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                                       PARAMEDIC PROGRAM

The Bakersfield College Paramedic Education Program is accredited by the Commission on
Accreditation of Allied health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the
Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions
(CoAEMSP). The Program is a non-degree granting, non-college credit, clock hour vocational
education program and consists of a minimum 1090 hours of instruction, which is divided into three
distinct sessions: didactic/classroom instruction (minimum of 450 hours), clinical internship
(minimum of 160 hours), and field internship (minimum of 480 hours). During the didactic phase,
lecture presentations, return demonstrations, and workshops are utilized. Classes typically meet as
scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., three days per week. In the clinical phase, students are
scheduled and rotated through hospital clinical sites and function under direct supervision of a nurse or
physician while rendering approved medical treatment to patients. During the field internship phase,
the student is assigned to a Bakersfield College approved paramedic preceptor. While in this rotation,
the student will perform within the scope of practice of Kern County EMT-Paramedics, under the
direct supervision of a licensed EMT  Paramedic who meets the Title 22 requirements for a
paramedic preceptor in the State of California.

Upon successful completion of the Paramedic Program, students are eligible to take the National
Registry EMT-P examination for licensure as a Paramedic.

It is the student's responsibility to do the following things prior to the Program's enrollment period:

        Obtain an application form from the Allied Health Division office located in Room 178
        of the Math-Science Building on the main campus OR on the BC Allied Health webpage.
        Schedule the EMT-P Qualifying Examination; call the Allied Health Office at (661) 395-4284
        to schedule your testing time. (Applicants who do not call and schedule a test date will be
        allowed to test on space availability)
        Submit the following necessary paperwork on the day of the EMT-P Qualifying

            o   Completed Application form
            o   Testing fee of $40.00-cash or money order
            o   Copy of your current valid EMT-1 License
            o   Copy of your California Driver's License
            o   Copy of your current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR card

    Applicants who do not have all items requested will not be allowed test
                                      (661) 395-4284     FAX (661) 395-4295

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Rev: July 2010
   Possess a high school diploma or general education equivalent.
   Possess a valid American Heart Association Healthcare Provider card
   Possess a current EMT-I certificate OR have possessed a valid EMT-I certificate
    within the past twelve months OR possess a NREMT-Basic registration OR possess a current
    EMT-II certificate in the State of California OR have possessed a valid EMT-II certificate
    within the past twelve months OR be currently registered as an EMT-Intermediate with the
    National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Cost is estimated at $5,000.00 for the Paramedic Program which covers all program materials
(excluding books, uniforms, physical examination fees and computer access fees which are to be
purchased separately). There is a separate cost of $40.00 for the EMT-Paramedic Qualifying Entrance
Exam. If a student desires a parking permit, there is also an additional charge.

Students are admitted to the program based on their placement on the EMT-Paramedic Qualifying
entrance exam. Entrance exams are administered in June and in November. The entrance exam consists
of approximately 200 EMT-1 level multiple choice questions as well as basic math questions. Test
preparation information can be found on the allied health webpage. Students are ranked on their score
on the qualifying exam, with the top 24-25 students being selected.

In any Allied Health Program(s) which have more students qualified for application than space
available, priority is provided to residents of the Kern Community College District.

Official acceptance into the Paramedic Program is contingent upon the submission of the following
forms on the respective due date (see Important Dates sheets):

        Cash or Money order, made payable to Bakersfield College, for the full tuition amount of
        Letter of Field Internship Sponsorship - students must use Kern County Providers for Field
        Internship (see attached list).

Arrangements for Field Internship will be made between the Field Internship Site and the student prior
to admission into the program. It is the policy of this program that each student be "sponsored" by a
pre-approved Field Internship Site prior to entrance into the program. The term "sponsored" shall be
defined as a guarantee between the student and the Field Internship Site that upon completion of the
Clinical Internship portion of the paramedic training program, the student will have a paramedic
internship with an approved Field Internship site provider.

Field Internship Approval - All Field Internship Sites and paramedic preceptors will be approved by
the Paramedic Training Program Administration and local EMS authority prior to student placement.

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Rev: July 2010
Field Internship Site Reimbursement - Any reimbursement to Field Internship Preceptors or Field
Internship Sites for providing a Field Internship will be discussed in any sponsorship contract between
the student and the Field Internship Site. The Bakersfield College Paramedic Training Program
will not be responsible for the maintenance of any Field Internship Sponsorship contract nor will
it provide any reimbursement to Field Internship Preceptors or Field Internship Sites for
providing Field Internships. The Paramedic Training Program will be made aware of any
contractual or agreement obligation students enter with agencies offering a Field Internship

A physical examination completed by a physician/nurse practitioner of the student's choice is required
when entering the Program to demonstrate that a student meets the following technical standards
necessary to meet the Program objectives. Appropriate immunizations and/or vaccinations are also
required and are performed at the student's expense.

As a condition of application in any Allied Health Program with a clinical laboratory component,
students are required to submit to and pass a designated drug and alcohol screening and a
comprehensive background check. These screenings are performed at the student's expense.

Students will be required to purchase uniforms, textbooks and selected equipment, provide
transportation to off-campus clinical education sites and pay the program fees prior to the
commencement of the Bakersfield College Paramedic Program. In addition to the fees listed, other
paramedic expenses include any program application and testing fees not included in the tuition costs.

The program follows the DOT (Department of Transportation) Curriculum Standards.

Paramedic students must meet the following essential technical standards to ensure the safety and
welfare of the patients, the healthcare team and themselves. A physical examination performed by a
medical doctor determines whether a student meets the technical standards or any accommodations
that may be necessary.

        Standing and/or walking most of a shift.
        Bending or crouching several times per hour.
        Lifting and carrying a minimum of 30 pounds several times an hour.
        Lifting and moving up to 300 lbs. with the assistance of 2-3 persons.
        Reaching overhead above the shoulder 90 degrees.
        Utilizing eyesight to observe clients and manipulate equipment under various illumination
        Hearing to communicate with the patient and healthcare team.
        Manipulating medical equipment and accessories, including but not limited to switches, knobs,
        buttons, keyboards, patient lines and tubes, utilizing fine and gross motor skills.
        Performing the assigned job responsibilities with the intellectual and emotional functions
        necessary to ensure patient safety and exercise independent judgment and discretion.
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        Utilizing sufficient verbal and written skills to efficiently communicate in English with the
        patient and healthcare team.
        Utilizing the above standards/functions to respond promptly to the patient's needs and/or
        emergency situations.

Conviction of any offenses other than minor traffic violations must be reported to the Sacramento
Emergency Medical Services Authority of California at the time of application for licensure. For
clarification contact their office at (916) 322-4336.

In accordance with the requirements of the Civil Rights Act, Bakersfield College provides services and
benefits to students regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, religion, marital
status, medical condition or disability. The lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to
administration and participation in vocational education programs. (Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights
Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 503 and 504 of
the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.)

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Rev: July 2010
                                        PARAMEDIC PROGRAM
                                       FIELD INTERNSHIP SITES

Hall Ambulance
1001 - 21st Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301

CARE Ambulance
P.O. Box 2008
Kernville, CA 93238
(760) 376-2271

Liberty Ambulance
1325 West Ridgecrest Blvd.
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
(760) 375-6531

Kern Ambulance
1737 7th Street
Wasco, CA 93280

City of Tulare Fire Rescue
8005 Blackstone Street
Tulare, CA 93274

Delano Ambulance Service, Inc.
403 Main Street
Delano, CA 93216

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Rev: July 2010
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