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 SpiderCapo Ultimate                                                                                    Trust Us...They're
Alternative Tuning Capo                                                                                       Coated
Capo each string individually, making hundreds of open string tunings                    D'Addario EXP strings give you 34 times more life with all of the
possible, without retuning your guitar. An invaluable creative tool for                  warmth, depth, and projection of our best-selling Phosphor Bronze or
songwriters and guitarists, SpiderCapo fits all guitar fingerboards,                     80/20 Bronze strings. You won't believe they are coated! Laser-selected
weighs less than an ounce, and has dense ox-leather pads to protect the                  trebles ensure precise intonation set after set.
guitar finish. You can even change settings mid-song. Full capo too!
                                                                                         MSRP: $25.99$36.99

Creative Tunings                                                                         D'Addario & Company, Inc.
Woodstock, N.Y.                                                                          800-323-2746                                                             

               Daisy Rock's                                                                              Microphone for
              Pixie Acoustic                                                                             Acoustic Guitar
             in Pink Sparkle                                                             The DPA 4099-G supercardioid microphone features superior gain-
                                                                                         before-feedback. It is easily positioned to capture the sweet spot and
Featuring Daisy Rock's trademark lightweight body and Slim                               accurately reproduce any acoustic guitar's tone and dynamics. The
and Narrow neck, the Pixie highlights innate femininity and                              mounting system will never mar the instrument's finish and can easily
uncompromised quality. Top-of-the-line features include a                                be repositioned with one hand. The 4099 is
durable composite oval back with a spruce top, mahogany                                  truly a musician's mic without equal.
neck, perloid Daisy inlays, and D'Addario strings.
Comes with gig bag, arrives set up and ready to play,
and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
                                                                                         DPA Microphones, Inc.
MSRP: $329                                                                               2432 Main Street
                                                                                         Longmont, CO 80501
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars                                                                  303-485-1025, Fax: 303-485-6470

Martin FX Flexible Core                                                                   Ed Wright's Christmas
Acoustic Guitar Strings                                                                  Guitar Solos--CD and Tab
Designed for increased versatility and reduced finger fatigue, the FX                   "Soft as snowflakes, crisp as a winter's day, and clear as a bell
Flexible Core sets provide comfort without sacrificing tone. "I love                    perfect." (iTunes)
them--they're the best strings I've ever used."--Tommy Emmanuel
                                                                                        "Not only is Ed's playing superb, but his solo arrangements are some
                                                                                        of the best I've heard." (CDBaby)

                                                                                        "Deft phrasing, chiming tone and multifaceted,
                                                                                        melodic sensibility" (Editors Speak Out, Guitar

                                                                                        Ed Wright
                                                                                        PO Box 131
C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.                                                                Rowayton, CT 06853
510 Sycamore St.                                                                        203-550-9277
Nazareth, PA 18064                                                                                                                     

December 2009   ACOUSTICGUITAR                           2 0 0 9 H o l i d ay G i f t G u i d e                                     83
                                                         S P E C IAL AD V E R TI S I N G S E C TIO N

               Elixir Strings                                                          Martin FX Flexible Core
                Bonus Pack                                                              Acoustic Guitar Strings
Special Offer--with strings attached. Get three for two when                            Made for the modern singer-songwriter, these strings provide the
you purchase a specially packaged Acoustic Bonus Pack.                                  warmth and lyrical tones for stage and studio accompaniment.
Available in either light or medium gauge                                               We dress the premium round core wire with silk before applying
with NANOWEB Coating.                                                                  the phosphor bronze wrap to deliver warm tones with a soft touch.
                                                                                        You will sing along.

Elixir Strings
201 Airport Road                                                                        C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.
Elkton, MD 21921                                                                        510 Sycamore St.
800-367-5533, Fax: 410-996-8585                                                         Nazareth, PA 18064                                               

      1 Week, 1 Guitar:                                                                                   Emerald X5
      A Guitar-Building                                                                                Life Travel Guitar!
     Residential Seminar                                                                The X5 is the ultimate guitar for people on the move.
                                                                                        It features a full scale length design, yet it's still ultra
Give a gift that lasts forever. Imagine the pride that comes from                       compact, and its composite construction makes it
building a magnificent guitar; the joy of playing a perfectly balanced                  incredibly strong and light while giving it a voice that
instrument; the knowledge gained from spending a week learning from                     defies its size.
master luthier Norman Haight. This vacation pays for itself. Three
students/class, starting at $3,780. Gift certificates available.                        This is not just a "travel guitar" but a guitar that loves
                                                                                        to travel!

Haight Guitars
11428 N 64th Place
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Flea Market Music                                                                                      Fishman SA220
For All Things Ukulele                                                                  Portable, powerful performance in a lightweight, easy-
                                                                                        to-use system! 220W line array system equipped with
Flea Market Music's line of Jumpin'                                                     two mic/instrument channels, each with 3-band EQ,
Jim's ukulele songbooks and The                                                         phantom power, reverb, and feedback-fighting notch
Magic Fluke Company's popular                                                           filter and phase controls.
USA-made Fluke and Flea ukes are a
big part of the current uke mania. Get                                                  List Price: $1,539.95
in on the fun!                                                                          Street Price: $999.95

Order via the online store                                                                 Fishman Transducers, Inc.
or call 800-459-5558 in the USA                                                         978-988-9199
or phone/fax 860-496-1508                                                     

84                    2 0 0 9 H o l i d ay G i f t G u i d e                                                ACOUSTICGUITAR December 2009
                                                             S P E C IAL AD V E R TI S I N G S E C TIO N

  Build Your Own Guitar                                                                            Free Acoustic Guitar
Build a guitar in two intense, fun, exciting weeks, using professional-
quality materials and tools. No kits. Learn theory, practice, art, and
                                                                                                      Video Lessons
craft from internationally respected luthiers Harry Fleishman, Fabio                        Discover the fastest and easiest way EVER to learn to play the acoustic
Ragghianti, and other masters.                                                              guitar online!

