3 is amended to read:                         insulating materials, size and type of
                                                            apparatus and equipment, equipment
   N1101.3      Identification.     Materials,              and system controls, and other
   systems, and equipment shall be identified               pertinent data to indicate conformance
   in a manner that will allow a                            with the requirements of this chapter.
   determination of compliance with the
   applicable provisions of this chapter.                Subp. 8. IRC Section N1101.4. IRC
                                                     Section N1101.4 is deleted in its entirety and
      N1101.3.1 Plans and specifications.            replaced with the following:
      Plans and specifications shall show in
      sufficient detail pertinent data and               N1101.4 Building thermal envelope
      features of the building, the                      insulation. All thermal insulation must
      equipment, and the systems as                      conform to Minnesota Rules, chapter
      governed by this chapter, including,               7640, Minnesota Thermal Insulation

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