Earth Science Pilot Guide

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Pearson Pilot/In-Service Guide

          Earth Science

Where to Go For Help............Page 1
Planning..................................Pages 2-5
Teaching..................................Pages 5-8
Assessing...........................Pages 9-10
                       Pearson Pilot/In-Service Guide
   Welcome to Pearson Earth Science. This short guide has been designed
     to introduce you to the basics of the program to help you get started.

1. Where to go for help...
     For questions about the program...
     Email a Prentice Hall Consultant:

     For Teaching Materials...
     Contact your Sales Rep _______________________________________________

     For help with any of our Technology products...

     Call our Technology Hotline at: 1-800-2345TEC or

     Go to...

     Click the "MyPearsonTraining" icon...

   Us the pull-down menus to indicate the
   Teaching Level, Subject and Program.

   When you get to the Earth Science
   page, you'll find icons that will link you
   to on-line, narrated tutorials and
   printable companion guides. Both of
   these resources will explain how to use
   the technology components.


               Printable Tutorial

     Also, you can go to...

     There you'll find the links shown at the right...

2. Planning...                                                           On-Line
     There are three components to help you plan          Planning Key   Components
     your lessons: the Teacher's Edition, the Program
     Resources and Teacher Express.

     Teacher's Edition...
     The TE has a two-page planning
     spread at the beginning of each
     It covers the following:
     -Pacing and Section Objectives
     -Activities and Labs
     -Resources (Print & Technology)
     -Section Assessment
     There is also a "Planning Key"
     to help you find the resources,
     as well as lists of " On-Line"       Materials for              Chapter
     components, "Materials for Labs      Activities and Labs        Assessment
     and Activities", and available
     "Chapter Assessment".

     To help you differentiate instruction, you'll notice that
     every resource listed will indicate which students within
     your diverse classroom the resource is aimed towards.

     The "Before You                                                      Go On-Line
     Teach" pages
     have suggestions                                                     for more PD
     from the authors,
     a summary of the                                                      Reading
     key concepts for
     the topic area and                                                    Strategy
     other information
     to help you
             From the                                                    Misconceptions

     When you open your TE, you'll
     see that the Student's Edition is
     embedded in the center of the
     TE and is surrounded by
     information and suggestions for
     Teaching and Learning.
     Each section is built around a
     lesson framework with ways to
     "Engage" your students,
     "Explore" the content and
     "Assess" learning.

     You'll find suggestions for incorporating the built-in reading support, building
     science skills, using the visuals, differentiating instruction, additional labs and
     demos, etc... as well as all the answers to questions encountered in the text.

     This is where the lesson planning really starts. Read all of the entries in the wrap-
     around and decide which ones will work best for you and your classes. Plan the
     sequence you'd like to follow when using these resources with your class. Now it's
     time to go on to the lesson plans and the lesson planner.

     Teaching Resources...
     There are lesson plans, for each section,
     available in the Lesson Plan book.

     These lesson plans follow the same three
     step approach found in the Teacher's
     Edition... Focus, Instruct, Assess.

     A brief summary of suggested activities are
     found under each heading.

     Notice that the resources, listed on the right,
     also indicate the L1, L2 or L3 Student Ability
     Level as found in the TE.

     Teacher Express...
     Teacher Express has a Lesson Planner, an electronic copy of the Teacher's Edition,
     pdf files of all program print resources, links to all Web Resources and the ExamView
     Test Generator.

     Teacher Express consists of two CDs. The "Installation" CD and the "Resources"
     CD. The first thing you'll want to do is install the program on your computer.

    Step 1                   Step 2                         Step 3                 Step 4
  Insert the              Open the disk                  Double-click            Agree with
"Installation"              on your                    the "Set-Up" or         everything the
     CD                    computer                     "Install" icon         computer asks

     When you open Teacher Express,
     you'll see the start-up screen that
     has links to the...
     -Lesson Planner
     -Teacher's Edition
     -Teaching Resources
     -ExamView Test Generator
     -Correlations to State Standards
     -Image Library
     -Web Resources

    Opening the lesson planner for the
    first time, you'll be asked to...
    1. Enter your General Information        2. Create a Class

    Then, a few easy clicks take you             2
    from your blank lesson plan ...


                                                Check the Date and Time

      * Double-Click Here to Start                      3

    To your completed lesson plan with...              Find the Lesson

Lesson Details:
-Objectives                                                                State and
-Vocabulary                                                                 National
-Materials                                                                Benchmarks

Descriptions of
                                                                          Links to the TE
                                                                             and Print
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