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                                      GX 120

                         HONDA ENGINE RULES
                        GENERAL RACING RULES

                                               Dave Preston QMA Technical Director
First Issued:       March 30, 1996
Updated:            February 2008

HONDA CLAIM RULE - For GX120 QMA Type Engines
1.   Claims will be from within the same division of class only, I.E., Jr. Sr. Lt. Hvy. 120  Only competitors in the same
     division may make a claim on an engine. No claiming in Novice class. One claim per race event, per handler, per
2.   Engines may be claimed for $550.00 cash only. No claim related inspection will be started prior to the funds being
     posted with the proper official.
3.   This claim form must be submitted to the Race Director, or his or her designee, before the end of the race that the
     claimed engine is participating in. I.E. Checkered flag lap complete.
4.   The Race Director, or his or her designee, will hold the claim money until the claimed engine has been inspection for
5.   The claimed engine will be tagged/marked and sealed as soon as it comes across the scale.
6.   The claimed engine will be immediately taken to impound and/or presented to the tech director for inspection.
     Engine must remain in impound and in the possession of tech officials throughout the entire process including
     shipping to National Tech Director and the transferring or funds.
7.   Inspection of claimed engine MAY NOT be waived by any party.
8.   Both claimer and claimed have the option to be present at the time of inspection.
9.   Any claim that is withdrawn will be assessed a $50.00 fee that will be paid to the host Club
10.  Multiple claims on an engine will be decided via a lottery system. Owner, Handler or family member cannot claim
     his or her own engine.
11.  Claimed party will retain air filter, exhaust system and throttle linkage.
12.  If the claimed engine is found to be illegal, the motor must be completely torn down to check for additional
     illegalities. The Tech Director and or the Race Director must confiscate ALL illegal parts and related parts from the
     claimed engine and shall immediately forward them to the National Tech Director. Use confiscation form if
     necessary. Claiming party has the option to accept the engine, as is, less confiscated parts or void the claim if engine
     is found illegal and claim money will be returned to the person filing the claim.
13.  Refusal of claim, destroying or withholding of parts, or any other lack of cooperation in this claim or inspection
     process will be interpreted as an admission that the engine is illegal and will subject the driver and handler to the
     conditions set forth in the Honda Suspension Program.
14.  Any claimed Honda engine, part or parts which are deemed to be at maximum wear limits is subject to confiscation
     but not DQ'able. The claiming party has the option to void the claim with no financial penalty.
15.  Note: Reference to Wear Limits in "Engine Block Internal" section of both Honda Manuals.

1   Handlers and drivers guilty of having a Honda engine declared illegal at technical inspection shall be disciplined as
1.A First offense  30 day suspension for handler and driver from participating in the respective Honda class.
1.B Second offense within one year of first infraction  one-year suspension for handler and driver from participating in the
    respective Honda class.
1.C Third Offense within two years of last infraction  suspended for life from QMA.
2   Suspension will begin immediately, (unless there is an appeal) at which point the illegal part/s will be sent within five
    days to the Region Tech Director or designee for review. If the part/s are found illegal at this point the suspension will
    start at that time by the Region Tech notifying the person. Verified illegal parts will be sent to the National Tech
    Director, legal parts will be returned to person.
3   Suspension for life is open to review by the QMA National Board.
4   For the purposes of this rule only, if a handler has multiple cars competing in the Honda class (GX120 or GX160) at
    one race event and more than one engine is found to be illegal at that event, it will be considered to be one offense.
5   Refusal of tech shall be interpreted as an admission that the engine is illegal and a suspension from the Honda class
    will be immediate with all awards, qualifications being revoked.
6   Confiscation of part or parts - only the illegal part and all related parts and not the whole motor will be confiscated. A
    full motor tear down is required if an illegal part is found.
7   Novice Honda:
    The novice program and its implementation fall under the Regional Directors. Therefore illegal Honda engine parts
    will be confiscated but the suspension will not be levied against handlers or drivers for the first offense only.