"Harry is one of the finest guitar makers and educators in the country.
I highly recommend him."--Bob Benedetto

Luthiers School International
1533 Welter Ct.
Sebastopol, CA 95472
707-823-3537                                                                                               Visit our website today!                                                                           

          Innovative Music                                                                  Martin FX Flexible Core
             Furniture                                                                      Acoustic Guitar Strings
Furniture for the musician that is functional and proudly displayed.                       Brilliant attack and increased string control make the FX Flexible Core
Guitar case racks, footstools, and Musician's Centers.                                     sets perfect for master performers, yet the increased flexibility and
                                                                                           reduced finger fatigue make them great for beginners. "Picked
The Musician's Center: a sheet-music stand with storage, power strip,                      delicately or aggressively, plugged in or au natural these strings never
retractable sliding desk surface for recorders/palmtop studios all in                      let me down."--Jorma Kaukonen, Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna. and
front and within reach of the musician's fingers.                                          owner of the acclaimed Fur Peace
                                                                                           Ranch for Guitar Instruction

Innovative Music Furniture
P.O. Box 1498
Troy, MI 48099                                                                             C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.
888-275-7755, Fax: 866-566-7026                                                            510 Sycamore St.                                                          Nazareth, PA 18064                                                 

                  JBH Guitars                                                                              Korg Chromatic
Unique stringed instruments hand built using local
Oregon woods. Custom guitars, ouds, ukuleles,
                                                                                                           Clip-On Tuners
and Renaissance-style bowl back instruments built                                           Keep any instrument in tune--even
to suit your needs, using spectacular, locally                                              during performance. The AW2 (band/
harvested walnut, myrtle, cherry, apple, or fine imported                                   orchestral) and AW2G (guitar/bass) clip
woods of your choice. Specializing in tone, playability,                                    on to your instrument and offer a
detail, and unique design.                                                                  reversable, backlit display for high
                                                                                            visibility in any environment. Unique double
                                                                                            ball-joint mounting provides maximum versatility.
                                                                                            Both models offer chromatic tuning with major
                                                                                            and minor third indicators.
JBH Guitars
2130 Hayes Street                                                                           Korg USA
Eugene, OR 97405                                                                            316 South Service Rd.
541-954-2621                                                                                Melville, NY 11747                                                                        631-390-6500                                                                

December 2009   ACOUSTICGUITAR                              2 0 0 9 H o l i d ay G i f t G u i d e                                    85
                                                         S P E C IAL AD V E R TI S I N G S E C TIO N

     New Martin 1-Series                                                                        New Super GigLight
Martin's new series of four premium quality guitars
constructed of solid tonewoods and designed for real
                                                                                         Portable Lighting Re-Invented!
player value. The Dreadnought DC-1E and Orchestra                                                         Lampcraft's new Super GigLight exploits the latest
Model OMC-1E acoustic-electric cutaway models feature                                                     advances in LED technology to produce much more
true acoustic sound--plugged or unplugged. Also available                                                 illumination than any other battery-operated light on
in purely acoustic D-1 and OM-1 models. Includes                                                          the market, brightly lighting two full pages of music.
hardshell case.                                                                                           Lightweight and compact, the Super GigLight fits all
                                                                                                          folding and metal stands. Foam cushioned clip won't
                                                                                                          scratch wooden stands. Includes soft carry case.
                                                                                                          Operates on four AA batteries (included). Optional
                                                                                        AC adapter available. The perfect holiday gift for the musician on the
                                                                                        go! Thirty-day, money-back guarantee!

C. F. Martin & Co., Inc.                                                                Lampcraft
510 Sycamore St.                                                                        800-277-5527
Nazareth, PA 18064                                                                                                                      

                Luthier Strap                                                                          Revival Acoustics
for Classical and Flamenco Guitars
Easy setup, safely secure your
                                                                                        Revival Acoustics--the Rebirth of the Guitar. The Revival
                                                                                        RG-33 is an all solid 000-style body with an Engelmann
No alterations, no modifications to
                                                                                        spruce top, ovangkol back and sides (ovangkol has the
 the instrument required.
                                                                                        same tonal characteristics as rosewood and mahogany),
Reversible for right- and left-handed
                                                                                        satin finish neck, ebony fingerboard, and Grover tuners.
 players can be used as support
                                                                                        Vintage tone without the vintage price.
 instead of a footstool.

Luthier Music Corp.                                                                     Revival Acoustics
341 West 44th Street                                                                    918A Clement Street, Suite 103
New York, NY 10036                                                                      San Francisco, CA 94118
212-397-6038, Fax: 212-397-6048                                                         888-996-2567, Fax: 415-221-9666                                                                                                                 

More Great Gifts Online                                                                                    Note Coats
                            Whether it's $20 or $6,000, we have what                    Get your guitar out of its case
                            that special guitarist really wants.                        and put it on a stand where
                                                                                        you can easily play it. Then let
                            Check out our holiday gift ideas for                        NoteCoats fabric guitar covers
                            Acoustic Guitar readers! Then, sign up for                  provide beautiful protection
                            our newsletter, sales announcements, and                    while it's out. Choose from rich
                            even a chance to win in our holiday guitar                  tapestry, denim, or microfiber.
                            giveaway.                                                   Visit the website to check out
                                                                                        our new colors! Made in the
                                                                                        United States.

Naperville "Chicago's Destination For Fine Guitars"
888-355-1404                                                                            650-327-9481                                        

86                     2 0 0 9 H o l i d ay G i f t G u i d e                                           ACOUSTICGUITAR December 2009
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