1.   Only stock Honda GX120K1HX2 engine and gearbox will be used in this class. All parts will be stock Honda
     specifically made for the Honda GX12OK1 HX2.          U.S. = GCAHK. Canada = GCAAT
2.   All stock Honda parts must be used and properly installed with the following exceptions:

     A.        Governor system may be partially or fully removed with the exception of the steel drive gear on the
               crankshaft. This gear must remain intact. If shaft is removed hole must be plugged. Hole can be tapped for
               thread or epoxy. No welding.
     B.        Factory air cleaner must be removed. Any air filter may be attached to the outside of air filter adapter.
               Outer wear style or equivalent can be used over carburetor only with no adapter. The approved air filter
               adapter may be run with or without an air filter. Any air filter may be used with adapter as long as there are
               no devices inside the air filter or adapter. (I.E. Springs not allowed) Hose from valve cover must go into a
               catch can. (We are using "outerwear" to define a style not brand name).
                1. The use of air filters during qualifying at asphalt and dirt events is illegal. The Senior Tech. Official
               reserves the right to allow filters at any event that it's deemed necessary.
     C.        Stock Honda fuel tank must be removed.
     D.        Recoil starter must be removed. Pull cup may be cut down for washer. Must use original Cup.
     E.        Exhaust: Stock Honda muffler will be removed. Mounting flange may be cut off of muffler and used as
               adapter flange. Any transition from the "D" shape of the exhaust port to round must take place with in the
               thickness (0.250" max.) of the flange. This applies to all exhaust systems. No steps or tapers allowed, grind
               marks are allowed past .25" flange area. No suspension for exhaust flange or pipe infraction just
               disqualification. If an after market flange is used, maximum allowable flange thickness will be 0.250 inches.
               If slip on type flange assembly is used, pipe stub will be a maximum 0.880 inches outside diameter tubing
               with a maximum overall length of 1.500" inches. Pipe stub must be inserted into exhaust pipe at least 0.750
               inches and will have minimal exhaust leakage. Muffler to be used will be 4 to 8 hp Briggs & Stratton, part
               number 294599 or equal equivalent. Muffler will be internally unaltered except that the round cup shaped
               baffle may be welded to the perforated baffle without moving it's original location. Threads will not be
               removed from muffler. Exhaust pipe will be a maximum of 1.000" inches outside diameter with a length of
               20.0" to 26.0" including a threaded pipe coupler to welded to the end of the pipe in order to screw muffler
               in place so that muffler may be removed for inspection. Pipe coupler will be a standard, unaltered, " NP,
               threaded coupler. Length will be 1.000" inches minimum to 2.250" inches maximum. There will be no steps
               or tapers in exhaust pipe or flange assembly. Exhaust pipe length will be measured by using a small
               diameter hose inserted though pipe to measure over all length. Flange and coupler will be included in the
               overall length when measuring pipe. No coating of any type may be applied to the interior of any part of the
               exhaust system. The intent of this rule is to have all of the exhaust pass through the muffler. All
               measurements are to be taken with the component pieces in the same position as they were installed and on
               the car.
                         1.         All QMA  midget mufflers must be Briggs & Stratton Part # 294599 or equivalent. No
                                   drilling holes in the baffles. Inside seam of baffle must be straight edged. (NOTE: Some
                                   seams may not be parallel in baffle) You cannot cut off the threaded flange if it is to be
                                   used in Honda. It is OK to weld a washer or nut on the flange for a place to apply safety
F.   Choke butterfly and shaft must be removed. Hole may be filled only with silicone. Or old shaft cut down.
G.   Oil level switch may be disconnected but switch assembly must remain intact in crankcase.
H.   Gearbox may be rotated to any desired position.
I.   Main jet in carburetor may be a maximum of #65.
J.   Off-On ignition switch may be removed, and hole covered. (any material; no welding)
K.   All pin measuring gauges are plus tolerance.
L.   Exhaust oxygen sensor or temp. sensor attached to any part of Honda exhaust system is illegal.
M.   Valve seals are illegal.
N.   Cryogenics of any Honda part is illegal.
O.   Note: Taking parts out of service. Reference: Wear Limits in Engine Block Internal section.
P.   DQ Only  Not Suspension for: Exhaust, Air Filter Adapter, Spark Plug.
Q.   Shroud may be factory RED or BLACK.


Modifications or machining of any parts in order to bring them to stated minimum or maximum specs (blueprinting) is not legal.
1.        External visual check of engine for required components: Pipe and muffler, shrouds and sheet metal, oil level sensor
          (this can be partially observed from outside).

               A.    Factory air cleaner must be removed. Any air filter may be attached to the outside of air filter adapter.
                    Outer wear style or equivalent can be used over carburetor only with no adapter. The approved air filter
                    adapter may be run with or without an air filter. Any air filter may be used with adapter as long as there are
                    no device(s) may be used inside the air filter or adapter that will alter the airflow into the carburetor (I.E.
                    Springs not allowed) Hose from valve cover must go into a catch can. (We are using "outerwear" to define
                    a style not brand name).
                              1. Air cleaner adapter will be maximum ID 2.250"and a maximum of 1.375" long in length, flange
                              thickness 0.375" max. flange ID 1.000" minimum hole size straight walled, flat bottomed and
                              parallel with carburetor using existing air cleaner mount holes.
                              2. The use of air filters during qualifying at asphalt and dirt events is illegal. The Senior Tech.
                              Official reserves the right to allow filters at any event that it's deemed necessary.

          B. Any type throttle linkage may be utilized. Carburetor will be unaltered with the exception of the black plastic
             piece on upper end of throttle shaft, this is the only part in the carburetor that can be altered.
          C. Rear mounting brackets for Honda fuel tank may be removed.
          D. The starter cup that is behind the flywheel retaining nut can be cut away to leave only the flat washer back piece
             that retains cooling fan.
          E. The keyed end of the sun gear shaft may be shortened, drilled and tapped or machined for snap
          F. Heli-coiling threads for shrouds (all), valve cover, existing throttle mounting holes, oil drain, and fill holes, one
             of the coil bolts, and side cover bolts is allowed. Dowel holes are not to be modified or relocated, also one
             carburetor mounting bolt.
          G. Honing and deglazing of the bore is allowed.
          H. Lapping the valves is allowed.
          I. Blocking Air Flow: No device may be used that will/or appear that it may impede air flow into the engine
             cooling system. This may require that the engine be run at a speed above idle by the tech personnel at the scale
             after the car has qualified or raced.

Remove Carburetor:
       A. Check for restrictor, if applicable, and placement. Restrictor must be installed between carburetor and carburetor insulator
           with stock Honda gasket on each side of restrictor. Only stock Honda insulator gasket between black plastic insulator and
           head. Air passageway in insulator will not be altered in anyway. All Junior Honda's must use the blue QMA approved
           slotted plate only. Failure to use proper restrictor plate, alteration of restrictor plate, or improper installation of plate in
           designated classes is cause for immediate DQ and all applicable suspensions will be applied.

                           1.    Gasket thickness: 0.025"maximum.
                           2.    Restrictor thickness: 0.0625" maximum. No slotting of holes on any Honda restrictor.
                           3.    Insulator gasket thickness: 0.025" maximum.
                           4.    Novice Restrictor hole size: 0.3125"maximum (red).
                           5.    Junior Restrictor hole size: 0.4375"maximum (blue).

B.      Check for any alterations or worn parts that would allow additional air into engine: holes, slots, perforations, spacers,
        loose bolts, warped flanges etc.
C.      Carburetor identification number: BE 60 B
D.      Check carburetor for alterations. Upper choke shaft hole may be sealed with silicone type sealer.
E.      Two stock Honda intake gaskets may be used between Carburetor and plastic insulator.
F.      Carburetor Bore:
                                       Intake end: maximum diameter 0.950"
                                       Throttle end: maximum diameter 0.632".

G.      Carburetor venturi bore: 0.456" no go. This measurement is best made with a no go gauge but may be made using a
       telescoping gauge as a no go.

H.   Main jet and main nozzle: (MUST BE TIGHT)
       Main jet size: maximum #65 (0.0256") check with #71 (0.026") no go.
       Main air jet: 0.0394" maximum #60 (0.040") no go - at back of hole.
       Main jet access passage: 0.094" maximum #41 (0.096") no go.
       Main nozzle:
       1.        Main nozzle bore 0.069" maximum #50 (0.070") no go.
       2.        Main nozzle will be checked with a NOGO Gauge ( 0.429") If gauge goes over dump tube  carb is illegal.. This is
                 best measured using a 0.452" rod type gauge with a 0.429" flat area to be used as a go gauge.
       3.        Air vent holes on the side of the main nozzle must not be plugged.

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